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Admissions Overview

Deciding on Rehab:

What's Next

We understand that you must have a lot of questions about choosing the right addiction treatment program for you. Below is an outline of what to expect through our admissions process as well as links to important pages on our financing options and what to bring to detox and treatment.

1. Verification of Benefits

The first step in the admissions process is to verify your insurance coverage and determine whether there are in- or out-of-network addiction treatment benefits available to you. Click HERE to verify your insurance. Our Admissions Department will review the coverage levels quoted by your insurance provider.

2. Determining Level of Care

Once we have determined if there are insurance benefits on an in- or out-of-network basis, our registered nurse will speak with you. This interview takes about 20 minutes and will allow our treatment team to assess your required level of care, and determine what your individual needs & goals are.

3. Scheduling an Admission

If after speaking with a member of our admissions team it is determined that you meet the clinical criteria, the admissions department will work closely with you on scheduling an admission.

Our Detox And Addiction Treatment Admissions Process

Help is waiting by the phone, 24/7/365, to help you with your admissions process into our drug and alcohol treatment program. When you call, you will speak with an Addiction Counselor who will guide you through a brief and confidential telephone assessment.

When the phone assessment is completed, if the detox treatment team recommends treatment at Pathways Recovery we will schedule an intake appointment for you to come in and reserve a bed. Our bed space is limited. So we may ask you to put a deposit on your space to secure it for your arrival.

You should know what to bring to treatment and what not to bring to treatment. There is a complete list of items listed on this website which you can find by following this link. Our counselors are also available 24/7 to answer any other questions you may have prior to your arrival at Pathways Recovery.

If you’re coming from out of town for a stay in our residential treatment facility, Pathways will arrange to pick you up at the Sacramento airport or downtown at the train station. If you need to be picked up somewhere else in the Sacramento area, we can accommodate that as well.

Detox And Treatment Program Costs

We accept all insurance companies with out-of-network benefits (PPO). Many guests receive a significant number of days covered by their insurance, depending on their plan. Call us with the phone number provided below and have us verify your insurance, then we will contact your insurance company and verify the benefits and maximum coverage, and contact you with how much your insurance will cover and how much needs to be paid out-of-pocket.

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