Proper nutrition and supplementation during drug and alcohol detox.

At Pathways Recovery Drug Rehab , located in the Sacramento region of California, we understand how important it is to nourish the much depleted body and brain during the drug and alcohol detox process. Proper diet and supplementation makes a substantial difference in the ability to heal and rid the body of the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol. Our clients find the detox process much easier with our meals and supplementation. A hungry malnourished brain is an impaired brain. 

At Pathways Recovery Drug Rehab Sacramento we prepare nutritious and delicious meals that are designed with the recovering addict in mind. Nutrient dense meals that are high in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Each day begins with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. We prepare protein smoothies with fresh ingredients daily and offer plenty of healthy snacks and beverages to help restore the body and brain back to a healthy state.

Our focus at Pathways Recovery is to have you eating and sleeping as quickly and regularly as possible. Often times these simple yet vitally important human functions are deeply impaired during drug and alcohol addiction. We recognize the need for proper diet to help restore the body back to a healthy state as quickly as possible. Often times, a good nights rest can make all the difference in the world and can contribute to someone making better choices for their continued journey of recovery. When we feel physically well, we have more able to understand what we are learning about recovery.

High Quality Amino Acid Nutritional Supplements by Pacific Biologic

Pathways Recovery is proud to use high quality amino acid nutritional supplements by Pacific Biologic for all those who come for detox in our facility.
Proper diet and supplementation is an important part of addiction recovery. Neurotransmitters in the brain are made we encourage our clients to continue with after discharge.
Pacific Biologic has designed supplements with high quality amino acids and much more to help facilitate the healing process of the brain and body.

Click here for more information about the Pacific Biologic supplements that we use.

Our brains also need healthy fats. We use Omega 3 supplements and include food such as fresh salmon, avocado and chia seeds to help replenish the brain and body.
Each day begins with nutrient dense protein smoothies with lots of whole food nutrition. We also use a masiticating juicer machine to juice fresh lemons, spinach and apples. Juicing is a fabulous way to help heal the body. Micronutrients and enzymes are released for easy absorption when they are juiced.

Watch this video for more information about the health benefits of juicing.

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