Pathways Recovery Drug and Alcohol Program

Drug Rehabilitation Programs Near Sacramento Offering Solutions for the Entire Family

Since 2010, Pathways Recovery has been providing unique, effective treatment to recovering drug and alcohol users in the Greater Sacramento area of Northern California.

Clients generally begin a drug rehabilitation program at Pathways Recovery with holistic detox before continuing with our many outpatient drug and alcohol programs. However, we also accept clients who have detoxed and/or received residential treatment somewhere else, but are looking for ongoing services on an outpatient basis.

A private addiction treatment provider licensed by the state of California, Pathways Recovery works with potential clients to help them get the treatment they need at a rate that works with their budget. We accept most private insurance plans, and we have outside financing available with low interest rates.

For a quick summary of the services offered in our private drug and alcohol program, we have:

  • Holistic detoxification for drug, alcohol and prescription medication abusers
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family education
  • Assessment and referral

Each of the sections below offers you a better idea of the primary services offered in the addiction treatment program at Pathways Recovery.

Holistic and Integrative Detox Treatment

We truly believe our holistic detox treatment is a cut above what you’ll find at other treatment centers. Clients are closely monitored around the clock at our residential detox facility in Citrus Heights, California, and they are given customized vitamin and mineral supplements as well as highly nutritious, tasty drinks and meals.

Clients undergoing detox at our residential facility also get to participate in several on-site activities designed to improve mental and physical health, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation in our pool and spa

At Pathways Recovery, we help clients thoroughly detoxify from methamphetamine, cocaine/crack, alcohol, opiates and prescription drugs. No methadone is used during our detox process, although we do offer custom detox treatment to those who happened to have become dependent on methadone.

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Our Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program

Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program largely centers on counseling in various forms – in other words, individual and group therapy. One-on-one, group and behavioral counseling, as well as 12-step meetings, are all a part of our solution in keeping individuals sober and healthy.

Our individualized outpatient programs are available to:

  • Individuals who have completed our detox treatment program
  • Recovering addicts who finished residential treatment at another facility

Pathways Recovery’s counseling services are located at an office separate from our detox facility, in the nearby city of Roseville. All sessions are led by dynamic counselors who are certified by the state of California in the discipline of addiction disorders.

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Family Education Program

At Pathways Recovery, we know all too well how deeply one person’s addiction can affect an entire family, as well as how the family often misunderstands alcoholism and drug abuse. Therefore, we offer a six-week family education program that is free and open to anyone over age 16 who would like to better understand addiction and how to support a loved one. The classes are offered once a week at our counseling center in Roseville.

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Detox Nutrition

Drug and Alcohol Detox Nutrition
When clients are beginning rehabilitation with detox, we continually stress the importance of eating and sleeping healthfully in the recovery process. To learn more about the nutritious meals and sleep protocol at our Citrus Heights, CA detox facility, click the button below.

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