Medically Supervised  Addiction Treatment Center 

Pathways Recovery provides medication assisted treatment in our drug and alcohol detox center. Our private and warm residential setting will help you break free from addictive substances. Admission can be quick and easy. Call us today.

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Addiction Treatment Center

Pathways Recovery addiction treatment center now offers a men’s addiction treatment center for 28 to 90 days. #1 mens only addiction treatment center in N California. private rooms, fitness trainer in addition to an outstanding drug and alcohol addiction program. Small client to staff ratio.
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Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Pathways Recovery provides an Intensive outpatient drug rehab program in Roseville California. 3 evenings a week we  provide group and individual counseling for those that are suitable for outpatient  level of care. Contact us for more information.
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Family Education Program

Here at Pathways Recovery Drug Rehab Center in Sacramento CA , we proudly offer a family support and education program for each member of an addict’s family, no matter their age. We know addiction impacts the whole family, so we also know how important it is to educate and support the loved ones of an addict.
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Drug and Alcohol Detox Center & Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Center Sacramento California.

We are here to support you. Break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction and begin a new life free from the chains of addiction. Private and safe residential drug and alcohol detox center for men and women. Pathways Recovery provides supportive 24 hour support with medication assisted treatment in a private and safe home setting. Admission into our drug and alcohol detox center can be a quick and easy process. With a simple phone call we can answer all of your questions and get the process of admission scheduled quickly.

Our compassionate and caring addiction treatment counselors support and care for you around the clock in our drug and alcohol detox center. We know how hard it is to seek help for drug and alcohol addiction. You don't have to suffer alone. We provide a team of addiction treatment center experts that include an experienced medical team including masters level addiction counselors, medical doctor and nurse to provide medication assisted treatment during detox so that you experience a safe and comfortable detoxification off of any addictive substances while in our drug and alcohol detox center.

Our goal is for you to become a part of the Pathways Recovery family as we help you break free from drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about our Drug and Alcohol Detox Center, how to set up a payment plan for addiction treatment center fees and how admission into our drug and alcohol detox center works. Learn why it’s important to follow up drug and alcohol detox with a solid plan for ongoing addiction treatment in either an inpatient addiction treatment center or an intensive outpatient addiction treatment center . We will help you create a solid plan for ongoing sobriety so you can relax and know that we are here to support you now and through this process into a life free from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction.

We also provide:

  • Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center Sacramento
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program
  • Men's Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center Sacramento
  • Intervention services
  • Family Addiction Workshop

We are here to help you transform your life through individualized substance abuse detoxification, addiction therapy, family support, and outpatient treatment in Sacramento California . Call today to begin a life transformation.

Addiction Treatment Center Sacramento

Northern California’s Finest mens only addiction treatment center.

Set in a serene and private residential home with fully private and semi-private bedrooms. We are a comprehensive dual diagnosis and holistic drug and alcohol treatment center with a small staff to client ratio. Only 6 men are admitted into our private and intimate addiction treatment center at a time. This allow us to provide a highly customized addiction treatment approach. You won’t feel lost in the crowd. Our addiction treatment team provides you with a great deal of personal attention. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible. When you choose our dual diagnosis addiction treatment center, you become part of the Pathways Recovery family.

Our team of addiction treatment center professionals includes trauma therapy, psychiatry, health and wellness support. We also provide addiction treatment support for families with our family workshops and classes. We have an amazing team of drug and alcohol addiction experts who are compassionate and caring. In addition to a comprehensive clinical therapy team we also provide a supportive and encouraging personal fitness trainer who supports and encourages you along your recovery journey while coaching you on how to use exercise to rebuild strength in your mind and body. Your success becomes our goal. We strive to assist you by becoming your long term recovery team so that throughout your recovery journey we are here to help you live a more meaningful life free from the grip of addiction long after you have returned to your life. 

Learn more about our addiction treatment center for men. For many a drug and alcohol addiction stems from undiagnosed mental health issues. When these issues go untreated, it often leads to drug or alcohol addiction as people attempt to self-medicate. That’s why we include psychiatric care and trauma therapy at our addiction treatment center so that the untreated depression, anxiety or other mental health issues can be addressed to help improve the chance of long term sobriety. At Pathways Recovery we believe that a good quality addiction treatment center should include a comprehensive group of addiction recovery tools because each person's life experience is unique and each person's drug and alcohol recovery needs are different.

We are located in Northern California, in a quiet suburb of Sacramento California . Our drug and alcohol detox center and addiction treatment center are located in safe and quiet residential neighborhoods in a suburb of Sacramento California. If you, or a loved one requires urgent addiction treatment center professionals, please don’t wait!

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Make that life saving call today at 916-735-8377.