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High Quality Addiction Treatment Center in the Beautiful Foothills of N.California

Pathways Recovery, nestled in the beautiful foothills of Northern California in Roseville, provides gender specific dual diagnosis addiction treatment for men and women. Our holistic addiction recovery approach helps to improve long term outcomes by focusing on whole person healing.

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Holistic Individualized Approach to Addiction Treatment

The team at our drug rehab near Sacramento provides care and support at any stage of the addiction cycle. From alcohol and drug detox to residential addiction treatment or outpatient addiction treatment, our highly experienced, interdisciplinary team consists of a caring and supportive medical staff, masters level clinical team, certified drug and alcohol counselors, and 24 hour support staff. Each member of our team is very knowledgeable in addiction and the recovery process based on training and experience.

Our addiction treatment team also includes a functional health medical director, physical fitness instructor, trauma informed yoga teacher, and an executive chef trained in healing through nutrition. With a deep understanding of addiction and recovery our team will help you rebuild your mind, body and spirit from the inside out.


- Gabor Mate

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Trauma informed clinical care team and 24/7 support staff.​

We see addiction as the symptom of a deeper need for healing. We utilize evidence based addiction treatment tools to help each person heal their mind, body and spirit from the deeply rooted trauma and relational issues causing a damaged relationship with one’s own self.​

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Private luxury accommodations allow us to focus on quality vs. quantity.

If you are looking for an addiction treatment center with a more peaceful private setting combined with high quality experienced staff providing care to a small number of clients at a time, our drug and alcohol rehab in Roseville may be the right fit for you.

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We include family and loved ones in our addiction treatment center approach.

The whole family is affected by the vicious devastating cycle of addiction. The research shows that when the family is included in the healing process long term outcomes are greatly improved. We offer support to the family through our family program as well as including appropriate loved ones in the therapeutic process.

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Gender Specific Drug Rehabs in Roseville
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Luxury Addiction Treatment Center for Women

Providing care for only 8 women at a time.

Addiction Treatment
Center for Men

Providing care for only 6 men at a time.

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What is a Holistic Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

For most people, the abuse of drugs or alcohol is a form of self-medication driven by an underlying mental health disorder. In the past, addictions and mental illnesses were considered two separate issues that couldn’t be treated together. This unfortunate misconception has led many people to not receive the treatment they need to overcome their addiction. When only about 11% of the people who need substance abuse treatment receive it, the development of a new type of treatment is a significant advancement.

Dual diagnosis treatment is an integrated approach that seeks to explore and address a person’s co-occurring substance use disorder as well as any underlying physical and mental health issues they may have. In many cases depression and anxiety can be exacerbated by a diet high in refined carbohydrates leading to insulin resistance and overwhelming anxiety. By implementing methods to reduce inflammation in the brain, body, and gut the nervous system will begin to heal the highly dysregulated state. We teach an individual how to implement these modalities and self-care techniques once they leave our residential treatment setting.

Most other treatment settings and models essentially ignore the body & brain connection and attempt to treat the addiction only. This approach often ignores the many ways mental illness influences addiction. Even now, many addiction treatment programs don’t treat people with a dual diagnosis because it requires a more individualized plan.

Dual diagnosis treatment’s more holistic approach addresses critical factors that could reduce a person’s chance for a successful recovery. At our Sacramento drug and alcohol rehab, we believe a dual diagnosis approach is the key to long-term recovery.

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