Dual Diagnosis California

Pathways Recovery is an addiction treatment center that specializes in dual diagnosis in California. Drug addiction is a disease that's rooted in the mind, and our therapies are designed to treat roots of addiction. It is common knowledge among addiction treatment service providers and physicians that long enough abstinence from drugs can allow some of the drug-induced brain changes observed in substance abuse patients to reverse themselves. That's why we have 30-90 day inpatient admittance, depending on the needs of each patient.

Defining Dual Diagnosis

At Pathways Recovery, our rehab center focuses on therapies and medication that treat addiction. Once the patient is in recovery from their addiction, the hope is that they will go on to live a fulfilling and productive life. However, for many people, substance abuse treatment is not enough. Many addicts have a co-occurring mental disorder in addition to a drug problem. This is where dual diagnoses treatment comes into play.

So, what's a dual diagnosis? And how does it fit into addiction treatment? It looks like this:

  • Depression and addiction
  • Bipolar disorder and addiction
  • Anxiety disorder and addiction
  • Personality disorders and addiction

There may also be a combination of disorders with addiction. For example:

  • Depression and bipolar disorder and addiction
  • Anxiety and personality disorders and depression and addiction

In most cases where a dual diagnosis is present, the person suffering from addiction isn't capable of making good choices on their own. For example, people who were abused as children are twice as likely to suffer from depression. Within that dynamic, 1/3 of the people who suffer from depression have had a substance abuse problem of some sort. And it's not just depression! Almost 100% of the people who have been diagnosed with severe social anxiety disorders have had a substance abuse issue.

Get the Holistic Treatment You Need to Recover

These disorders often go unnoticed because all of a person's problems are chalked up to drug abuse. Substance abuse covers up mental health problems, leaving them undiagnosed and untreated. This creates a critical flaw for many recovery models treating addiction. Having an underlying disorder, such as depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder can make it nearly impossible for many patients to succeed in recovery.

Indeed, it can be hard to reap the benefits of recovery when a mental health issue is buried underneath. In our dual diagnosis program, not only are both issues treated, but they're also given treatments which fit a larger picture. Along with proper therapies and treatment, people in recovery must change their lifestyles. Combined, your efforts and an effective dual diagnosis treatment plan will help you better cope with the world without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Anybody Can Recover!

Individuals who are in active substance abuse patterns can and do recovery every day, but they must always be conscious of their problem and work hard to never fall back into the trap of addiction again. This is a lifelong battle. While patients are given life-changing tools in almost every rehab, our dual diagnosis center can add substantial benefits to our patients that traditional 12 step rehabs can't. We can help you discover a new way of life that you never thought you worthy of. Contact Pathways Recovery for dual diagnosis in California.

Dual Diagnosis California
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