Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Me

If you know or suspect that you may have a mental health issue and you suffer from substance abuse problems, you need integrated treatment. Do a quick Google search for "dual diagnosis treatment near me," and see all the results that come up. Be careful about which facility you select. Many of them say they offer dual diagnosis treatment as a marketing ploy to draw more people to their facilities, but they either know little about dual diagnosis treatment or their treatment is largely ineffective. Don't waste your time, money, or life. Instead, choose the treatment center that specializes in dual diagnosis addiction treatment, Pathways Recovery.

The Stats

Co-occurring disorders (also known as dual diagnosis disorders) are more common than you may realize, and the statistics prove it. For example, 39% of people who are alcohol abusers also have a mental health issue of some sort. 53% of all people who are drug abusers also live with at least one mental illness. Further, 29% of all people with mental illness abuse at least one drug. Hence, the numbers prove that substance abuse and mental illness go hand-in-hand. That's not to say that all people who abuse drugs or alcohol have mental disorders, but the two are synonymous.

Why Treatment Centers Have Performed So Dismally in the Past

Historically, people with dual diagnosis disorders have achieved much less sobriety success from rehab treatment. There are many reasons for this, including self-medication, non-medication compliance, and more. Yet, there's another reason why people with co-occurring disorders have fallen through the rehab "cracks" historically.

Addiction treatment models have failed to meet the needs of patients with dual diagnosis disorders because they fail to provide integrated treatment. Traditional addiction treatment facilities don't understand the correlation between an underlying disorder and addiction. Integrated addiction treatment blends both addiction and mental health therapy into synthesized treatment in one setting.

The Benefit of Integrated Addiction Treatment

At Pathways Recovery, we have individual counseling and group sessions, as well as a number of holistic therapies that aid in the recovery process. The evidence is overwhelming that integrated treatment has much better results than attempting to treat addiction or mental illness alone. Study after study has shown that treating one problem while neglecting another always leads to patient relapse.

Abstinence is Key

A simple yet powerful fact that can't be overstated is that those who abuse drugs and alcohol must completely abstain from the substance abuse in order to recover. Abstinence is by far the best treatment for overcoming substance abuse. Getting mental health treatment without giving up the substance abuse will prove ineffective at best. The only way to cure both problems is to stop using drugs and alcohol, and then treat your mental health issues in a sober state of being.

Sobriety is Worth the Fight!

When you stop using drugs and or alcohol, things will get easier over time. The longer you abstain from substance abuse, the easier it gets to keep abstaining. Don't be naive. You will have temptations, triggers, and powerful cravings. Just because it gets easier doesn't mean it's going to be a walk in the park. Using the tools we provide you, not the least of which is your support network and sponsor, you can stand strong in your recovery. 

To start your pathway to recovery, Google "dual diagnosis treatment near me," and choose Pathways Recovery. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Me
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