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Pathways Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab in Sacramento that provides a wide range of substance abuse treatment services, including alcohol and drug detox, intensive outpatient therapy (IOP), inpatient residential therapy, dual diagnosis addiction treatment, holistic addiction treatment, and other addiction-related services. While we observe many of the traditional rehab programs and therapies, we stand apart from other rehabs in many ways.

Medical Detox

Many of our patients have progressed to a lethal level of substance abuse. Not only have their minds become wired to depend on substances, but their bodies have also become physically addicted. Coming into our program off of the streets, many people experience intense withdrawal symptoms that can be painful, uncomfortable, and even life-threatening.

Because of the intense feelings of withdrawal and because many of our patients have reached extreme personal lows, many people often battle depression and suicidal thoughts during the detoxification period. Our medically supervised detox center provides all the safety and support needed for a quick detox.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction is a progressive and powerful disease that dominates its victims. Addiction is so powerful that many of our patients don't realize they have an underlying disorder that contributes to, or in some cases, causes them to engage in substance abuse. During active addiction, a person's irrational behavior is usually assumed to be symptomatic of their substance abuse problem. However, close association through one-on-one therapy observation often reveals that our patients suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and many other disorders that are synonymous with addiction.

Many rehab centers have flawed treatment models because they don't address the root of addiction. Providing addiction treatment without diagnosing and treating the psychological disorder that keeps the person trapped in active addiction is a recipe for relapse.

Holistic Addiction Therapy

Pathways Recovery provides holistic addiction treatment services. While some addictions are physical by nature, such as alcohol, heroin, and nicotine, most dependencies are based in the brain. Whether an addiction is psychological or physical, all addiction has one thing in common; the brain has become programmed to depend on the substance used by the patient. Fortunately, with holistic addiction treatment, the brain can be rewired, and addiction can be unlearned.

By creating new pathways in the brain, you will destroy the negative pathways of addiction. Through a consistent routine of proper diet, adequate exercise, selective nutrient intake, meditation, counseling, and other holistic activities, you will train your brain not to depend on chemical substances for survival. Holistic treatment has excellent results for long-term sobriety.

Individualized Treatment

Another aspect of our addiction services that sets us apart is that Pathways Recovery only admits up to six patients at a time into our inpatient program. Caring for a small number of patients at any given time allows our staff to work much closer with our patients and tailor our treatments to each patient's individual recovery needs.

Pathways Recovery is the best drug and alcohol rehab in Sacramento because we have exceptionally high recovery rates. Give us a call to learn more.

Rehab Sacramento
Pathways Recovery
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