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Understanding California’s Homeless Population and Addiction

addiction in california's homeless population

California and homelessness is hardly a novel talking point. For many years, residents and politicians alike have expressed frustration with the growing homeless population and have debated back and forth about public policy that has been proposed in attempts to help the crisis. Many areas of California have become infamous to people even outside the […]

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Codependency in Recovery

codependency in recovery

Getting Through Recovery With Codependent Relationships Recovery is a journey that can have ups and downs every day. Each day in recovery is something that requires a patient’s strength and the ability to count on support from caring treatment staff. Perhaps most overlooked is just how important strong, positive relationships with family and friends are […]

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The Benefits of Long Term Residential Treatment

one day at a time

There are many benefits for long term residential treatment when considering recovery options. Many people struggling with addiction are often faced with options for getting addiction treatment including one-on-one counseling, medically assisted treatment, outpatient or intensive outpatient, and inpatient addiction treatment or residential rehab.  While each individual is unique and the various options for addiction […]

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Can I force my loved one into rehab for their addiction? 

After 10 years of working in the field of addiction treatment I have seen and learned a lot. Every day I receive phone calls from all types of people including many who have a loved one who is spiraling out of control, caught in the cycle of an addiction. An addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, […]

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Understanding Detox And Recovery From Suboxone

Detox And Recovery From Suboxone Addiction and Abuse

When most people think of drug addiction, they think of marijuana, cocaine or heroin. However, prescription drug addictions are more common than ever. Addiction to one prescription drug often leads to other forms of addiction, particularly if your doctor has prescribed a substance to treat your original addiction. Suboxone is one example of a drug […]

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