Drug Rehab Center In California

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge drug rehab center in California, let Pathways Recovery be the choice for you. As our name implies, at pathways, our treatment techniques are based on creating new pathways in the brain on top of traditional addiction treatment therapies. The way we create new pathways in our patients’ brains is through holistic addiction treatment.

Understanding How Addiction Affects the Brain

Once a person is set in their ways, it can be difficult (or seemingly impossible) to change them. You often hear the old cliche, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” Thankfully, the brain is extremely malleable. It can be changed, formed, remapped, and rewired. Mistakenly, people often associate addiction with character weakness. They say, “If you want to stop, then just stop.” People who make such statements don’t understand the Limbic portion of the brain. People who suffer from addiction do so because their brains are hard-wired to view substance abuse as a survival process, much like eating and sleeping. However, there is a thing called neuroplasticity that can change that.

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form and reform synaptic connections even after addiction. Therefore, when we have repetitive thoughts or behaviors, neural pathways/networks are created. These pathways are created by neurons firing a signal to each other. Neurons that fire together wire together. It’s also true that when neurons stop firing, connections become weak, and lead to the creation of a whole new set of thought and behavior patterns. Through neural firing (or lack thereof), behaviors are either strengthened or weakened.

Medication Doesn’t Work Forever and is Often Avoidable Altogether

Sadly, in today’s world, most people are subscribed medication to feel better and change their moods and thoughts. Such medications can be toxic and only change the brain’s chemistry temporarily. The changes only last as long as the medication is synthesized to last. That’s why people always have to take another pill, take another drink, or take another smoke to feel better. But when we change our neural pathways, our brain chemistry changes along with it. These changes can be permanent.  Pathways Recovery is a dual diagnosis addiction treatment center, but we only prescribe medicine when it’s necessary.

The Importance of Diet and Nutrients in Brain Rewiring

At Pathways Recovery, we show our patients holistic ways to decrease intrusive thoughts and cravings as well as to manage their addiction for the long-term. We teach our patients about nutrients and dietary changes that can dramatically improve recovery. Why? Because according to a study, when specific nutrients were given to people in recovery, these individuals experienced a 92% sobriety success rate! That success rate is vastly superior to the success achieved through traditional 12 step programs. Doing the 12 steps can help, but the 12 step program by itself will not rewire the brain.

Further, a plentiful supply of such nutrients can help people in recovery heal quickly and experience fewer withdrawal symptoms as they get sober. The reason these nutrients are so successful is that they restore the biochemical imbalances in the body that are caused by addiction, no matter what the addiction is because all addiction problems are largely the same.  Contact Pathways Recovery for a high-success drug rehab center in California.