Medically supervised detox in a safe and supportive residential home setting.We support and care for you during one of the most fragile times in your life to help you break free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol detox can be emotionally and physically draining but with proper medical supervision it does not have to be. Having a highly experienced addiction treatment team will reduce the anxiety and discomfort associated with alcohol detox or drug detox. We are committed to providing a private and comfortable environment for you to heal whether its drug detox or alcohol detox we are equipped to help you through this beginning stage of recovery.

Alcohol and drug detox can be dangerous if not handled medically. To abruptly stop the use of drugs or alcohol can create a medical emergency. You don’t have to suffer through drug and alcohol detox alone. We can help.

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Pathways Recovery provides a comfortable and warm home setting where our experienced team of medical professionals and addiction treatment counselors provides medication assisted treatment  for drug and alcohol detoxification and stabilization process. You will be able to relax and rest comfortably for 7-10 days or more if needed while we manage all the detox medications, prepare high quality and delicious meals and support you while you recuperate from drug and alcohol addiction. We also provide counseling and guidance to help set up an appropriate after care plan when your time in detox is complete.

Our drug and alcohol detox center is located inside a warm and nurturing residential home with 24 hour support and care. Our detox setting allows only 6 individuals at a time so that we can provide a much more individualized treatment plan and counsel you on an aftercare addiction treatment plan during your time in our drug and alcohol detox center. 7-10 days in our drug and alcohol detox center is the general length of time needed for proper drug and alcohol detox and stabilization so you can regain strength, remove all the addictive substances out of your body and allow time for sleeping and eating patterns to normalize before moving to the next phase of recovery. We provide comfortable semi-private rooms. Private rooms available upon request at a small additional fee. Comfortable and inviting pillow top mattresses combined with supplements and medications designed help each person sleep well and feel better more quickly. Delicious and nurturing our meals are freshly prepared each day with fresh and organic ingredients.

Admission to Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Sacramento is Simple & Quick.

The process of admission to our drug and alcohol detox center is simple and quick. Call us for more information, to check health insurance benefits and get a cost quote. We will then conduct an over the phone assessment that takes about 15 minutes. Admission date and time will be scheduled and our admissions and medical team will be prepared to assist as soon as you arrive. Our medical team will provide a personalized approach upon admission into our drug and alcohol detox center . No two people are the same and each person’s drug and alcohol detox will be medically managed according to their specific needs and medical concerns. Our doctors are caring and supportive and will help you feel well cared for and important.

We are experienced in providing drug and alcohol detoxification for most all substances including alcohol detox, heroin detox, prescription medication detox. We treat each client like a member of our family. We know how difficult it is to take the first step. You will find our addiction treatment team to be one of the most experienced, caring and supportive addiction treatment teams that exist Today. We want to help you find your true self, one that is happy and healthy without the damaging effects that drug and alcohol addiction can bring. We know you were made to be more!

Pathways Recovery drug and alcohol detox center in Sacramento CA provides everything you will need to safely and comfortably withdraw from most abused substances.

Our drug and alcohol detox center is a medically assisted alcohol detox or drug detox so you are safe and comfortable while going through detox. We closely supervise your vital signs and withdrawal symptoms around the clock . We do offer the use of Suboxone or other Buprenorphine medications to help with withdrawal and stabilization from opiates for the most comfortable drug detox. No matter what variation of drug or alcohol addiction may be at the heart of your problem, the medical team and support staff are here to support you through this difficult time. Pathways Recovery can assist those who need drug detox from Heroin, pain medications like Norco or Oxycodone, alcohol detox, methamphetamine detox, detox from methadone, detox from Benzodiazepines like Xanax and others.

Most people need 7-10 days in order to be medically stabilized . During this time we will work with each person to help  create a plan for the next steps in recovery. Alcohol and drug Detox is not addiction treatment. It’s important to follow detox with an inpatient recovery program, Intensive outpatient program or some type of recovery plan in order to learn tools for long term sobriety.

Mental health issues left undiagnosed can lead to chronic relapsing. We want to lead someone down a successful path and help to diagnose and treat those underlying issues. Our goal for you or your loved one is long term sobriety. We admit only 6 patients at a time in our comfortable residential drug and alcohol detox center. We provide addiction counseling, 12 step methods, yoga sessions, and a relaxing pool and whirlpool spa to help ease the stress and worry associated with drug and alcohol detox.

Drug and alcohol detox begins with an over the phone assessment to make sure each person is appropriate for a non-hospital setting. A nurse and admissions coordinator greets each client upon admission and begin the admission process. The doctor will order your detox medications and we will get you settled into our drug and alcohol detox center quickly so that you can relax while we support you through the process.

Are you unsure as to whether or not you need professional help for alcohol detox or drug detox? learn more about what you need to know about the need for Drug or alcohol detox.