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What To Bring

Comfort is Our Focus

At Our Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

When beginning any addiction treatment program, it’s natural to bring some personal items with you to maximize your comfort. To ensure our clients’ safety and provide a secure, comfortable environment for both patients and staff, there are items that are acceptable in our drug treatment center and items that are not acceptable.

To begin with, all of the personal items you bring into one of our alcohol and drug treatment centers must fit into a carry-on size bag or small suitcase. You may also bring one pillow to have during your stay.

At Pathways Recovery, we strongly believe in the power of nutrition and will provide healthy meals and snacks. We do not usually allow any external food items at our addiction treatment centers, but we will definitely accommodate any special dietary needs. Just be sure to communicate your needs clearly prior to beginning the addiction treatment program.

Items to bring with you to our alcohol and drug treatment center:

  • Appropriate clothing for 7 days. Laundry facilities are available on site.
  • Personal hygiene products that do NOT contain alcohol.
  • Prescription medications you are currently taking. They must be in the original container with the doctor’s name, name of the medication, and dosage instructions. All others will be considered illicit drugs and destroyed on site.
  • Athletic shoes and clothes that you can comfortably move around in.  Footwear is required at all times in our alcohol and drug treatment centers. So include socks, slippers, or flip-flops  to be worn around the residence.
  • Blow dryer.
  • appropriate swimwear for the pool and jacuzzi in our Womens Treatment House 
  • Music playing devices that ARE NOT internet capable are acceptable.
  • **Please note: cell phones will be stored  while in treatment 
  • We encourage you to bring stamps and envelopes for writing letters while in our addiction treatment program.
  • Personal recovery books or other acceptable reading material.
  • Jackets, coats, or sweatshirts during the cooler months.
  • A form of picture identification.
  • Enough cigarettes for one week if you smoke.
  • There will be store outings on Saturdays.
  • A small amount of cash for cigarettes, any extra medication, or miscellaneous items.
  • A smile and a positive attitude to start your journey to the better life you deserve.

Items NOT TO bring with you to our alcohol and drug treatment center:

  • Any drugs, alcohol, or substances that have not been prescribed by a licensed medical professional.
  • ANYTHING containing alcohol or food items that contain sugar as a primary ingredient. This includes soft drinks such as Coke or Pepsi.
  • DO NOT bring personal snacks or any food items that has not been cleared by the addiction treatment staff.
  • DO NOT bring Colognes, perfumes, or body sprays of any kind as addiction treatment may cause sensitivity to these products and can cause nausea.
  • Athletic tank tops, revealing clothing or revealing bathing suits are not allowed at any of our alcohol and drug treatment centers.
  • DO NOT bring Zippo or Butane lighter fuels or any other flammable liquids. Only disposable lighters will be allowed.
  • Any pornographic or sexually explicit material that includes magazines, pictures, and DVDs.
  • Clothing that depicts use, sales, promotion, or advertising of alcohol, drugs, or paraphernalia is prohibited during your addiction treatment program.
  • Weapons of any kind, even pocket knives are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Cameras or any electronic device that contains a camera will beheld in storage upon arrival. It will be returned upon your discharge.
  • Computers or any electronic device that can access the Internet are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Extension cords or power strips are prohibited at our alcohol and drug treatment centers due to the fire code.
  • Automobiles are not allowed at any time. DO NOT drive yourself to your addiction treatment program. If you require transportation to treatment, we can help you.
  • Pets are NOT ALLOWED.

We ask that you please leave any valuable items at home. We can secure some personal items that you will not need during your addiction treatment program, but we have limited storage space at our alcohol and drug treatment centers. Please contact us before your arrival if you have any questions.