The Growing Problem With A New “O”

 Pathways -- The Growing Problem With A New O -- 08-23-16

As the abuse of Oxycontin has declined in the Sacramento region and throughout the nation due to a change in manufacturing methods, a new form of opiate with twice the strength of Oxycontin has begun to take its place.  The new pill is called Opana, or oxymorphone hydrochloride, and it can be crushed and chewed, snorted, and even injected.  As a result, admissions for Opana addiction treatment are on the rise while addiction treatment for Oxycontin abuse is declining.

Street Names for Opana

Street names for Opana include O’s, Blue Heaven, Blues, Mrs. O, New Blues, Octagons, Oranges, Orgasna IR, OM, Pink, Pink Heaven, Pink Lady, Pink O, Stop Signs, and The O Bomb.  The color references in these slang terms refer to the strength of the Opana pill.  For the older, round Opana pills 5 mg pills are blue and 10 mg pills are pink.  The newer, extended relief versions of Opana are octagonal in shape like a stop sign and come in a variety of colors and higher strengths including the following:

  • Pink octagonal Opana pills are 5mg
  • Orange octagonal Opana pills are 10mg
  • White octagonal Opana pills are 15mg
  • Green octagonal Opana pills are 20mg
  • Red octagonal Opana pills are 30mg
  • Yellow octagonal Opana pills are 40mg

With the higher doses available for the extended relief versions, Opana addiction treatment admissions have accelerated recently within the Sacramento treatment community and elsewhere.

Opana Abuse and Addiction

Similar to Oxycontin, Opana addiction can happen quickly especially when the person has been abusing Oxycontin or other opiates like heroin, Norco, or Vicodin.  Even if the Opana has been legitimately prescribed by a doctor for pain, however, those using Opana can inadvertently become addicted very quickly as well, resulting in the need for Opana addiction treatment for people with no history of drug abuse.

Addiction Treatment For Opana Abuse

Opana addiction treatment is similar to drug treatment for other forms of opiates.  A proper Opana addiction treatment will begin with a detox in either a residential detox treatment facility or possibly a hospital setting.  The withdrawal symptoms during the detox stage of the Opana addiction treatment are very similar to other opiate withdrawals.  Opana withdrawal symptoms include muscle cramping, bone pain, nausea and vomiting, and emotional distress.  Because of the difficulties associated with the detox stage of the Opana addiction treatment, it is important for the addict to undergo the detox process in a controlled environment where addiction treatment professionals will help them through the hardest parts of the withdrawal process.

Medical Detox and Treatment for Opana

As with other forms of addiction treatment for opiate abuse, rapid Opana addiction treatment under the supervision of a doctor in a hospital setting is available as well, however, this form of Opana addiction treatment is very costly and the benefits of rapid Opana addiction treatment when compared to other less costly forms of Opana addiction treatment has not been documented.

After the detox process is complete, it is almost guaranteed that further Opana addiction treatment will be required, especially for those individuals with a history of opiate addiction or other forms of substance abuse.  After detox, Opana addiction treatment could include a longer term stay in a residential treatment facility (AKA rehab), intensive outpatient counseling, or pychosocial activities like attendance at 12 step meetings.

Whatever method of Opana addiction treatment is pursued, it is important to note that long term abuse and addiction to Opana and other forms of opiates will lead to damage to internal organs like the heart and liver, as well as other cardiopulmonary diseases like pneumonia.  Ultimately, the longer a person abuses Opana and other opiates the more likely they will begin to ignore personal hygiene, alienate themselves from friends and family, and drastically shorten their life expectancy.

Don't let this new form of opiate tear apart your family or someone you love.  Contact Pathways Recovery to talk to a counselor about your options for Opana addiction treatment.