Methadone Detox

If you are part of a Methadone maintenance program or have developed a dependence on Methadone through other means, Pathways Recovery can help get you on the road to a drug free lifestyle with our Methadone detox program.  As with other opiates, the tolerance for Methadone increases quickly with regular usage and so do the withdrawal symptoms.  In fact, the withdrawal symptoms during Methadone detox can often be more difficult than other opiates.  So quitting on your own without professional help may be a difficult if not impossible task.

Methadone Detox Program

Pathways Recovery’s Methadone detox program will help you get past the withdrawal symptoms of Methadone detox by lessening their effects with detox medications, counseling, and 24 hour care through the most difficult periods.  Our staff is very well versed in the special needs of our Methadone detox clients, and we provide the environment that will give you or your loved one the best chance of success at moving past your dependence on Methadone.

Some of our Methadone detox clientele have been successfully involved with Methadone maintenance programs and used the program to stay off of heroin, Oxycontin or other illegal narcotics for years.  They came to the realization, however, that very few people within the Methadone maintenance field had any interest in getting them off of Methadone.  To be completely drug free, they realized they were going to have to seek an outside solution, and the Pathways Recovery Methadone detox program is the first step in their transition to being completely drug free.

Other Methadone detox clients of Pathways Recovery have become dependent on Methadone as a result of pain management gone awry.  For patients who experience uncomfortable side effects from morphine or other opiod pain relievers, Methadone is an appropriate replacement for treating their pain.  As with other opiates, however, the tolerance to the drug can increase rapidly.  So more and more of it is required to alleviate the pain.  Before the patient knows it, their body has developed a dependence on the drug and alleviating their Methadone dependence once their pain abates is too difficult to do on their own.  Pathways Recovery’s Methadone detox program gave them the support they needed to move past their dependence on Methadone.

Become Drug Free and withdraw from Methadone safely

methadone detoxHowever you have developed your dependence on Methadone, Pathways Recovery can offer you a cost effective solution that can help you live the drug free life you desire.  Our Methadone detox program can last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks or more depending on your level of dependence and your overall health.  When you begin your Methadone detox treatment with Pathways Recovery, we will have you screened by our on-call physician who will prescribe you the necessary Methadone detox medications.  Once settled into our residential addiction treatment facility, you will be provided all meals, one-on-one and group counseling, and access to our grounds where you can swim in the pool, sit in the hot tub to relieve the body aches associated with Methadone detox, or relax in the sun.

While we may use Suboxone as detox medication to lessen the withdrawal symptoms during your Methadone detox, we will titrate you off of the Suboxone before you leave our program.   Our goal is to get you drug free when you leave our Methadone detox program, not transfer you to a new maintenance drug.  Only on rare occasions where a client has a chronic pain issue will our detox doctor prescribe low doses of Suboxone for them to manage their pain when they leave our program.

Make today the day you decide to live completely drug free.  Contact Pathways Recovery to speak to a counselor and learn more about how our Methadone Detox program can get you on the path to the drug free lifestyle you desire.

Call 916-235-9259 to discuss your specific situation and learn how our Methadone Detox program help you get out of the trap you’re in.