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The Whole Person Approach to Addiction Treatment

At Pathways Recovery we treat addiction as a symptom of an underlying condition that is generally rooted in unresolved trauma, PTSD or some type of attachment disorder. Most clients admitted into our program generally have an abuse cycle that has contributed to their substance use disorder (SUD) ultimately leading to them becoming physically dependent on alcohol and drugs. For most of our clients, the use of substances has become their means of self medicating and coping with past or even current traumatic events.

At our holistic addiction treatment centers we focus on addressing underlying mental health issues associated with trauma and abuse that can lead to substance use disorders (SUD). Drug and alcohol addiction is not selective when it comes to who it impacts, and there is no single cause that contributes to a person becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. We also admit individuals into our addiction treatment program that have a physical dependence on substances but who do not identify as an alcoholic or drug addict. For this unique situation our holistic addiction treatment centers provide the clinical support required to medically stabilize an individual while they withdraw from substances like prescription pain medications. At Pathways Recovery we look beyond the substance abuse and physical dependence that comes with addiction and work with our clients to get on the road to recovery and a life free of drug and alcohol addiction.

The staff at our holistic addiction treatment centers include a Medical Team, Masters level clinicians, drug and alcohol counselors, and caring supportive staff. Your care management team of experienced addiction treatment professionals will provide 24/7 support while at our holistic addiction treatment centers to ensure a safe and effective environment of care. Pathways Recovery has been taking care of individuals in need of addiction treatment in the Sacramento area for over 8 years. Our licensed residential treatment centers are located on the I80 corridor in the foothills of the Sierra. We provide a safe environment that focuses on the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) At Our Holistic Treatment Centers

No matter what form your substance use disorder (SUD) has taken, medically assisted treatment (MAT) is usually the first step in the recovery process. This process is typically referred to as drug detox or alcohol detox, and our caring staff of trained addiction treatment professionals will make sure your withdrawal symptoms will be clinically managed to lessen the effects of the drug detox or alcohol detox. Withdrawal symptoms can oftentimes be life threatening. So it is critical that you enlist the help of experienced addiction treatment professionals when beginning your recovery. Pathways Recovery will provide this for you or your loved one at our holistic addiction treatment centers.

Once through the drug detox or alcohol detox, our staff of addiction treatment professionals will begin working with you to uncover the root cause or causes of your substance use disorder (SUD). This will be done through group sessions and focused one-on-one counseling. As part of your treatment plan, you will also be required to complete tasks and assignments designed to help you help yourself. And during your stay at our holistic addiction treatment centers, your family will also be provided with resources to help them understand the nature of addiction, trauma, and how it can impact not only the individual but the family as well. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment strives to heal not only our clients but also the people who will be in their support network after you leave our treatment center.

We Treat Various Types of Addiction at Pathways Recovery

At Pathways Recovery our individualized, holistic addiction treatment programs enable us to address a wide range of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses. Our medical staff will develop an addiction treatment plan that uniquely meets each client’s needs. Prior to admission to one of our holistic addiction treatment centers each client is assessed by the medical staff for their physical and mental well being. This ensures that each client is suitable for drug detox or alcohol detox and does not need a higher level of care. Many addiction treatment programs leave this initial step out, and the results end up being tragic. Our client’s health and well-being is paramount and any client deemed by the medical staff to need a higher level of care will quickly be referred to another facility where that level is available, even to the point of calling 911 if necessary.

Upon admittance our medically assisted treatment (MAT) provides 24-hour-a-day support and ready access to the medical staff if needed. This ensures you or your loved one’s safety and comfort during the drug detox or alcohol detox and helps us manage withdrawal symptoms as comfortably as possible. Pathways Recovery is a fully capable, medically assisted treatment (MAT) program, offering the following detox programs to our clients which can be combined with dual diagnosis addiction treatment when necessary:

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