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Addiction Treatment Center for Men

Holistic Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center for Men in Northern California

Northern California’s finest men’s only addiction treatment center. Set in a serene and private residential home with fully private and semi-private bedrooms.

We are a comprehensive medically supervised dual diagnosis and holistic drug and alcohol treatment center with a small staff-to-client ratio. Only 6 men at a time are admitted into our private and intimate addiction treatment center.  This allows us to provide a highly customized dual diagnosis addiction treatment approach with a more private feel. You won’t feel lost in the crowd.

Millions of men across the United States are struggling with addiction. Many times the reason they have difficulty getting clean and sober is that they lack the help and support needed by a men’s only rehab. Addiction is a lifelong disease, but with the help of a men’s drug and alcohol rehab center, it is possible to live a life free of addiction.

If you are looking for a men’s addiction treatment program in Sacramento, contact Pathways Recovery today. Pathways Recovery provides comprehensive addiction treatment in Northern California that can help you overcome substance abuse issues.

What to Expect at Our California Men's Only Drug Rehab

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible. When you choose our dual diagnosis addiction treatment center, you become part of the Pathways Recovery family.  Our team of addiction treatment center professionals includes trauma therapy, health and wellness support. We also provide addiction treatment support for families with our family workshops and classes. We have an amazing team of drug and alcohol addiction experts who are compassionate and caring. In addition to a comprehensive clinical  therapy team we also provide a supportive and encouraging personal fitness trainer who supports and encourages you along your recovery journey while coaching you on  how to use exercise to rebuild strength in your mind and body. Your success becomes our goal. We strive to assist you by becoming your long term recovery team so that throughout your recovery journey we are here to help you  live a more meaningful life free from the grip of addiction long after you have left our residential setting.

The number one goal at our men's drug and alcohol rehab is to enable our clients to achieve their maximum potential.

Our Holistic Addiction Treatment Approach

We truly embrace the healing of the Mind, The Body, and the Spirit at our men’s drug rehab center, and we embrace each person as a unique individual with a unique history. The foundation of our addiction treatment approach is a belief that an individual struggling with an addiction thrives in a structured environment with professionals who come full of empathy, compassion, and knowledge on how to truly connect and support a person through the recovery process. You will find this welcoming environment in our drug and alcohol treatment center in Sacramento.

Inside our men’s drug and alcohol treatment center transformation, connection and healing become the focus of our team. A sense of safety, comfort, and compassion combined with a smaller more intimate group of only 6  men at a time creates a setting where each man can feel safe to open up and begin the healing process. Each client has their own comfortable full-size bed with quality bedding. Our inviting and comfortable home is meticulously cleaned and organized. Our on-site personal chef will prepare satisfying and nutrient-dense cuisine.  Our back patio is a serene and private setting that allows each man a safe and private setting to begin the emotional processing and healing that is often times so desperately needed. We offer private bedrooms at a small additional cost if desired. Our men support each other and form lasting bonds that continue long after their stay in our drug and alcohol treatment center.  Your length of stay can be 30 to 90 days depending on the holistic addiction treatment plan developed by our team of addiction treatment counselors. We do permit smoking outside on our back patio but we will help you if you decide you want to quit smoking.

Why Choose Our Men's Specific Drug Rehab in California

The team of addiction recovery experts in our drug and alcohol treatment center Sacramento for men is second to none. We are one of the very few truly holistic addiction treatment programs that exists today. Pathways Recovery recognizes that there are many tools in the toolbox of addiction treatment. During your stay at our drug and alcohol treatment center Sacramento you will be exposed to several types of programs including Alcoholics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery as well as several others. We offer exposure to most all of these programs but do not base our program solely on a 12 step process.  Because of our holistic addiction treatment approach, we believe there is so much more to long term recovery and utilize as many recovery tools as needed to  customize each person’s treatment plan.  The plan you will be presented with at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center will be unique and according to your history and needs.  Addiction is generally a symptom of deeply rooted pain and trauma. We believe each person is unique with a unique past that for some includes grief, trauma, abuse, neglect, mental illness, and low self-esteem.  Most often there is also a family history of addictive behaviors that can span several generations. Our holistic addiction treatment approach will address all of these factors.

Our Addiction Treatment Center Team

  • Dr. Charles Carpenter
    Dr. Charles Carpenter
    Addiction Medicine Doctor
  • Travis Cordero
    Travis Cordero
    Personal Fitness Training
  • Arthur Maglalang CADC
    Arthur Maglalang CADC
    Men's Center Director

Recovery Programs You Can Experience While At Our Men's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Mens support group

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is a non 12 step approach to recovery. Refuge Recovery brings a new way of looking at life. Refuge Recovery believes that training our hearts and minds to see clearly and respond to our lives with understanding and non-harming can free us from addiction.

