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  • Excellent service. Very professional staff and comfortable place.

    Michael G.
  • Pathways is an amazing organization! My sons father was having many struggles with addiction.Pathways offered him everything he needed including how to continue sobriety long term after treatment. Thank you Pathways staff for all your support .

    Renee S.
  • Pathways is an amazing place to go. The staff is very caring, they are all in recovery so they understand the struggles that people go through. Everyone is treated like a person and not a statistic. I would highly recommend Pathways for your loved one that needs help

    Tammy T.
  • The day I decided to go into recovery my family and I stumbled upon this place and it immediately felt right. The staff was super nice and made the experience easy. They even referred me to a rehab that was also a major factor in my recovery. I highly recommend pathways.

    The S.
  • Pathways is a safe, comfortable, and effective program. The staff is amazing. The personal attention given to each client and their family at Pathways is extremely rare to find.

    Joseph J.
  • Pathways is an amazing place. Everyone that works there gave me lifelong tools to take with me as I start my new chapter in life. I left Pathways with the confidence, love and treatment plan to stay on a sober path in life. I highly recommend Pathways for anyone looking to do the same❤️

    Krysta M.
  • Pathways is an amazing place with an amazing staff. The attention to detail in regards to recovery is top notch. The holistic approach of not only focusing on recovery but nutrition and strengthening the body mind and soul is to be commended. I would and have recommended Pathways to many people in my travels.

    Jim M.
  • 5 star rating

    Pathways is an amazing and life changing experience. They provide you with with all the care you need through some of the toughest times in your life. All the counselors are amazing and attentive. They provide you with many different tools to tackle your addiction.

    Jesse H.
  • 5 star rating

    Pathways was really great when I needed to get my sons father in quickly. They helped him feel really comfortable when he had been so scared about beginning to get sober. They were so caring and helped him feel relaxed and comfortable during the scariest time of his life. I'm so thankful to all of the wonderful staff at Pathways ! New beginnings are ahead.

    Renee S.
  • 5 star rating

    Very grateful for all the professional people that have helped me grow and learn so much more about myself and the journey of recovery.

    Dani S.
  • 5 star rating

    Pathways Recovery provides very caring and professional treatment. The level of care is beyond exceptional with supportive staff. Definitely recommend for anyone seeking treatment for themselves or loved ones. Five Stars!

    Chris B.
  • 5 star rating

    Great place for Detox and Treatment center Scotty's house. The staff are all great.

    Danny S.


Northern California’s Finest Men’s Only Addiction Treatment Center


Addiction can catch you off guard. Nobody expects that it will happen to a brother, a son, a husband—or maybe it’s you that is struggling. Pathways Recovery is here to support every man who enters into our treatment programs. 

We know that the men who seek help from our program are unique individuals who work hard at their jobs or managing their businesses. They just need a helping hand to get back on track to a healthier future. This future is achievable. People with substance use disorders can transform their lives and become mentally and physically healthier. They can rebuild and maintain peaceful and positive family relationships; all it takes is some support and assistance. Here at Pathways Recovery, you can break the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction and begin a new, better life.

We offer a private and safe residential drug and alcohol detox center with inpatient programming designed for men in all stages of life. At Pathways Recovery we understand that some individuals, including the men in our program may feel uncertain about opening up in unfamiliar environments with unfamiliar people due to social anxieties or pressures.

In order to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible, our 24-hour support with medication-assisted treatment takes place in our cozy, secure home setting. Our residential program is also limited to a small group of six men at a time to maximize security and ensure individualized recovery plans and attention for every individual.

Our compassionate and dedicated addiction care team is made up of wonderful counselors who will support you or your loved one around the clock in our homey facility. While you are at our facility, our team will be a new kind of family: one that, yes, helps you break free from addiction, but also, cares for you as a whole individual person with strengths and weaknesses beyond addiction.

When Detox Is Needed

At the beginning of treatment, you will begin your detoxification treatment. During this time, you will not only have access to our Master’s-level addiction counselors, but our experienced medical team made up of a medical doctor and nurse who will provide medication-assisted treatment so that you can experience a safe and comfortable detoxification. All clients will also have access to special detox nutrition and eat a diet of superfood snacks and meals. Detox is only the first step towards improved nutrition in your life beyond your residential treatment.

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Program

During our residential treatment you can expect therapies based on a variety of therapeutic disciplines to meet your individual needs. In addition to deciphering the roots of an addiction habit, we believe in treating the whole person. Understanding addiction habits and learning the tools to live an addiction-free life go beyond just staying substance-free.

Instead, you will experience a variety of activities designed to promote overall wellness in multiple aspects of your life. We invite all of our clients to learn about the importance of nutrition (including healthy eating habits), physical wellness, and spirituality in leading a healthy life in the future. In order to promote well-rounded and balanced living, we offer the usual programming that consists of professional therapy and counseling, but we combine this programming with more recreational activities such as meditation, physical activity at the gym, and short outings.

Continuing the Recovery Journey With Outpatient Programming

After residential treatment, we are here for additional support through our intensive outpatient treatment program. At this time, we are pleased to accept both men and women into our outpatient program to ensure that those in our community who need support get the structured therapy they need. Through outpatient treatment programs clients can look more closely at internal struggles and challenges in everyday life that could pose an obstacle to continued sobriety.

You can rest easy knowing that admission into our drug and alcohol detox center is a simple and approachable process. With a single phone call we can answer all of your questions and get the process of admission scheduled promptly.

If you, or a loved one could benefit from holistic, individualized addiction treatment, don’t hesitate to make the call today! Through treatment, you can rebuild your family relationships and lead a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

Make that life-changing call today at (916) 713-3582.

Pathways Recovery is a Life changing experience. All the counselors are caring and very good at there jobs. They provide you with many different tools for your recovery and focus on your physical health as well. The house isn't over crowded so they can focus on helping you.


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