Addiction Treatment Center for Men in Sacramento region of Northern California 

Since 2010 Pathways Recovery Addiction Treatment Center in the greater Sacramento Region has evolved to provide 3 levels of addiction treatment center solutions for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure addiction treatment center where any individual can feel safe, supported, encouraged and welcomed by all of our warm, caring, professional and highly knowledgeable addiction treatment center staff. We want you to feel that you have a team of people who will provide ongoing support through the journey of drug and alcohol addiction recovery. We are committed to providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment with the highest level of compassion, empathy and concern for each person’s well being. Our addiction treatment center team truly understands what it takes to heal from drug and alcohol addiction and we aim to provide the highest level of compassion and high quality clinical care. Our addiction treatment center and drug and alcohol detox center are located in the Sacramento Region of Northern California. Pathways Recovery believes that each person is a unique individual with a unique set of life circumstances that has led to a life of self medicating emotions and feelings in order to cope with life. By including a full spectrum of clinical care for addiction recovery that includes comprehensive medical supervision for drug and alcohol detox, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) We can get to the root of your problem at our addiction treatment center.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox Center for men 

Pathways Recovery Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Sacramento provides medically assisted alcohol detox and drug detox in a safe and comfortable residential addiction treatment center setting where each person is supported and cared for through any type of drug and alcohol detox with medical support and supervision . We take the fear and anxiety out of this first step phase of drug and alcohol addiction recovery by providing a highly qualified medical team combined with 24 hour drug and alcohol counselors very experienced with drug and alcohol detoxification in a safe and comfortable residential drug and alcohol detox center where only 6 individuals at a time are assisted through drug detox or alcohol detox. We closely supervise each clients drug and alcohol detox symptoms and vital signs for safety and comfort while admitted into our drug and alcohol detox center.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Addiction Treatment Center Sacramento for Men

Pathways Recovery offers a 30-90 day dual diagnosis addiction treatment Center program for men. After drug and alcohol detox it’s important to take the next step in order to begin healing and maintain long term sobriety from any type of drug and alcohol addiction. Our residential addiction treatment center provides a safe and comfortable setting where a max of 6 men a time live in our addiction treatment center and learn how to live a new life free from drug and alcohol addiction. Pathways Recovery believes each person is unique and requires an individualized treatment plan for their drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We provide psychiatry to address undiagnosed mental health issues and trauma. Weekly Trauma therapy sessions to help get to the core root of drug and alcohol addiction. Personal fitness training to help rebuild the physical body and mind. Yoga and meditation classes teach our men how to manage stress and better cope with life. Group and individual counseling help men learn how to better manage the relationships with friends and family in their lives.

  • Delicious Chef prepared meals by Randy Peters Catering 
  • Medication Assisted Treatment customized to each individuals unique needs and goals
  • High quality medical grade supplements to help heal and restore the body and brain
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Trauma Therapy by a Trained Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Family Workshop so families can learn how to support loved one through their recovery journey 
  • Daily group and individual drug and alcohol addiction treatment sessions
  • Small staff to client ratio provides high level of individualized care – Only 6 men at time. 

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program (IOP)

An (IOP) Intensive Outpatient program is excellent way to transition out of an inpatient addiction treatment center or drug and alcohol detox center but still continue to have a supportive addiction treatment program where an individual can stay connected to the drug and alcohol addiction treatment process. An Intensive outpatient addiction treatment program consists of 3 weekly group sessions and an individual counseling session per week for 6 weeks. Located in our Roseville outpatient addiction treatment center in the evenings. Call us to learn more.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Family Education Program and Workshop

Families Need support too!

Pathways Recovery knows how important it is for loved ones to also obtain the knowledge and understanding of drug and alcohol addiction and the role each person has in the family system. So often parents and spouses look to addiction treatment centers to “cure” their loved one but this just is not how drug and alcohol addiction recovery works. It’s vitally important that each member of the family work on their own emotional healing and gain a deep understanding of related issues including co-dependency, healthy boundaries and much more. Pathways Recovery addiction treatment center provides weekly classes and a monthly workshop so that loved ones can begin their own healing process and gain the skills and understanding about drug and alcohol addiction and the recovery process.

Family Education Classes

Success Stories from Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it about the effectiveness of the Pathways Recovery program. Many former clients and their families have offered glowing, detailed reviews about our treatment and our staff. Read more than 20 client testimonials about Pathways Recovery by clicking below.

“I can’t begin to thank you for the abundance of love and support that I received from each and every one of you. You all are so awesome and I will miss you so much. With much love and gratitude.”

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Addiction Treatment Center Recovery Resources

This page directs you to dozens of resources that revolve around drug and alcohol addiction and addiction treatment Center resources and more. Here you will find information about drug and alcohol addiction interventionists and sober living recovery homes in the area, in addition to helpful recovery books and more. Get briefed on some helpful resources by clicking the following button.

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