12 Step Programs

While at our drug and alcohol treatment center our clients will get exposure to traditional 12 step programs like Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  While many programs use the 12 step approach as the cornerstone of the treatment, our holistic treatment approach uses many traditional and non-traditional treatment philosophies to help our clients overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. 12 step meetings are introduced however they are not the foundation of our treatment approach. 

Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery is an international community of peer support groups that help people recover from addictive and problematic behaviors, using a self-empowering and evidence-informed program. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. The SMART approach is secular and research-based.

Substance Abuse in Men

Drug rehab for men is more important than ever, as statistics show that men are more than twice as likely to develop substance abuse problems, particularly opioids. Many factors contribute to the higher rates of alcohol and drug abuse in men, including higher stress levels, higher rates of exposure to drugs and alcohol at an earlier age, and peer pressure to appear more “masculine.” 

Men are more likely to use all types of drugs and to try multiple drugs along the course of their addiction, including illicit drugs, often mixing substances together. 

Many of these factors are also coupled with genetic predispositions for alcohol and drug addiction. This can make it very difficult for men, particularly those in high-pressure environments, to avoid using drugs or alcohol without help and support from a men’s rehab program.

How Does Addiction Impact Men?

Men can face several different impacts as a result of addiction. Though women are just as likely to develop a substance abuse issue, men are more likely to use multiple substances and less likely to seek treatment. This creates a problem where men have severe and prolonged addictions that lead to devastating life consequences. For example, older men are more likely to abuse alcohol than women, and long-term use can lead to kidney and liver damage, organ failure, and eventual death. Similarly, while women have a higher rate of addiction to opioids, the overdose and death rate for men is significantly higher. 

Men are just as likely to develop co-occurring disorders as women but are less likely to seek help for either condition. This can quickly compound the effects of addiction and make it even more challenging to get them help. Additionally, men tend to have fewer ties to family and friends, making it more difficult to persuade them to get help through things like an intervention. Overall, this leads to more poor outcomes in terms of addiction for men than for women, which may explain higher mortality rates across different substances. 

Men are more likely to suffer financial and legal difficulties as well as a result of their drug and alcohol abuse, and because of outside factors, this can have a more significant adverse effect on their life. For these reasons, men’s rehab in Sacramento is more beneficial than standard rehab and more likely to help men get their life back on course after an addiction.

Pathways Recovery is an outpatient rehab in Sacramento. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs for men and how we can help you overcome addiction.

What to Look For in a Men's Rehab Program in Sacramento

The first thing to look for when trying to find a Sacramento men’s rehab is a facility that accepts all types of substance abuse addictions. No matter what type of drug you abuse, it’s important that the rehab center you choose is able to handle it. 

You’ll also want to ensure that they provide a calming and relaxing environment where clients can focus on getting clean and sober. One of the main causes of relapse is being in a stressful environment. 

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the type of care that is provided is personalized to the individual. Some treatment facilities use cookie-cutter programs that don’t work for everyone. To have the best chances of getting and staying sober, you need a plan that is individualized to your unique addiction and specific needs. 

Dr. Charles Carpenter
Addiction Medicine Doctor

Drug and alcohol treatment often focused on just abstinence, but Dr. Carpenter will help you learn how to get to the core root of your substance use disorder. To begin your care at our drug and alcohol treatment center Sacramento for men Dr Carpenter will safely and comfortably get you through the detoxification process and will continue to work with you during your stay in our residential treatment house. Dr Carpenter truly cares about his patients and each person will feel seen and heard.

Travis Cordero
Personal Fitness Training

Exercise is a big part of our holistic addiction treatment approach and with years of personal training experience and a passion for helping people, Travis will educate and physically train each person during their stay at our drug and alcohol treatment center. Travis brings a very positive energy and works with each client in a small semi-private off site gym just a few minutes away from our residential facility. Gym sessions are provided 3 days a week. Clients love this time outside the daily group and individual counseling sessions. Sweating helps process out the toxins and restores sleep patterns much quicker than non-natural methods. You won’t find a lot of restless people in our treatment facility. After a full day of learning and emotional processing and a solid workout, the men in our treatment facility sleep very well.

Arthur Maglalang CADC
Men's Center Director

Art is a certified drug addiction counselor who has been a vital part of the Pathways Recovery clinical team since he first came on board in 2018.  During that time Art‘s steady demeanor has allowed him to connect and build the trust of our clientele unlike many other counselors in the field.  His personal approach to alcohol and drug treatment has helped countless individuals who were seeking to make drastic changes in their lives.