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If you’re looking for substance abuse treatment in Elk Grove, Pathways Recovery Center in Roseville, CA, is here to help. Our Elk Grove drug rehab center offers a range of care levels and therapies designed to support individuals on their recovery journey.

Pathways Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Northern California. Contact us today to learn more about our Sacramento area drug rehab facility.

When Do You Need to Consider Rehab?

When dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, many may not know when they have a problem. While it is essential to recognize the signs of addiction, it is just as important to be aware of when drug or alcohol use has become an issue. 

If you have experienced:

  • Loss of control over your drinking or drug use
  • Neglecting responsibilities to drink or do drugs
  • A significant amount of time is devoted to thinking about and planning for substance abuse
  • Aggressive and risky behaviors when under the influence
  • Repeated attempts to cut down or stop without success
  • Financial repercussions due to drug/alcohol spending

You may need to consider a professional treatment program.

California Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Statistics have shown that California is a major hub for drug and alcohol use in the United States. As recently as 2020, more than 1.1 million people in California were reported to have had a substance use disorder within the past year.

What Addictions Can Be Treated?

We can treat many addictions and substance use disorders at Pathways Recovery Center. We specialize in treating alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), opioids (heroin, hydrocodone & OxyContin), and prescription drugs such as benzodiazepine and tranquilizers. Addiction treatment is a successful and effective way to help individuals recover from substance use disorders. Following rehab, relapse rates are significantly lower than when individuals attempt to quit independently.

At Pathways Recovery Center, we have seen individuals with diverse backgrounds, genders, ages, and addictions go on to lead independent lives free of the chains of addiction. Our integrative approach helps identify underlying issues contributing to addiction while also providing skills.

We're here to help.

How Can You Locate a Quality Elk Grove Drug Rehab Center?

Many treatment options exist in California to treat addiction, so here are a few ways to find a quality rehab facility near you:

Primary Doctor: Speak with Your primary care physician may provide you with information on specialized drug and alcohol treatment centers in your area.

Contact Your Insurance Company: Most insurance providers have dedicated customer service staff that can review coverage options, benefits, and the list of approved providers near you. Research Online Resources: Many online resources, such as SAMHSA and other recovery directories, can help you find quality treatment centers in your area.

Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment in Elk Grove?

Insurance coverage for addiction treatment will depend on your provider and the type of plan you have. Most insurance providers have some degree of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab; however, it typically only covers certain types of services or programs, such as detox and outpatient therapy. 

Contact the admissions staff at Pathways Recovery Center to discuss what options are available to you.

What are the Levels of Care at Pathways?

Pathways Recovery Center is equipped to provide the proper support and structure for individuals facing unique roadblocks on their journey to recovery.  Our Elk Grove drug and alcohol rehab center offers a wide range of services tailored specifically to each individual’s needs, allowing them to find the perfect level of care that will set them up for long-term success.

Most substance abuse treatment programs begin with Detox. At Pathways Recovery Center, we offer medically supervised detox services to ensure safe withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Our team of medical professionals will monitor your progress around the clock to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our inpatient treatment program provides 24/7 support and supervision for those who require a higher level of care than outpatient services. In this program, clients live at our facility full-time while receiving individualized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

Our outpatient rehab program allows clients to receive treatment while maintaining their daily routine outside our facility. This program includes regular therapy sessions with licensed clinicians and group therapy sessions.

Our IOP program is designed for individuals who may not require 24/7 supervision but still need significant support during their recovery journey. This program involves several hours per week of group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions with licensed clinicians, and other supportive services.

Our aftercare program provides ongoing support and resources for individuals who have completed our other programs but still need additional assistance as they transition into everyday life. This program includes access to alumni events and continued therapy sessions with licensed clinicians.

What Therapies are Offered at Pathways?

At Pathways Recovery Center, we offer a variety of evidence-based therapies that have been proven effective in treating addiction. These therapies include:

Individual therapy allows clients to work one-on-one with a licensed therapist to address underlying issues related to their addiction. This type of therapy is highly personalized and tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Group therapy involves multiple clients working together with one or more therapists. This type of therapy can be highly effective because it allows individuals to connect with others going through similar experiences while also receiving support from trained professionals.

CBT focuses on identifying negative thought patterns that contribute to addictive behaviors and replacing them with positive ones. Clients learn how to manage triggers and develop coping skills that can help prevent relapse.

In comparison to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy also puts a high focus on mindfulness practices. This enables clients to stay rooted in the current moment as an alternative to getting swamped by thoughts and emotions, which could cause regression.

Holistic therapies treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – rather than just addressing addiction-related symptoms. Examples include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and more.

EMDR is a therapy used to treat trauma-related disorders, such as PTSD. It involves using eye movements or other bilateral stimulation alongside talk therapy techniques.

Brainspotting is another type of trauma-focused therapy that helps individuals identify and process traumatic memories or experiences contributing to their addiction.

Addiction affects individuals struggling with substance abuse and their loved ones. That’s why we offer a family program where family members can participate in counseling sessions alongside their loved one receiving treatment at Pathways Recovery Center.

The road toward long-term recovery can be challenging even after completing our programs at Pathways Recovery Center. We offer an alumni program where graduates can continue connecting through events like sober outings or social media pages.

Addiction recovery can be a different experience for men and women, so we offer specialized programs crafted to address each gender’s requirements. These solutions were designed with the specific needs of either male or female clients in mind.

Pathways Recovery is an Elk Grove Drug Rehab Center

If you are ready to take control over your life by overcoming addiction once-and-for-all contact us today at Pathways Recovery Center located near Elk Grove in Roseville, California! Our team stands ready, waiting eagerly to assist you every step along the way toward achieving lasting sobriety! 

We're here to help.