Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program, Roseville CA 

Intensive Outpatient Program

Group outpatient treatment program

Whether you are looking for a more affordable alternative to inpatient addiction treatment or a way to continue the treatment you’ve received at an inpatient facility, the outpatient rehab location offers alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs at Pathways Recovery. Our staff of certified counselors has the training, experience and wisdom regarding addiction and proper treatment to keep clients on the road to recovery within a structured outpatient drug treatment program at our outpatient rehab Sacramento. Each individual’s path to recovery is different, and our counselors customize treatment for each client accordingly. Our Outpatient addiction treatment Intensive Outpatient program schedule  consists of 3 group sessions on Monday Wednesday and Friday evenings and 1 individual session is scheduled per week.

Why Choose our Outpatient Rehab Sacramento Program?

For most beginning the journey of recovery from an addiction, an initial stay in an inpatient addiction treatment facility will only be the beginning of the journey to sobriety. Outpatient treatment programs are an excellent way to ease back into normal life while still maintaining the continuity and support of treatment.

Our intensive Outpatient Treatment Program lasts a minimum of 6 weeks with a variety of options when it comes to the frequency of outpatient addiction treatment as well as the duration of outpatient drug or alcohol rehab. If you need reports filed with a legal agency, outpatient drug rehab centers can accommodate that as well.

If you don’t think that inpatient addiction treatment is right for you, either due to the cost of treatment or the time away from work or family, then outpatient treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction may be a good alternative. You’ll find an outpatient treatment program to be a very affordable option for your rehabilitation, and your sessions can be scheduled around your other commitments, whether they be personal or work-related.

Services Offered at Our Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Sacramento Center

The outpatient addiction treatment program at Pathways Recovery primarily consists of group therapy and various forms of counseling. Each session is led by a dynamic counselor in either a group or one-on-one setting. The counseling and educational activities offered in our drug and alcohol rehab Sacramento program include:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy
    • Drugs of Abuse
    • Identifying high risk situations
    • Codependency
    • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
    • Mood Management
    • Family Systems and understanding Family Dynamics
    • Developing a Sober Support System
    • Relapse Preventions Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Trauma and Childhood PTSD
    • Management of negative emotions and feelings
    • Anger Management
  • Family education classes

Clients will either be prescribed to participate in some or all of the above activities for the duration of their outpatient treatment. Our treatment plans are always customized to the individual client, so which activities and how often the client should participate in them will depend on his or her recovery needs and substance abuse history. An intake assessment prior to starting outpatient substance abuse treatment will help us determine the right course of action.

Our Sacramento Rehabilitation Center’s Highly Qualified Staff

outpatient rehabPathways Recovery’s outpatient treatment program, based in the Sacramento suburb Roseville, is staffed by highly skilled counselors who have all been certified by the state of California in addiction disorders and accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Our counselors have extensive experience in substance abuse treatment and the science of addiction, and they care deeply about each client’s progress in recovery. Our counseling staff has helped us build a reputation as one of the most effective outpatient drug rehab centers in the Sacramento, CA area.

If you or someone you love is considering seeking formal drug or alcohol help, there is no time like the present to begin researching all options. An outpatient treatment program might be the most fitting choice for your situation.

If you’re looking for effective outpatient alcohol or drug rehab near Sacramento, look no further than Pathways Recovery.

Outpatient rehab services are provided by Residential Addiction Specialists who are certified by the state of California in addiction treatment and substance abuse counseling.

We are a Sacramento based drug and alcohol detox center, Drug and Alcohol treatment center , and Outpatient Rehab Center. We have program locations in Northern California serving areas in Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Loomis, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Grass Valley, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Davis. To find out more how we can help call our Drug and Alcohol Addiction center anytime 24/7 at 916-235-9253 for a confidential consultation. We can verify insurance coverage and benefit information in about an hour and can get the process of admission to our addiction treatment center started quickly. When you need an addiction treatment center who provides high quality care quickly give us a call. It would be our pleasure to assist you.