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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Sacramento, CA

Heroin Detox

Heroin is an incredibly powerful drug that when used can leave individuals gripped by a euphoric experience that leads to a cycle of chasing the same euphoria they originally experienced. Over time a tolerance to heroin leads to an increase in the amount of the drug needed in order to feel the same euphoric feeling. Then eventually there is no more high and the body becomes dependent on the drug just to feel normal. Heroin can be an extremely difficult drug to stop using. The heroin detox symptoms that set in once a user either decides to quit or is unable to obtain the drug are horribly painful when attempted without any medical assistance. Most people are unable to get through heroin detox on their own and so once the detox symptoms begin most will do whatever it takes to obtain heroin again in order to stave off the detox symptoms that can be overwhelming and intolerable.

We at Pathways Recovery Sacramento provide a much better solution. We offer a heroin rehab program at our Sacramento heroin treatment center with a medically supervised heroin detox. This type of detox care helps make breaking the cycle of heroin addiction much more likely.

The sad epidemic of heroin overdoses continues to affect every segment of the population.

 Heroin overdoses can happen very quickly. Emergency Rooms do very little to assist in the recovery process of heroin detox. Yet, heroin or any other opiate abuse can be a chronic illness with life-threatening consequences. Pathways Recovery provides a safe and comfortable heroin detox center where each person is treated with respect and dignity and provided with heroin detox medications by a gentle and supportive staff that will monitor heroin detox symptoms and support each person through heroin detox while in our Sacramento heroin treatment center.

Pathways Recovery Sacramento can quickly assess and admit an individual into our inpatient Sacramento heroin treatment center and provides detox medications quickly so the heroin addiction cycle is broken and a new life in recovery can begin.

If you find yourself or a loved one in a crisis situation involving heroin abuse, call us. We can help break the heroin addiction and quickly provide a recovery plan for ongoing recovery in our Sacramento heroin treatment center.

Admission for treatment can be quick and easy -

Call us 24/7 to learn more or schedule an over the phone assessment.

We have a small staff to client ratio, freshly prepared healthy and delicious meals, comfortable pillow top beds, and supportive and caring 24 hour experienced staff.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) nearly 35,000 people died from heroin and other opioid drugs in 2015. Based on recent trends this number is expected to climb to well over 40,000 by this year. Don’t wait until you or a loved one becomes a statistic of heroin addiction. Pathways Recovery, in Sacramento, provides a heroin rehab center in the Sacramento area in a safe and comfortable environment. Call us now to discuss our opiate detox program in Sacramento and how to overcome your heroin addiction.

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Heroin Addiction, Withdrawal, And Opiate Detox

Our Sacramento opiate detox programs are medically supervised by an outstanding team of addiction treatment professionals. The staff at our heroin rehab center includes a doctor who specializes in addiction treatment, a registered nurse that is very familiar with opiate detox, and a 24 hour staff of addiction specialists and counselors. Our heroin rehab program team will assess the medical needs of each individual and provide medical support and appropriate medications to help ease the discomfort associated with heroin addiction and opiate detox.

Why Professional Opiate Drug Detox?

Opiate detox without the support of a professional heroin rehab program is an extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous way to overcome your heroin addiction. Most people stay in the cycle of heroin addiction because they fear the significant withdrawal symptoms that occur during opiate detox. The withdrawal symptoms that occur during opiate detox include the following: intense anxiety, severe flu like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, body aches, restless legs and an overwhelming emotional state. These opiate detox symptoms tend to prolong a heroin addiction by perpetuating a continuous cycle of seeking the more heroin in order to stave off opiate detox symptoms.

Your Stay At Our Heroin Rehab Health Center

Opiate detox can be handled in several different ways at a heroin rehab center. There are several different medications available in heroin rehab programs that can be used to help lessen the opiate detox symptoms and stabilize someone when they are ready to end their heroin addiction. Our staff closely monitors each individual in our heroin treatment center monitoring all of their vital signs and supporting each person through the opiate detox process.

In addition to the mental and physical symptoms created by heroin addiction, most people caught in the cycle of heroin addiction become very nutritionally depleted since food and fluids become a low priority. That’s why at our heroin rehab program we provide nutrient dense foods, fresh green juice, whole food protein smoothies, and fresh whole food meals that are freshly made right at the heroin treatment center. Good nutrition greatly helps the opiate detox process and helps to facilitate the healing of the brain and body during your stay at our heroin treatment center.

When You’re Ready To Seek Help With Heroin Detox

Detox generally consists of 7-10 days within our heroin treatment center at Sacramento. We require an over the phone pre-screening with our program director or admissions director who will then determine the appropriate length of stay at our heroin rehab program. After the initial screening we will schedule a date and time to admit you or your loved one into our heroin treatment center. Upon arrival the medical team will be ready to provide the medical evaluations needed to start your detox and make your stay at our heroin treatment center as safe and as comfortable as possible.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

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