Addiction Treatment and Drug & Alcohol Detox

Addiction Treatment and Drug & Alcohol Detox

Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling Services Pathways Recovery offers individual one on one counseling sessions in a comfortable and private setting by an experienced therapist that is highly experienced with addiction and co-occurring disorders, family systems, codependency and much more.
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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Pathways Recovery provides an integrative and holistic approach to addiction recovery. What does this mean? Integrative health care practices have been growing in popularity for some time. Integrative health care is basically a combination of both eastern and western healing modalities.
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Family Education Program

Pathways Recovery is pleased to now offer family support through a 6 week continuing education program. Alcoholism and drug addiction affects each member of the family. Each family member whether, young, teenage, or grown-up children; wives or husbands; brothers or sisters; parents or other relatives and friends.
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Assessment and Referral

Pathways Recovery offers free phone or in person assessments to help individuals and families find the help that meets their needs. We have information on many different programs that offer different services.
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  • My stay at Pathways Recovery’s detox facility was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. I was apprehensive until I got there.

    Very pleasant, helpful staff that immediately make you feel like you belong. They are people who have been through it and truly understand. They are competent, thorough, and become like friends immediately.

    The medical care provided is excellent, Dr. Wall takes care of business promptly and is very personable.
    I can’t say enough about their ability to make a difficult process comfortable. Also, the food is great and lots of choices. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.

    Chad –
  • This detox saved my life and Pathways was very, very good to accept me and make me feel at ease from day 1. That took a lot of stress off of me and allowed me to focus on my rehab.

    David B. –
  • My experience at Pathways was excellent. Everyone there is very caring & nurturing and always willing to talk with you if you are upset 24 hours a day. I woke up in the middle of the night and someone was there to talk with me.

    They made me feel like I was at home…or even better!

    I would recommend Pathways to anyone who needs to detox.

    They prepare homemade meals everyday (mostly organic) that are delicious, and give you daily supplements.

    Amber –
  • Thanks to all at Pathways Recovery. You are the kindest , most compassionate and non judgmental group of people I’ve come across. Ever thoughtful and accommodating, even at my loneliness, you helped me to see hope at the end of my darkest tunnel. I will be forever grateful.

    CE –
  • Thanks for all the support you guys have given!  I thank God he directed us to Pathways!!

    Darlene –
  • Thanks to all you at Pathways for doing everything you did for my granddaughter. I dropper her off at rehab today after her stay in detox with you. She was nervous and a little scared, but I’m hopeful this will be of great benefit to her. Thanks again for helping her to get this far.

    N.D. –
  • When I came to Pathways, I did not know what to expect. I was scared and I felt terrible physically. I quickly relaxed into a homey, comfortable setting (including a hot tub) and was wonderfully cared for by their patient, gentle staff. Amazingly the food was homemade and not institutional. I never want to have to detox again, but I would enthusiastically recommend Pathways to any friend or family member that might have a need someday.

    D.M. –

Why Pathways Recovery is different

Pathways Recovery is different than most other detox facilities that you will find. We believe in an integrative and holistic approach to healing from drug and Alcohol addiction. We include excellent nutritionally dense meals and snacks, nutritious smoothies and fresh pressed juices daily. We also include vitamins & supplements designed for addiction, yoga sessions, meditation and more. Our California drug and alcohol detox facility treats only 6 patients at a time. This allows for much individual attention and time for individual counseling. Our drug and alcohol detox is medically assisted when needed to ensure safety and comfort through drug and alcohol detox. If you or someone you know suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, call to speak with us for a confidential assessment and to discuss our options for individuals and families
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