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Addiction Treatment for Women

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab Center
for Women, By Women

One of Northern California’s finest women’s only addiction treatment centers

Nestled in the beautiful golden foothills between Roseville CA and Auburn CA, Pathways Recovery is proud to introduce our newest addiction treatment center for women only. Pathways is a women’s only, trauma-focused dual diagnosis addiction treatment center in a luxury boutique residential setting. A trauma-focused holistic healing center for women to begin healing from grief, PTSD, trauma, abuse, depression anxiety and other dual diagnosis issues specific to women.

While addiction can impact anyone, there are trends in substance abuse that trend towards certain demographics. Getting help at a women’s drug and alcohol rehab center can drastically increase the chances of a successful recovery for even women with severe addiction-related issues. In fact, without the proper help and support, it can be difficult to overcome the issues and trauma that led to addiction in the first place.

If you are looking for women’s addiction treatment at a top-rated drug rehab in Sacramento, contact Pathways Recovery today.

How Long Should I Stay in Treatment?

Recovering from an addiction is one of the most challenging yet rewarding accomplishments in your life. If you really want the best chance of overcoming your addiction it’s important to slow the process down and allow your body and brain the time it needs to heal and to allow yourself the time needed to process emotionally and heal. Reprogramming your limiting core beliefs is something that takes time. The traditional 30 day program can work for some people but has a very high rate of relapse if not followed up by solid aftercare.

If you have been struggling with maintaining sobriety after being in a treatment center in the past you likely may need more time. Our mission is to create a new community for you. A new type of family that truly understands you in a way that your friends and family may not have been able to provide for you.

We suggest a minimum of 6 weeks in residential for most people followed by a 6-week intensive outpatient program.  The team at our drug rehab for women will make recommendations that are unique to you as we get to know you and your specific needs and history. As an individualized program, we will build a treatment plan that empowers you to grow and work through.

Our Spacious Luxury Residential Addiction Treatment Setting

Private Rooms Available

Working on resolving trauma through holistic dual diagnosis treatment is a foundational component of the treatment that happens at our women’s addiction treatment center in California.

Services that will be provided to you are:

Substance Abuse Statistics in Women

According to most recent statistics, women have lower overall rates of drug and alcohol abuse as compared to men. In addition, women have fewer instances of emergency instances as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. 

However, women are equally as likely to develop dependence and substance addiction as men. In general, women are less likely to abuse multiple substances and less likely to experience severe reactions as a result of their addiction. 

According to data, women have a higher rate of addiction to prescription medications, particularly opioids. This is thought to be because women have a lower pain threshold than men on average, meaning they are more likely to be prescribed pain-relieving medications and more likely to take them in excess. 

Women who experience trauma or severe injury have higher episodes of coping by using medication, leading to higher rates of addiction. 

One other surprising statistic reports that while older men have higher abuse rates for alcohol, women aged 12 to 20 are more likely to abuse alcohol than men.

How Does Addiction Impact Women?

Women are impacted quite differently from men when it comes to addiction. Firstly, women have been shown to consume drugs or alcohol in lower quantities and less frequently before becoming addicted. This means that once they are regularly exposed to drugs or alcohol, they have a chance to become addicted in less time or with fewer uses than men. 

Some other biological differences impact how women struggle with addiction. For instance, drug addiction can impact things like menstruation, hormone levels, and pregnancy which can drastically alter a woman’s health and potentially endanger a baby if the one is pregnant while using drugs or alcohol. 

Another thing that impacts women differently is that they experience cravings more strongly than men. This can lead them to continue using despite harmful effects and makes women more likely to relapse than men. 

Women are also more likely to deal with co-occurring disorders like anxiety or depression while using certain drugs, making treating the addiction more difficult. This is why finding a women’s rehab in Sacramento is more critical than ever to ensure that a woman has the treatment and support she needs to deal with the underlying issues that lead to addiction and cope with the addiction’s side effects. 

Addiction is a lifelong battle, but there is hope through proper treatment and support. Contact Pathways Recovery today to learn more about how to find addiction treatment in Northern California.

What to Look For in a Women's Rehab Center

If you’re looking for women’s rehab, then you’ll want to find one that knows how to deal with the unique issues that women with addiction face. Trauma, abuse, pregnancy, and other issues all have to be dealt with in their own way to overcome an addiction, and the first step is to find a rehab center that knows this. 

You’ll also want a calm, quiet, and relaxing setting. The goal of treatment is to focus on recovery and learning how to cope with the problems that caused the addiction in the first place. That’s why the best women’s rehab center is one that is warm, safe, and inviting. 

Lastly, you want to ensure that the rehab center you choose gives you personalized care. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to addiction, and so the treatment you receive should be personalized to you. 

Our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Sacramento is an outpatient rehab program in Northern California that provides customized treatment to fit your needs.