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Treatment Approach

Pathways Recovery Treatment Approach

We treat the whole person……. Mind Body and Spirit.

Addiction is a cycle of self medicating unbearable emotions and feelings that generally stem from unresolved trauma. The cycle of addiction can cause incredible damage to the most significant parts of a human being. The holistic treatment team at Pathways Recovery will teach you a path to truly holistic approach to breaking the devastating cycle of addiction.

"Not why the addiction but why the pain."

-Gabor Mate

How We Treat the Body

During Detox

Most people walk through our doors needing medically supervised detoxification from the substances of abuse. Prior to admission our nurse and admissions team will assess over the phone your level of substance use and other health conditions to determine your suitability for admission into a sub acute addiction treatment care setting. Upon arrival to our admissions office our nurse will further assess your physical condition and determine a medication assisted treatment plan with our medical director Dr Carpenter to ensure safety and comfort through the detox process. Detox medications will be ordered and administered quickly. Staff will continue to closely monitor 24/7 the vitals and detox symptoms to ensure the process of detox is progressing as it should be while reporting to the medical team. We keep a close eye on you to make sure you are are safe and comfortable. 

In addition to detox medications we provide a comprehensive array of supplements and other high quality nutritional products and foods that assist in healing and restoring depleted nutrients that are essential to healing your body and brain.  Included with your stay in our addiction treatment center are high quality food and supplements  to assist the body in detoxification and healing more comfortably and quickly. This approach helps to ease  anxiety, nausea, severe dehydration, leg cramps, sleeplessness and other symptoms that are commonly experienced  during the detox process.  When you choose Pathways Recovery for your addiction treatment center experience your detox and recovery process will be much more relaxed and comfortable.

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This is generally a very neglected component of healing in detox and early recovery.  Sadly, most treatment centers do not really address and treat or even teach about this piece of a human being while in treatment. At Pathways Recovery our medical director Charles Carpenter MD is skilled in not only medically supervised detox but he is also a skilled functional health doctor who leads the functional health direction of Pathways Recovery.   Our menu is also designed to support body and brain healing.  A great deal of new research in the behavioral health field is pointing to diet and gut health as a major factor in depression and anxiety. A diet heavy in processed foods and sugar causes an inflammatory response that wreaks havoc all over the body but also in the brain.  At Pathways Recovery we focus on a low glycemic, nutrient dense menu while still providing delicious and satisfying meals with plenty of snacks.  We provide fresh pressed juices and nutrient dense protein smoothies that are delicious and healing. To learn more about our menu click here.

Physical Fitness - Cardio and Strength Training

An essential piece to any healthy lifestyle but to a person in recovery, it is incredibly important to understand how physical fitness can help support long term recovery by assisting in nervous system regulation that helps reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. At Pathways Recovery our treatment program includes personal fitness training by our fitness trainer Travis who brings many years of fitness training experience 3 days a week to all of our men who remain in our residential addiction treatment center for care.


Yoga helps strengthen and calm not only the body but also the mind. Our trauma informed yoga instructor Gabrielle will teach you how to use yoga as a path to healing and recovering from an addiction. Exercise has been long been proven to alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms which commonly linger in early recovery.

How We Treat the Mind

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”


Limiting beliefs and the relationship that we have with ourselves can greatly affect the way in which we see the world and the relationships we choose to engage in. We cannot have healthy relationships with others if we don’t understand  how to have a healthy relationship with ourselves. 

Pathways recovery addiction treatment center utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches including:

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation 
  • Group Therapeutic Process 
  • 12 step Recovery programming 

How We Treat the Spirit

The opposite of addiction is connection.

Often times we say that addiction is a disease of isolation. For most people struggling with addiction shame is a key component of a perpetuating cycle of avoiding emotions and feelings that create a deep sense of unworthiness. Unworthiness of love and acceptance by others. Even when an individual is surrounded with family and friends the struggle is  internal with the relationship with themself. This is where a spiritual connection is a key component to the healing process. We help guide a person through gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to feel more spiritually connected to themselves, others and God. No matter what a person’s religious background or lack of. 

We respect all backgrounds and experiences and meet each person where they are to obtain a greater sense of spiritual connection and self acceptance. Connection with the  recovery community also builds a deeper spiritual connection. When a community of people who share in a common understanding of personal struggles and sense of support through the community.

Medical Detox and Residential Rehab

Since 2010 Pathways Recovery Addiction Treatment Center has been providing 3 levels of addiction treatment solutions for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure addiction treatment center where any individual can feel safe, supported, encouraged and welcomed by all of our warm, caring, professional and highly knowledgeable addiction treatment center staff.

We want you to feel that you have a team of people who will provide ongoing support through the journey of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. We are committed to providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment with the highest level of compassion, empathy and concern for each person’s well being. Our addiction treatment center team truly understands what it takes to heal from drug and alcohol addiction, and we aim to provide the highest level of compassion and high quality clinical care.

Prior to admission to our addiction treatment center our team of addiction medicine specialists will assess you or your loved one to ensure that we provide the correct Level of Care (LOC) during their stay. Each potential client is screened by our medical staff according to ASAM criteria to determine if they require alcohol and drug detox or residential rehab.

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Pathways Recovery believes that each person we treat is unique with their own set of life circumstances. At some point in their journey, these circumstances have led to self medicating emotions and feelings in order to cope with life. By including a full spectrum of clinical care for addiction recovery that includes comprehensive medical supervision for drug and alcohol detox, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) We can get to the root of your problem at our addiction treatment center.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Center For Men

Pathways Recovery Drug and Alcohol Detox Center near Sacramento provides medically assisted alcohol detox and drug detox in a safe and comfortable residential addiction treatment center setting where each person is supported and cared for through any type of drug and alcohol detox with medical support and supervision . We take the fear and anxiety out of this first step phase of drug and alcohol addiction recovery by providing a highly qualified medical team combined with 24 hour drug and alcohol counselors very experienced with drug and alcohol detoxification in a safe and comfortable residential drug and alcohol detox center where only 6 individuals at a time are assisted through drug detox or alcohol detox. We closely supervise each clients drug and alcohol detox symptoms and vital signs for safety and comfort while admitted into our drug and alcohol detox center.

Addiction Treatment Center Sacramento For Men

Pathways Recovery offers a 30-90 day dual diagnosis addiction treatment center for men. After drug and alcohol detox it’s important to take the next step in order to begin healing and maintain long term sobriety from any type of drug and alcohol addiction. Our residential addiction treatment center provides a safe and comfortable setting where a max of 6 men a time live in our addiction treatment center and learn how to live a new life free from drug and alcohol addiction. Pathways Recovery believes each person is unique and requires an individualized treatment plan for their drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We provide psychiatry to address undiagnosed mental health issues and trauma. Weekly trauma therapy sessions to help get to the core root of drug and alcohol addiction. Personal fitness training to help rebuild the physical body and mind. Yoga and meditation classes teach our men how to manage stress and better cope with life. Group and individual counseling help men learn how to better manage the relationships with friends and family in their lives.

  • Delicious freshly prepared food designed with recovery in mind
  • Medication Assisted Treatment customized to each individuals unique needs and goals
  • High quality medical grade supplements to help heal and restore the body and brain
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Trauma Therapy by a Trained Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Family Workshop so families can learn how to support loved one through their recovery journey
  • Daily group and individual drug and alcohol addiction treatment sessions
  • Small staff to client ratio provides high level of individualized care – Only 6 men at time.