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Family Addiction Recovery Education Classes in Roseville, CA

No one is born learning how to deal with addiction in their family. We can provide the help needed to cope and heal.

Dealing with addiction is hard and the ability to cope with it in a healthy way is a skill that must be learned and put into practice, every day. When someone in our family or another loved one has struggles with addiction it can be easy to fall into the “I’m going to fix them” mindset.

The truth is, it’s not up to you to “fix” them, but there are a lot of ways that families can help. For example, participation in Family Education Programs like ours here at Pathways Recovery in Roseville, California can be a big step in the right direction.

Most of the time, when we think about addiction, we think of the struggles that the person with the addiction goes through. While this is undoubtedly true, their family may also struggle due to their substance abuse as well. Addiction can tear apart families and ruin relationships. Rebuilding what was lost can be incredibly difficult without help and support. Family therapy is a type of treatment that is available during rehab to help families cope with the struggles of living with someone with an addiction.

If you are searching for a Sacramento family therapy program, contact Pathways Recovery today. Pathways Recovery provides comprehensive therapy and addiction treatment in Northern California.

Family therapy is designed with more than one person in mind.

It capitalizes on the relationships and experiences of all family members. When combined with individual therapy that prioritizes the thoughts and behaviors of a single person, it can lead to some big breakthroughs. There is a large opportunity when in recovery to make the most out of family programs, especially since addiction treatment can encompass so much of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

For example, it can be a time to address issues between people alongside addressing issues from within. Family therapy and our family education program make it an aim of treatment to address the cycle of addiction from a unique perspective. We can address issues that lurk beneath the surface and exist in family interactions. This can be especially helpful when the family is often trying to adopt the role of detective and can make the individual with addiction feel like they are fugitives, leading to lying, sneaking and other negative behaviors.

In addition to education about substance use for the whole family, our program works to help family members to reduce their unhelpful behavior. Our team helps identify new skills, techniques and approaches to confront problems in a healthy and helpful way.

Our goal is to help family members understand that while the person struggling with addiction is responsible for their own recovery, the family CAN play a big role in the recovery process as well. Addiction in the family strains relationships people become anxious, mistrustful, tired and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness can set in.

Our family education program is taught by highly experienced addiction professionals. We offer guidance and support on understanding how addiction affects families. We also help navigate the many questions of what to do and how to handle addiction in the family and or with loved ones.

At Pathways Recovery, we believe that family work is essential to the long term success in breaking the addictive cycle in the family. The individual struggling with addiction is not usually the only one struggling. Behind them are parents, children, friends, partners, professional colleagues all who have watched the suffering, have felt helpless, and struggled with their own depression or anxiety related to being involved in the addicted system.

Therapeutic and community support is highly recommended for family and friends with loved ones struggling with addiction. While your daughter, girlfriend, wife, sister, or friend is in our program, we recommend you seeking your own support through an individual therapist or Al-Anon.

Our team understands that relapses are less likely to occur if the family works on their own recovery as a whole unit. We support on the healing and reunification of the family through ongoing family education, couples therapy sessions and family therapy sessions. Our goal through family systems work is to change

unhealthy and habitual relational patterns. We lay the groundwork for those involved in their loved one’s treatment by providing education on addiction, co-occurring issues, co-dependency, and family systems, while identifying tools to use for their own support and recovery.

If you would like recommendations of professionals or support groups, please feel free to contact our team.

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Our Family Therapy And Education Program: Who, What, When, Where

Without help, addiction can totally destroy family life and cause lasting damage to relationships between members. Without healing, the addictive cycle will likely manifest in future generations. This is why family therapy is so important, it’s just one step closer to not only healing your loved one who is struggling with addiction, but healing the whole family as well.

Come and learn how to help heal the addiction in your family:


Weekly family education classes taught by a variety of individuals on our counseling team.


Our team covers many aspects of addiction including:

  • Signs and symptoms of an addiction
  • How to handle relapse
  • How to help a loved one with an addiction seek help
  • What is codependency
  • Should I let him/her live with me?
  • How much should I help him/her
  • How do drugs and alcohol affect the brain
  • Family Roles
  • Healthy Detachment


Pathways Recovery Counseling Center – 775 Sunrise Ave, Suite 210, Roseville, CA 95661

Currently online weekly on Tuesday nights! Call us to obtain the zoom link for this weekly meeting.


Family Education Program. Tuesday evening: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM


This is a FREE class to anyone who would like to learn more about how to support a loved one struggling with an addiction.

Why is Addiction Called a Family Disease? ​

You may have heard people say that addiction is a family disease. This common phrase can have multiple levels of meaning. Not only can substance abuse issues run in the family, especially from parent to child, but one person’s addiction issues can also have a tremendous impact on the family unit as a whole. The health problems, mood swings, and legal and financial difficulties can all be shared by the family. Since addiction is a lifelong disease, that means the family also has to deal with it as well. 

Another reason the family is affected by the disease is that it can often be extremely difficult to get a loved one the help they need for their addiction. As a person spirals down, getting increasingly addicted, more parts of their life start to fall apart. Relationships are damaged, trust is lost, and even people who are closest to you can become estranged. 

A family therapy rehab program in Sacramento can be the key to rebuilding relationships and healing the damage that addiction has done.

What is Family Addiction Treatment?

Family addiction treatment is a treatment service that works to resolve ongoing conflicts and issues affecting the family. This program works by bringing members of the family for counseling and therapy sessions. 

The goal of these sessions is to work through existing issues that have been caused by the loved one’s addiction. By working with a therapist and addressing the issues, the hope is to reopen the lines of communication so that the family can communicate in a healthy manner about problems that may arise. 

Conflict resolution is a significant part of the process, but there are also aspects of emotional rebuilding as the therapy helps families work through complex emotions that exist as a result of living with someone with an addiction. Understanding these emotions and how they impact the recovery process makes it easier to develop better coping skills and improve relationships on a holistic level. This therapy works not only in traditional family conflicts but also in marital issues, grief, trauma, and parenting issues.

Family therapy allows the entire family to be a part of the addiction treatment process. This not only adds an extra layer of support to the person going through rehab, but it gives the family members perspective and resources to learn how to help their loved one on the path to sobriety. Just like addiction is a family disease, it takes a family to overcome it.

What to Look For in a Family Therapy Program

If you’re looking for a family therapy program in Sacramento, then it is important to keep your family’s goals in mind. What issues are you trying to work through? What particular types of support do you need to overcome these issues? How can family therapy help support your loved one in rehab? 

The right family treatment program will be able to answer all of these questions and provide a place for healing and recovery that brings the family back together. Each situation is different and requires a different approach, so the program you enroll in should have an individualized treatment plan for each member of the family. 

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