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Why We Are Unique

Why Choose Pathways Recovery Addiction Treatment Center?

When deciding on who to trust for one of the most important journeys of your life it’s important to consider a few factors.

1. How long will I need to wait to admit?

Addiction is a vicious cycle. Waiting too long could be fatal and left untreated will likely continue to wreak havoc on your physical body, emotional well being, mental health, family and other significant relationships including professional and work relationships.

At Pathways Recovery we often have immediate openings in our addiction treatment center. Bed openings within our residential treatment center usually become available within a few days to a week and sometimes we may have immediate openings. You can call us day or night to find out more about the admission process.

2. We use evidence based addiction treatment modalities

Holistic approach that includes holistic and evidence based addiction treatment modalities by a trained and experienced clinical team who is with you and your family every step of the journey. Our team consists of masters level marriage and family therapists, registered nurse, functional health doctor experienced in addiction and holistic healing and a whole team of compassionate individuals who fully understand addiction and recovery.

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3. We are here to support you long term

When you choose Pathways Recovery, you become part of a recovery community that will be here for you long after you leave our residential levels of care.

4. Quality over quantity

Pathways Recovery offers so much more than your average treatment center. We are more interested in the quality of your experience over a large quantity of patients at any one time so we can truly help you recover. Pathways Recovery focuses on healing your body by providing a significant amount of high quality nutraceuticals to help increase the quality of and speed of your mind and body healing. We provide prepared fresh daily high quality meals along with fresh pressed juices and high quality protein smoothies designed to help your body absorb nutrients that have been so badly depleted from the addiction cycle. No other treatment center has this type of focus. We offer a high staff to client ratio in order to provide a high level of care in our boutique style treatment center settings.