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What Are the Benefits of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

What Are the Benefits of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

Research shows that long-term residential substance treatment yields high treatment success rates (i.e., in one research study, about 68% to 71% of clients remained sober). Therefore, there’s no denying there are many benefits of inpatient rehab, especially when it comes to long-term care. 

As an addict looking for potential treatment programs, knowing which treatment program is right for you can be difficult. Although a variety of treatment programs, from outpatient care, to partial hospitalization, residential treatment, and more, can be great to accommodate recovering addicts wherever they may be in their recovery journey. All these options can make it difficult to know which treatment program is right for your unique needs. In this post, you’ll learn all about the different benefits of residential substance abuse treatment.

At Pathways Recovery, we provide gender-specific dual-diagnosis addiction treatment for both men and women to overcome at our top-rated drug rehab in Sacramento. We offer a range of treatment programs to best fit the needs of each client. Plus, we offer inpatient treatment so clients can receive the 24/7 support and care essential to overcome their addiction for good. Overall, there are several benefits of drug rehab so clients can take back their life and maintain sobriety. 

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What is Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

A residential substance abuse treatment is a drug rehab center that offers 24-hour supervision to clients in a non-hospital setting. There are many benefits of inpatient treatment. At a residential substance abuse treatment center clients remain at the facility and do not return home for work, school, or other responsibilities. Therefore, residential treatment programs are different than outpatient treatment programs where patients are allowed to return home rather than staying 24/7 at the treatment center.

Residential substance abuse treatment can be great for many reasons, from offering constant support and care to being able to divide your full undivided attention towards treatment rather than juggling treatment with other personal or professional responsibilities.

Because residential substance abuse treatment is more intensive in that clients stay in the facility day and night, many clients in this treatment need more extensive care to prevent them from relapsing. For example, many clients who are in residential substance abuse treatment are either recovering addicts that have a severe substance abuse disorder or recovering addicts that have recurring issues with relapsing. 

Top Benefits Of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

There are many advantages to receiving residential substance abuse treatment. Below are the top 5 benefits of residential substance abuse treatment to better understand if this type of treatment may be right for you.

24/7 Care and Support

First, residential treatment provides you with constant, 24/7 care and support to overcome your addiction and work through learning different healthy coping strategies to prevent you from relapsing. Addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome on your own. Not to mention, those with severe substance use disorders may be at risk for suffering life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, staying at a residential treatment center that offers constant professional care not only ensures your health and safety but gives you the means to have constant care to overcome your addiction for good.

Safe and Secure Environment

Residential treatment programs give you a safe and protective environment where you can receive care without worrying about being judged or fearing for your safety.

It’s essential to have a place that offers this protective, calming environment so that recovering addicts can give their full attention towards striving for lifelong sobriety rather than having to worry about living in an unsafe home environment (or whatever the case may be).

Devote Your Full Attention Toward Recovery

Similar to the last benefit, a residential treatment program allows you to devote your full, undivided attention toward recovery. This is arguably one of the most significant differences between residential vs outpatient care. Residential care has clients stay and receive constant treatment rather than worrying about other outside factors like personal and professional responsibilities.

Structured Schedule and Supervision 

At a residential substance abuse treatment program, clients also go through structured daily routines filled with different therapies and treatment options to help overcome their addiction. Therefore, being in a structured environment can be extremely beneficial for clients who struggle with time management and maintaining a structured routine.

Versatile and Individualized Treatment Options

Last but not least, clients are exposed to many addiction treatment options and receive personalized care and attention to best overcome their addiction. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to overcoming addiction. That’s why having personalized care to overcome your addiction is crucial to maintain long-term sobriety. 

Leading Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in Sacramento 

Now you know all about the different benefits of residential substance abuse treatment. You don’t have to fight addiction alone if you are struggling with it. Pathways Recovery is one of the top addiction treatment centers in Sacramento, CA, that offers a range of treatment programs, from inpatient treatment to medically assisted treatment and more. We use an individualized approach, so clients receive tailored treatment to best overcome their addiction and maintain life-long sobriety.

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