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Addiction is a disease that millions of people struggle with every day. Some are able to get the treatment they need and recover to lead normal lives free of drugs and alcohol. Others often try and fail to get free of the cycle of addiction. The secret to long-term recovery is getting the right type of treatment and support for your unique addiction. No two cases are alike, meaning that sometimes different solutions are necessary. 

One solution for those needing extra care and support to conquer their addiction is inpatient rehab treatment. Inpatient addiction treatment offers a safe place for addicts to stay and focus on their recovery and has a number of benefits that other programs don’t offer. 

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What is Residential Rehab Treatment?

A residential treatment program is a type of rehab where the person with an addiction comes to a facility and lives there for a time while receiving treatment. They are typically not allowed to leave the facility while receiving treatment, and their progress and activities are monitored by staff. 

Residential rehab provides a more personalized approach to rehab for patients that may have struggled to get sober in the past. While staying at the facility, they undergo many of the same types of treatments as non-residential programs, but in a more controlled environment. The residential facilities are designed in such a way as to remove stress and promote calm and relaxation so that the person doesn’t have outside stresses and triggers that might cause them to want to use drugs or alcohol again. 

Length of stay can vary based on need, but the typical length of a residential treatment plan averages between 30 and 90 days from start to finish. During this time, clients undergo detox and withdrawal treatment, an evaluation of their addiction, and a treatment program that includes counseling and therapies selected based on their individual needs. The goal is to get the person free of the substance they were addicted to and help them develop strong coping skills that don’t rely on drugs and alcohol while working to overcome the root cause of the addiction. 

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What to Expect From an Inpatient Rehab Center in Roseville

When you walk into a residential rehab center in Roseville, you should expect a clean, calm, and relaxing environment that is designed specifically to focus on recovery. The worries of the outside world should feel far away. You should expect a caring and talented staff that knows how to deal with addiction in all of its forms. 

The process begins with an intake and evaluation to determine the client’s specific needs. During this time, our doctors will discuss the client’s addiction history, whether or not they’ve been through other types of treatment before, their overall physical health, any underlying conditions, assess their mental state, and work to determine the best course of treatment. 

The doctors and staff will work with the client to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific addiction, past trauma, triggers, and other factors that contribute to the addiction. The plan also includes monitoring the client to stay on track with the treatment plan and stay healthy while staying in the facility. At an inpatient rehab center in Roseville, you should expect a fully trained staff willing to give you the treatment and support you need, while also holding you accountable for your actions and ensuring you stay on the path to recovery. 

The treatment options provided will deal with the addiction itself, starting with supervised detox to clear the drugs and alcohol out of a client’s system. Once this step is complete, the real process of recovery can begin with one on one and group therapy sessions, counseling, and a wide range of treatments designed to develop healthy coping skills and deal with the root cause of the addiction. 

Once a client completes the treatment program, they move on to the next phase of the recovery process, the gradual return to a life free of drugs and alcohol. There are sometimes many steps on the road to living free of drugs and alcohol, but each one is important. 

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Which is Right For Me?

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs have various benefits for different situations. That’s why it is essential to pick the one that is best suited to your unique situation. 

Outpatient rehab focuses on providing counseling and therapy while allowing the client to leave and go about their day-to-day life. This option is best suited for those who have their addiction somewhat under control and need some additional help and support while they continue their recovery. 

Clients undergoing outpatient rehab often have outside responsibilities such as work, school, or children and need the freedom to leave to manage these responsibilities. This option for treatment is usually suited best for those that have not had multiple attempts at rehab or struggled with relapse issues. 

Inpatient rehab, by contrast, is a more focused and controlled approach to rehab that is ideal for those that need that extra bit of attention. In some cases, a residential stay is best because a person is facing outside stressors and triggers that may lead them to continue to use drugs and alcohol. Therefore a residential stay is a break from that pattern of behavior that they can use to focus solely on their recovery. 

In other cases, residential inpatient rehab is the best choice for those that have severe addiction issues or who have struggled with relapse and recovery and need the support and accountability that only a residential stay can provide. Inpatient rehab also offers more privacy for those that are concerned about the outside world seeing their struggle with addiction. 

To figure out which option is right for you, you should consider your addiction history and your personal needs and responsibilities and choose the option that meets them the best in your current situation. 

Whether searching for residential rehab treatment or an outpatient rehab treatment center in Sacramento, Pathways Recovery can help.

What to Look For in a Residential Rehab Center

When you decide to find a residential rehab center to get the treatment you need, you should look for a facility that offers personalized attention. No two addictions are the same, and so no two treatment plans should be the same. It takes a unique and comprehensive approach to break the cycle of addiction and put someone on the path to recovery. 

You should look for a residential rehab center that provides a stress-free environment where the focus is on addiction treatment and addiction treatment only, and you’ll want a staff that knows how to deal with addiction, both the successes and the setbacks. 

Inpatient rehab is all about learning how to deal with stress, emotions, and triggers without resorting to using drugs or alcohol. You’ll want to look for a rehab center that will teach you how to cope but will also hold you accountable for your actions so that you can maintain your sobriety. 

If you come to Pathways Recovery, you will find a place where addiction treatment is our primary focus, and getting clients on the road to recovery is our mission. We treat each client like an individual, not a number, and develop treatment plans targeting your specific needs. 

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