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Alcohol-Related Emergency Department Visits on the Rise in California

Alcohol Related Emergency Department Visits On the Rise

Across the country, emergency departments (EDs) have experienced greater influxes of alcohol-related incidents, including incidents that result in patients being admitted to the hospital for further treatment.  Each year EDs find themselves dealing with critical and noncritical cases alike. One of the most common reasons to visit an ED, for example, is chest pain. Nevertheless, […]

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A Simple Guide To Meth Mouth and Treatment

A Simple Guide to Meth Mouth and Treatment

When you go to the post office you try to avoid smiling at the clerk as you purchase some stamps. When you go for a walk around your neighborhood you worry neighbors might think you’re rude since you never smile at them. Maybe you feel very relieved that current events let you hide your smile […]

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Understanding California’s Homeless Population and Addiction

addiction in california's homeless population

California and homelessness is hardly a novel talking point. For many years, residents and politicians alike have expressed frustration with the growing homeless population and have debated back and forth about public policy that has been proposed in attempts to help the crisis. Many areas of California have become infamous to people even outside the […]

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Codependency in Recovery

codependency in recovery

Getting Through Recovery With Codependent Relationships Recovery is a journey that can have ups and downs every day. Each day in recovery is something that requires a patient’s strength and the ability to count on support from caring treatment staff. Perhaps most overlooked is just how important strong, positive relationships with family and friends are […]

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