Licensed Sacramento Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Integrated Holistic and Clinical Detox Treatment Services

Do you have a loved one struggling with heroin, alcohol, prescription drug addiction, or other addictions? Are you personally struggling with addiction and ready to change your life? We’re here to help.

Pathways Recovery offers you a prime opportunity to overcome drug or alcohol addiction through integrative and holistic detox recovery services. Our licensed drug and alcohol detox center near Sacramento, California specializes in opiate and prescription drug detoxification with a personalized approach. Detoxing the body from all harmful substances is the first step toward a successful recovery.

Over the years, we have slowly tweaked and perfected our signature service: Alcohol and Drug Detox. We make this delicate time comfortable for newly-recovering individuals by offering a 3:1 staff-to-client ratio, fresh protein smoothies and fruit juices, amino acid supplements, nutrient-rich meals, aromatherapy and more. Detox clients can also spend their down time relaxing in our pool and Jacuzzi.

Not only do we help cleanse the body and rid it of harmful substances and toxins, we also help educate on coping mechanisms for substance use triggers. We strongly believe in educating family members during the detox and recovery process so there’s a firm understanding of addiction triggers and how to cope.

We are here to help you transform your life through individualized substance abuse detoxification, addiction therapy, family support, and outpatient treatment. Call today to begin a life transformation.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Pathways Recovery provides residential (inpatient) drug and alcohol detox treatment with a focus on healing the mind, body and spirit. Our detox facility, located near Sacramento, California, offers private and peaceful living conditions with a 24/7 medical staff on site.
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Addiction Counseling Services

Pathways Recovery offers individual and group counseling sessions in a comfortable and private setting. Each session is led by an experienced therapist that is trained to address addiction and co-occurring disorders, family systems, codependency and much more.
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Family Education Program

Here at Pathways Recovery, we proudly offer a family support and education program for each member of an addict’s family, no matter their age. We know addiction impacts the whole family, so we also know how important it is to educate and support the loved ones of an addict.
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Assessment and Referral

Your first call to Pathways will include a confidential, over-the-phone assessment to see how soon you would need to come in for treatment, if at all. If you qualify for our program, the admissions process moves pretty quickly to get you here as soon as possible.
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