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Pathways Recovery Center: Offering Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Folsom, CA

Pathways Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Roseville, California. We are proud to provide community residents with a comprehensive Folsom drug rehab center to help individuals struggling with substance abuse. Our rehab center offers personalized treatment services that have been proven effective in restoring the lives of our clients.

To find out the incredible advantages Pathways Recovery Center offers for drug and alcohol rehab in Folsom, keep reading!

2020- 2021 Substance Abuse in Folsom, CA

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that substance abuse and overdose deaths in the state continue to be a massive problem in California, with some substances being more commonly abused than others.

Substance abuse trends in the state generally follow national trends, with opioids, alcohol, marijuana, and stimulants (such as methamphetamines) remaining among the top drugs of choice for abusers.

The most recent data from 2020-2021 shows that opioid abuse and overdose deaths have remained relatively stable in California despite national increases, while methamphetamine use has risen steadily since 2013.

Marijuana-related hospitalizations and emergency department visits have also increased since 2011.

Additionally, alcohol remains the most commonly abused substance in California, with more than 80% of adults reporting current use.

Our programs are designed not just to help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction but also to assist them in leading a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

What Addiction Issues Do We Address?

Our Folsom treatment center specializes in helping individuals overcome their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. We provide evidence-based, comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Folsom to ensure our clients can regain control of their lives.

As such, we treat a range of addictions, including but not limited to:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Benzo addiction
  • Marijuana addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Methadone addiction
  • Fentanyl addiction
  • Xanax addiction
  • Opana addiction
  • Adderall addiction
  • Meth addiction

We're here to help.

Why Does Drug and Alcohol Abuse Often Go Untreated?

Unfortunately, many people who struggle with substance abuse issues are unable to access the alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Folsom they need due to a variety of reasons. 

These include:

  • Lack of awareness about available treatment options
  • Stigma associated with addiction and substance use disorders
  • Embarrassment or fear of seeking help
  • Financial limitations and lack of insurance
  • Lack of transportation to reach treatment centers
  • Difficulty finding a provider that specializes in addiction

At Pathways Recovery, we understand the unique challenges individuals and families face when seeking help for substance abuse. 

We strive to create an inviting and nonjudgmental environment so everyone can get the care they need.

Pathways Recovery is a top-tier drug rehab in the Bay Area that focuses on healing your whole body. Our holistic approach and gender-specific treatment focus ensure that you receive the best care. Call us today and start the healing process.

If You Are Seeking a Fresh Start, Look at Pathways for Substance Abuse Treatment in Folsom

At our Folsom drug rehab center, let us help you take control of your life and breakthrough from addiction.

Our experienced team provides quality substance abuse treatment options to get you back on track.

Our trained professionals use a combination of therapies and medications to help individuals address their substance abuse issues as well as any underlying mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Pathways Recovery is a haven of rehabilitation offering various treatments and services, such as:

In addition, we offer tailored gender-based programs for women and men’s treatment because we appreciate that each demographic confronts distinct struggles.

What Benefits Does Aftercare Offer to Support Your Addiction Recovery Journey?

Aftercare is an essential component of a successful recovery journey from addiction. Aftercare programs offer sustained therapeutic assistance and direction to individuals, ensuring they remain abstinent and can meet their recovery targets. Even after treatment has ended, these programs continue providing invaluable support.

Pathways Recovery Center offers comprehensive aftercare services designed to help you stay sober, including peer mentoring, relapse prevention education, and regular group meetings. With these services, individuals can stay dedicated to their sobriety and remain part of a nurturing group of peers.

Post-treatment programs provide support to help sustain sobriety and offer resources such as employment training and housing assistance crucial for successful long-term recovery.

How To Begin Your Recovery in Folsom

Taking the initial leap toward recovering from addiction can be difficult, but we are here to help you make that decision. At Patvariousry Center, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout your entire journey of recovery. Taking the first step to manage your addiction and work towards a better, healthier lifestyle is no easy feat. However, when you set your mind to it and commit yourself fully to recovery, several routes can assist in beginning this empowering journey. Before taking any further action, contact your insurance provider first and determine what services are covered by your plan.

Reach out to the compassionate team at Pathways Recovery Center today and explore your treatment possibilities, as well as possible financing opportunities.

Finally, you can initiate the admission process for yourself or a family member into our esteemed Folsom addiction treatment program.


How to Make Going to Rehab Affordable: Health Insurance Makes Paying for Treatment in Folsom, CA Effortless

Here at Pathways Recovery Center, we comprehend that addiction treatment can be costly. That’s why our team of experts works diligently to provide you with the best quality services while still keeping prices affordable and within your budget. We understand that finances can be a barrier to accessing our services, so we have created various financing options and payment plans for those who may require extra help. Moreover, our office accepts most insurance plans and provides a team of experts to help you get the maximum coverage.

To provide our self-pay clients with the best possible care, we offer a tailored sliding scale fee structure that adjusts to fit their budgets.

Seeking a Luxurious Addiction Treatment Program in Folsom, CA? Look No Further!

Here at Pathways Recovery Center, we comprehend that deluxe treatment could be the perfect selection for specific individuals. Our luxury addiction treatment program offers a tranquil and secure atmosphere for individuals to concentrate on their recovery.

Enjoy various luxurious services here at our facility, including gourmet cuisine cooked by expert chefs, massage treatments tailored to your individual needs, invigorating fitness classes, and soothing yoga & meditation sessions. 

Art therapy is also available for those looking to express themselves creatively.

Don't Delay – Get Help Today: Contact Pathways Recovery near Folsom, CA

At Pathways Recovery, we are dedicated to providing effective care and treatment for those experiencing substance abuse in the Roseville area. We recognize that addiction is a grave illness requiring comprehensive medical attention. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Folsom alcohol and drug rehab center! With our compassionate assistance, healing from this disease is possible.