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Treatment Programs

Pathways Recovery Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center In Sacramento CA

Our Treatment Programs

Since 2010, Pathways Recovery has provided addiction treatment services to the Northern California community. Our services include medically supervised detox, men’s and women’s treatment programs, and an intensive outpatient program in Roseville CA Licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services.

Elements of Our Inpatient Detox Services

  • Medically supervised for safety and comfort of the effects of stopping drugs or alcohol 
  • Private rooms available with comfortable full size beds
  • Clinical and Medical support staff to ensure safety and comfort while detoxifying from abused substances 
  • Registered Nurse and medical doctor available 24/7
  • Delicious and Fresh Chef prepared meals  
  • Whole food protein smoothies
  • Individual and group therapy sessions 
  • Certified addiction treatment counselors and Masters level trauma therapy 
  • Yoga and meditation sessions 

Our Dual Diagnosis Program Near Sacramento

Treating the whole Person

Our addiction treatment center located in Roseville area of the Sacramento CA region is a supportive trauma focused addiction treatment rehab center that provides a dual diagnosis whole person centered approach. What does that mean?

It means we have a whole team of clinicians and addiction experts to help each  person learn how to live a healthy life not dependent on using drugs or alcohol.

  • Detox and medical stabilization in a residential drug detox center
  • Trauma Therapy with LENS Neurofeedback,
  • Yoga and Mindfulness
  • 12 Step introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery, 
  • Personal Fitness instructor and gym

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) consists of 3 classes a week for 3 hours each session. 1 individual session and 2 group sessions per week. These classes teach skills on how to live a sober and happy life and identify the core root of an addiction.

Day and Evening sessions are available in our Roseville location at 775 Sunrise Ave.

Our individualized outpatient programs are appropriate for :

  • Anyone who no longer needs detox and can participate in a group setting
  • Individuals who have completed our detox treatment program
  • Recovering addicts who finished residential treatment at another facility
  • Working professionals who need to maintain their work schedule but need help learning sobriety skills and receiving therapy to overcome an addiction.

Pathways Recovery’s counseling services are located at an office separate from our detox facility, in the nearby city of Roseville. All sessions are led by dynamic counselors who are certified by the state of California in the discipline of addiction disorders.

Family Education Group And Individual Counseling Sessions

Need help learning how to help a loved one with an addiction?
We can help.

At Pathways Recovery, we know all too well how deeply one person’s addiction can affect an entire family, as well as how the family often misunderstands alcoholism and drug abuse. Therefore, we offer weekly family education program that is free and open to anyone over age 16 who would like to better understand addiction and how to support a anyone who needs help learning how to help a loved one with a drug or alcohol addiction. The classes are offered once a week at our counseling center in Roseville. We also offer private individual family counseling sessions.

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