Drug And Alcohol Detox

Understanding Our Approach to Holistic and Integrative Detox Services

Integrative health care practices have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Integrative health care is basically a combination of both Eastern and Western healing modalities. The body, if treated properly, has an amazing ability to heal itself.

We must learn what it means to treat the body and brain properly. Highly nutritious foods, proper supplementation when needed, managing stress, dealing with trauma and proper sleep are essential for good health. Sadly, our high-stress world that promotes highly processed meals, fast food, working long hours, unhealthy relationship patterns and unresolved emotional trauma.

Over time, these issues often lead many toward self-medicating the anxiety, depression and loneliness that can develop. After a chemical dependency of alcohol or drugs has set in and years of abusing these substances occurs, the body and brain are further damaged from the toxins and lack of nutrition that occurs when addiction rages out of control.

Basically, those addicted individuals have brains and bodies that are starving for the essential nutrients so desperately needed to begin the repair process. With an impaired brain and body, these individuals cannot begin to make good decisions for themselves or obtain the proper help they so desperately need.

Where We Come In: Compassionate Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Pathways Recovery boasts an inpatient drug and alcohol detox treatment facility located in Northern California near Sacramento. Our inpatient residential facility provides 24-hour care and monitoring for adult men and women withdrawing from drugs, alcohol or prescription medications.

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment with a caring and compassionate staff to help recovering substance users manage their drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms and begin learning how to live life sober again.

Our detox center in Sacramento, CA offers the following benefits and amenities:

  • Pathways Detox Center Comprehensive medical care by a board certified doctor of addiction medicine
  • Comprehensive lab work when needed
  • An experienced detox staff that closely monitors and supports each client around the clock
  • 3:1 staff ratio
  • Nutritious and delicious meals prepared daily with organic products when available
  • Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice daily
  • Whole food smoothies with superfoods made daily and as needed
  • Vitamins and amino acid supplements, designed for healing the addicted brain
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Family support and education
  • Experience with prescription medication withdrawal, including detoxing from methadone
  • A Jacuzzi and swimming pool – helpful for those going through opiate detox
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy to ease stress and emotional discomfort

Browse below for more information about our detox process:

What We Treat

Detox from Alcohol, Prescription Drugs and Street Drugs

There are many forms of addiction, but not every substance necessitates a structured detox regimen at the start of a recovery treatment program. If detox isn’t needed, we have outpatient treatment options to help new clients reach their goal of achieving and maintaining sobriety.

At Pathways Recovery, we generally recommend detox for addiction to one of the following substances:

What is Detox?

What is Holistic Drug Detox?

At Pathways Recovery, we believe in a holistic approach to detox treatment that begins with a screening and a medical evaluation by our medical team. Based on these evaluations, each client will be prescribed the appropriate detox medications. In addition to detox treatment medications, our clients are provided with vitamin and mineral supplements, amino acids and highly nutritious meals during their stay to lessen the drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms and to restore the body’s balance.

Pathways’ detox treatment services are provided to adult men and women in a residential setting at our Citrus Heights, California drug and alcohol treatment facility. Through the use of extensive assessment tools and individual counseling, we help the client, their family and the persons they love start to develop a fulfilling and sober lifestyle.

What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Detox Program

Pathways Recovery is licensed by California Department of Health Care Services to provide alcohol and drug abuse detox treatment services, residential treatment, individual or group counseling and referral assistance for those who are voluntarily seeking to achieve and maintain a condition of sobriety so that they may become responsible and productive members of society.

Once we complete an initial medical evaluation on a new client, we work with the client and their loved ones to develop a plan for long-term sobriety. This may include further substance abuse treatment at a longer term inpatient program, outpatient care in a group or one-on-one setting, or transitioning into a sober living environment.

Whichever path is chosen, you will find our detox program to be a solid foundation for further recovery activities. After a brief phone assessment with one of our addiction counselors, we will provide you with most suitable options for detox treatment, taking into account your physical well-being and usage history. We offer our clients options that will make their detox treatment as safe and comfortable as possible.

The most important factor for us during your detox program is making sure we find a way to get you on the path to sobriety while keeping your physical health intact. No matter what level of care you and the treatment team decide on, we will make your stay with us as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Total Services Provided During Your Detox Treatment:

  • Confidential Detox Treatment
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Family Education Groups
  • Relapse Education
  • Extensive Referrals
  • Long-term Recovery Planning

Why Choose Us?

Why You Should Choose Us for Detox

Health Considerations During Detox:

While at our detox treatment center, all clients will be provided with delicious, nutritionally balanced meals. For special dietary needs, we offer menus tailored to an individual’s health, religious or other dietary specifications. Appropriate physical activities will also be available during the detox treatment program, including yoga and access to our therapeutic spa and the pool area.

Confidential Detox Treatment:

To ensure the confidentiality of all of those who seek detox treatment at Pathways Recovery, all of our detox treatment services are provided by appointment only, and none of our guest’s information will go anywhere without their written consent. Additionally, we can provide transportation to pick up and/or drop off those who are seeking treatment, if necessary.

Affordable Detox Treatment:

We understand there can be anxiety associated with the cost of seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, but don’t let this stop you from seeking the help you desire. We understand your situation and are here to talk with you about the variety of options available to begin your journey to a healthy physical, emotional and spiritual life. If you have health insurance, call us to do a free, no obligation benefits check. We do not accept Medical, Medicaid, or Medicare.

Let us set you up with an effective drug or alcohol detox program today.