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Client Testimonials

This is just a small sampling of the testimonials and feedback we have received from our previous clientele and their family members. Due to privacy concerns the names of our addiction treatment clients are always kept confidential. Any testimonials that may reveal too much about the client’s identity are kept private and only reviewed by the staff at Pathways Recovery.

Aryn A.
The staff is amazing I came in with not only a problem with drugs and alcohol but with medical and emotional issues I needed to attend to, they helped me with everything I needed. The small amount of clients make for an intimate setting that allows for multiple 1 on 1 meetings. All staff members are k. Active recovery making them relatable, knowledgeable and compassionate. I absolutely loved my stay here the and I truly believe that pathways saved my life
justin g.
I have been to 8 facility’s this place is the only place that was able to get me clean. I was suspicious because I thought this place was to nice for insurance to cover and thought I was going to get hit with a bill or something. That is how good this program is. Skip the others , save the heart ache… go to pathways if you want recovery.
Victor S.
I’ve been to a couple of different of programs but never one so personal. There’s more staff then there is clients. Any question that I threw at them they answered knowledgeably. Even took time to help me further understand what I couldn’t. I could go on and on about how much they’ve helped me but their TRACK RECORD & PAST HISTORY proves itself! (Inside joke)
Chuck M.
Pathways in Roseville is a magical place to heal, and I rank it #1 after attending 7 such programs in my 54 years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDThere has never been a more challenging time to recover from addiction, and in the midst of COVID, fires, political and racial tension, I was blessed with another chance to live, at Pathways.Pathways is an odd combination of parts, the sum of which adds up to pure love, and serious breakthrough. The counselors are diverse, both culturally, and in the way they are able to connect with clients. It is a 6 bed ultra cozy home, with 8 staff members, a top notch personal trainer, therapist, and an Integrative MD with a holistic methodology who I spoke with 2-3 times a week.By far the best part of Pathways is the director, Danita Sands, who shines her light on tirelessly on everything from menus to after care. I am so grateful to her and the staff there for not being just another spin dry and guiding me to real breakthrough and recovery.Thank you Danita, Chad, Linda, Art, Leon, Dave, Denise, Travis, Stacy, Tarra, Marcella!
Kellan M.
I have dealt with Pathways Recovery on two separate occasions. Once was for a client and the other was for a friend. Overall the staff and counselors seemed very knowledgeable and compassionate. I would highly recommend their treatment center for anyone who has a client, friend or family member struggling with an addiction.
Pathways Recovery is a Life changing experience. All the counselors are caring and very good at there jobs. They provide you with many different tools for your recovery and focus on your physical health as well. The house isn’t over crowded so they can focus on helping you.
Jesse H.
5 star rating
Pathways is an amazing and life changing experience. They provide you with with all the care you need through some of the toughest times in your life. All the counselors are amazing and attentive. They provide you with many different tools to tackle your addiction.
Jenna M.
They are very compassionate, and skilled in what they do. Thr environment they offer makes the experience for everyone involved easier. They helped me in taking the first step with my husband and it isn’t easy but he is working a strong program and I am using the tools and resources they have offered me to cope with his addiction.
Trudy N.
Seven days ago I felt very ill from alcohol withdrawal and more importantly disappointed in my destructing. However, the moment I entered Pathways Recovery I took a deep breath due to the loving greeting of the staff. Their kindness and constant medical care let me heal medically and the beginning of my journey in working through this horrible disease of alcohol addiction. I will miss the staff. The place is like a very clean house and the food is great. I will always be grateful for being there. -Trudy N.
Renee S.
Pathways is an amazing organization! My sons father was having many struggles with addiction.Pathways offered him everything he needed including how to continue sobriety long term after treatment. Thank you Pathways staff for all your support .
Tammy T.
Pathways is an amazing place to go. The staff is very caring, they are all in recovery so they understand the struggles that people go through. Everyone is treated like a person and not a statistic. I would highly recommend Pathways for your loved one that needs help
Renee S.
Pathways is an amazing organization! My sons father was having many struggles with addiction.Pathways offered him everything he needed including how to continue sobriety long term after treatment. Thank you Pathways staff for all your support .

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