Dr Brian Mackin

Dr Brian Mackin is an Integrative Psychiatrist and is Board Certified by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, as well as Board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He is a member in good standing of both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

While staying up to date with conventional psychiatric practices he also maintains a respect for ancient healing traditions such as yoga and mindfulness. Dr. Mackin’s approach to mental health care involves integrating multiple disciplines and cultivating a holistic perspective of his patient’s well being. He takes a special interest in how dietary changes and mindful yoga practice can strengthen and contribute to overall mental health.

It is important to Dr. Mackin to develop a working relationship with his patients to mutually establish the best treatment plan. He enjoys working with adults to overcome and treat a full spectrum of mental health issues. Finding your strengths and helping nourish growth in a healing direction is the foundation and purpose of his practice.

Dr. Charles Carpenter

Dr. Charles Carpenter has been in practice for 12 years and is a specialist in Preventive and Integrative Medicine. He received his M.D. from Tulane University School of Medicine, is Board Certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, and is also Board Certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine. He is a medical educator having taught medical students, residents, physicians and the public.
He also is a motivational speaker, radio personality, tai chi and qi gong meditation teacher. Dr. Carpenter realizes that it is just as important to know the person as it is to understand the person’s disease and he looks upon patients as unique and whole persons instead of just their symptoms and disease.
Dr. Carpenter focuses on empowering men and women in their health and wellness and collaborates with his patients in a partnership that emphasizes a personalized and individualized treatment approach. His holistic practice empowers men and women in enhancing their own wisdom to create a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Linda Fukuda
Registered Nurse

Linda has many years helping patients stabilize through one of the most difficult and challenging times of early recovery. Linda believes in treating each person with compassion to help them feel safe and comfortable through the detox process. She works closely with each doctor and staff member to ensure their mental health stability and physical safety. She is quick to address health concerns and is very familiar with the challenges and concerns that come with entering into recovery.

Eryn Barrett, LMFT

Eryn is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who cares deeply about her clients and their healing. Her goal is to help her clients identify and heal from trauma, past and present that prevents you from living your best life. In addition to cognitive and solution focused therapy, she am trained in somatic modalities such as EMDR, Brainspotting, Hypnotherapy and LENS Neurofeedback. LENS Neurofeedback can be incredibly effective for brain healing. to learn more about this.

Rachael Schweitzer MFT

Rachael teaches our once a month family workshop. A 4 hour class that educates family members and loved ones of our clients on addiction and how to begin understanding and navigating recovery. This class is a vital piece that loved ones are highly encouraged to attend.

Rachael has 15 plus years experience working with families focusing on family systems. Her masters level internship was completed at Full Circle Treatment Center, a non-profit adolescent substance abuse treatment program. She specialized in individual, family and group therapy and led the curriculum development. Rachael has 10 years of experience in family education, teaching parents the positive discipline way of parenting. She also has 18 years experience as an educator, teaching all grade levels from Pre- Kindergarten to 12th grade. Rachael is still very active in the education system, where she continues to work on programs to empower children to become leaders.

Sheila Walker CADC II

Sheila Walker CADC II, Family Interventionist, and Addiction Counselor. Sheila provides the Thursday night family support and education class. She is an excellent support for families and individuals seeking help

She has been a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC II) since 1996. She began her outpatient private practice in 1999. Her services include substance abuse counseling as well as counseling family members of substance users. She is also a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) which allows her to provide evaluations for employees in safety sensitive jobs who have violated a Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol regulation to meet the requirement of 49 CFR Part 40.

Sheila is co-author of "How to Help Your Child Become Drug Free, A Guide for Parents of Adolescents and Young Adults with Substance Abuse or Addiction" with David Gust and Jon Daily.

Jennifer Harris CADC II
Program Director

Jennifer Harris began her journey with Pathways Recovery in 2011 just after Pathways opened its doors. Jennifer has an incredible ability to bring a positive and motivating energy to her clients. Jennifer worked for many years in the detox facility and eventually earned her way to the program director position. She puts in countless hours and works very hard to help each client feel inspired and motivated to continue their journey of recovery.

Blake Mason
Certified Yoga Instructor

Before practicing yoga Blake experienced fear and a lack of self-confidence – addiction to drugs and alcohol took him over. He was caught in a vicious cycle that stemmed from dysfunctional thinking. Expectations of people, places and things ruled his life. Yoga has taught him that the change has to occur within, not somewhere out there. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Making positive changes can be uncomfortable, but always worth it. He was introduced to yoga in rehab – He reluctantly showed up only because he was out of ideas. He returned to his mat again and again, and began to discover qualities within him he didn’t know existed, or that he had long forgotten. Through stillness and breath, compassion, patience, acceptance and love began to take him over. He returns to his mat to deepen his connection with this process of uncovering, discovering and discarding all that isn’t him, so that he can live happily and teach others how to connect with this beautiful gift that has been given to him. Join him in finding freedom through surrender!

Travis Cordero
Personal Fitness Trainer

Travis is a California based Fitness and Meditation Professional. With 20+ years of experience, He has transformed many lives through fitness, meditation and healthy lifestyle changes.

He believes that the body’s health revolves around fitness, nutrition and spiritual connection. His training experience can help you in maximizing your health. The ultimate goal of achieving a healthy life is through fitness training, meditation and corrective posture.

Bud Lamb
Men's Spiritual Counselor

Bud helps men at any age and stage:

  • Create clarity about what's important
  • Take action toward meaningful goals
  • Keep on track daily and weekly

Every day he pursues his aspirational goal to be a great steward of his life, his time, and his talents.
This means he pursues his spiritual life and development with the same tenacity and discipline as his distance running.

He'lI passes on to others what has been passed on to him. He pursues and invests in emerging leaders. And he loves working with people at any age and stage.

As a Pastor in mega and small churches, a business leader, and as a husband and a friend he leverages his influence to help people:

  • Live with purpose
  • Navigate life's transitions
  • Renew passion for life
  • Restore spiritual momentum

His wife is his best friend and without the sustained pursuit of his heart by God he would have taken the low road in life.

Our Detox Center Staff

Tammy Turney CADC II

Jennifer Jones RADT I

Cynde Porter CADC II

Shane Ross RADT I

Treatment Facility Staff

Arthur Maglalang RADT I

Eric West RADT I

Glenn Hunter CADC II

Admissions & Administration

Emily Davis
Admissions Counselor

Emily began her journey with Pathways as an intern in early 2017. She worked in the detox as a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician before moving over to admissions. She has a knowledge of the needs of families and uses a careful process of individual evaluation and family consultation to help relieve some of the anxiety and uncertainty individuals experience when considering admission for treatment.

Emily holds a BA in Human Development and Psychology from Washington State University.

Diana Wooley
Office Manager

Diana started with Pathways in 2015 as an intern and has become a dedicated part of the team.

Diana holds a dual AA in Human Services and Chemical Dependency from American River College. She is a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician through CCAPP and is the company Notary as well. She manages the office as well as takes care of many other areas where needed. She is always positive and is always happy to help clients in any way she can.