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Women’s FAQs

Women’s Program FAQ

The underlying factors that are responsible for addiction can be different for women than they are for men because society’s expectations for women can be different than they are for men.  For instance society does not expect men to bear children but this can be a big source of stress for some women. Women experience a great deal of sexual trauma and abuse so it is important for them to have a safe secure treatment center where they can relax and feel safe and cared for. 

NIDA states that “research has shown that women use drugs differently, respond to drugs differently, and can have unique obstacles to effective treatment as simple as not being able to find child care or being prescribed treatment that has never been adequately tested on women.”  They also report that women may be more susceptible to craving and relapse.

The pool and hot tub is an amenity the women’s facility has. Our women’s facility is more on the luxurious side. Our modern farmhouse style home is  situated on 5 private acres in the country. We provide hairdryers, bathrobes and essential oil hand soaps, cotton swabs and the little extras that you would find in a 4-5 star hotel. Our upgraded beds are comfortable and cozy with upgraded Vera Wang sheets and upscale bedding. Plush towels. The decor and cleanliness in our home will make you feel welcome and comfortable. We also provide a reverse osmosis water filtration system. There is a large amount of space inside and outside our home for anyone who wants quiet time to journal and reflect. You will not feel crowded in our beautiful spacious home.

The staff is made up entirely of women most of whom are in recovery from addiction.  So they are better able to relate to the female clients because they have walked a similar path and been faced with the same stressors that women are presented with in life.  Additionally the programming is tailored to women’s issues, common trauma amongst women  and the needs of women. Our clinical director is trained in trauma healing modalities such as EMDR and other types of trauma healing modalities that are implemented when appropriate for each client. We provide an individualized approach to healing. 

We wake up early to get a good jump on the day! Carpe Diem!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared daily for you. Our group room is private and cozy with comfortable lounging chairs and cozy blankets for each person.  

Yoga classes are conducted in a beautiful offsite yoga studio with Gabrielle.  Our private gym classes are also conducted at an off site location nearby and are just for our women taught by a woman who understands addiction and recovery. After a good workout you return to the treatment facility for more group classes and individual therapy is scheduled throughout the day.