Treatment Center Sacramento

Whether you're coming into our inpatient program directly off the streets or following medical detox, you will find that Pathways Recovery provides a very supportive environment. We are the most coveted treatment center in Sacramento because we admit only six patients at a time, you will benefit from close friendships with the staff and patients who are well on their way to recovery.

We provide one-on-one therapy, we work our 12 steps, and we do many of the things that traditional drug and alcohol rehabs do. However, our patients have much higher long-term sobriety success and much lower relapse rates than conventional drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Developing a Custom Treatment Plan for You

Recovering from addiction is no easy task, and the consequences of relapse can be devastating. Pathways Recovery can help you develop a treatment plan for recovery. We will provide you with the tools and resources you need to get clean and stay clean, but it's up to you to use those tools effectively. Without a solid addiction treatment plan and wholehearted execution, the chances of you relapsing are much higher.

Pathways Recovery Offers New Beginnings

It's easy to get clean and stay sober in our rehab. We keep the drugs and the negative influences out. Depending on your recovery needs, we can give you 30-90 days in our inpatient program. Just know that the real test starts when you are discharged from our program. Triggers and cravings are everywhere. That is why it is vital to utilize the tools we give you and set yourself up for success when you get out. This means cutting out the old people, places, and things and replacing them with new and healthy ones.

Coming to our inpatient program gives you the space you need to begin to heal your addicted brain. During this time, you have an ideal opportunity to build a strong support system that can help you stay sober now and in the long-term. We encourage our patients to find sponsors during this time, so they have someone to help them and hold them accountable when they go home.

Get Used to Being Uncomfortable!

Part of our treatment plan will include provisions for outpatient therapy, and we'll help you identify which family members and friends will be most supportive to your recovery. If you're used to going it alone, it is crucial to your recovery that you overcome your social fears and reach out to healthy people who can help you. The truth is; if you were capable of solving your addiction problem on your own, you would have already done so!

Give Us a Call if You or Someone You Know Needs Help with Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Regardless of how strong you are, you need help to get and stay clean! Once your brain has come to associate substance abuse with survival, much as food and water, no amount of will-power will help you. You need to learn to rely on other people. Check out Pathways Recovery and see why we are the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Sacramento.

Treatment Center Sacramento
Pathways Recovery
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