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Opiate Withdrawal

Pathways Recovery drug rehab center Sacramento offer several options when it comes to safely withdrawing from any type of opiate drug including heroin, prescription pain medications, methadone and  Bupenorphine. We discuss your history and make recommendations as to what we feel will be the most successful and comfortable method for you. We also want to help you meet your recovery goals and develop a recovery plan that helps you get your life back on track. We do not take a cookie cutter approach. We asses each person individually. Each person’s history is different. There are many reasons that people begin to abuse heroin or prescription medications. We want to get to know you and develop a customized treatment plan that is specific to your needs. 

We are a medically supervised drug rehab center and can assist those with complicated addiction history and co-occuring mental health issues. Our medical team includes a psychiatrist who is very experienced with addiction and co-occuring disorders. Our medical team also includes a registered nurse and very experienced 24 hour staff of addiction counselors who have helped hundreds of people through the opiate withdrawal process. 

One option that we offer for opiate detoxification is Medically Assisted Evidence based Treatment. 

Suboxone or subutex is a medication that contains bupenorphine which helps to greatly ease the withdrawal symptoms and lessens the overwhelming cravings and post acute withdrawal symptoms that generally persist for several weeks to months after drug withdrawal. It’s important that this medication is utilized properly and with the supervision and skill of an experienced doctor and support team who know how to use this medication. Many people prefer to detox using this method as it greatly lessens the discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal. 

Some people prefer or need to be completely medication free once they finish the opiate withdrawal process. Pathways Recovery also offers other methods of opiate withdrawal that include non Subutex/Suboxone methods if that is the preferred method and it is deemed safe by the medical team. The details of this process can be discussed with our intake and assessment staff. 

Our drug rehab center is a residential home that is quiet and comfortable.

Most people cannot safely and effectively go through pain medication or heroin detox without some type of professional help. The symptoms of opiate withdrawal are generally very intense and make it nearly impossible to do alone. It can be very scary and difficult for loved ones and the person addicted to deal with the sickness that comes with opiate withdrawal. 

The process of opiate withdrawal takes 7-10 days for the drugs to exit the body. During the stay in our facility each person is treated with care and concern and supported. We prepare all of the meals, juices and snacks that are provided in our facility. Recovery based groups and individual counseling is provided during the 7-10 days in our facility. Each person is also placed on nutritional supplements designed especially for drug withdrawal and addiction recovery. The use of heroin or prescription medication abuse causes significant damage to the brain and body and it will take time for the healing process to happen. 

We also offer support through a FREE weekly Wednesday evening family education group. 

Feel free to email us through this website (email form to the right of this page) or call us at the number listed here on this page with any questions about how this process works. 

We do assist with utilizing your medical insurance and are happy to check your benefits and discuss financial expense, payment plan options any other costs associated with our drug rehab center.  It is possible your stay may be completely covered by your medical insurance provider. 

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