Alcohol Rehab Sacramento

Overcoming alcohol dependency often requires checking into an alcohol rehab. Pathways Recovery is an alcohol rehab in Sacramento that gives people the tools they need to get sober and to stay sober. Alcoholism is a destructive and progressive disease that wreaks havoc in the lives of both the people directly under its spell as well as those who surround the drinker. Pathways Recovery is an alcohol rehab in Sacramento that offers inpatient and outpatient services in addition to alcohol detox. Our alcohol detox is medically supervised because withdrawal can have potentially lethal consequences without the appropriate medical support present.

Staying Busy in Recovery Limits Cravings

One of the major benefits of getting into our rehab and working a solid recovery program is that you will receive some much-needed structure in your otherwise chaotic life. Working the steps and seeking help at our alcohol rehab will keep you busy and give you little time to contemplate using alcohol. Maintaining an accountability network will serve as a firewall against temptation and cravings.

Rehab Will Help Eliminate Negative Influences

In line with this principle, being engaged in an active recovery program will help you mete out negative influences and surround yourself with people who are also recovering from the ravaging effects of alcohol. When inside of our inpatient rehab, we impose strict rules that limit phone calls and outside visitors.

Also, when you are here with us, you have the advantage of 24-hour support. Pathways Recovery provides constant medical and psychological support from an experienced staff who know the ins and outs of alcoholism.

Get Clean in an Alcohol-Free Environment

Along with providing structure for our patients and blocking contact with people who might serve as a negative influence and our sabotage our patients’ sobriety success, we provide an alcohol-free environment. There is no alcohol on the premises at Pathways Recovery, so easy access to relapse is removed. While you here, you will benefit greatly from living in an alcohol-free, highly supportive recovery environment and gain the tools you need to carry your sobriety to the outside world when you are discharged from our care.

Put Your Recovery First

Although people who suffer from the alcoholism are often seen as extraordinarily selfish people, they’re usually quite concerned about their relationships with others. Sadly, it is often unhealthy relationships that drive people to drink. To recover and stay sober, you need to focus on bettering yourself before you better your relationships with others. This is especially true at the beginning of recovery and is true even of family members, loved ones, children, and spouses. At Pathways Recovery, you’ll be able to focus on getting better without pressures from the outside world.

Establish Healthy Habits and Support Network Here

Our patients experience a level of camaraderie as they live and work on their recoveries together. Friendships are encouraged because no two people can help each other better than two people who are both recovering from alcoholism. Friendships formed in our rehab often serve as the first support network that our patients form in our addiction treatment center.

These are only some of the many benefits you or your loved one can experience when choosing Pathways Recovery for alcohol rehab in Sacramento.

Alcohol Rehab Sacramento