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Finding the right treatment center can be overwhelming if you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction. With the wrong level of care, things might not work. But with Pathways Recovery, you can find gender-specific programs with several levels of care at our Lincoln drug and alcohol rehab center. 

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Men's Programs

Holistic dual diagnosis programs are gaining popularity among men’s only inpatient and outpatient programs because of their effectiveness in treating the mind and body as one. 

What to Expect from Men’s Only Treatment

Each of our programs begins with detox so that you can transition into the next stage of your sobriety with a fresh start. For those who are struggling with addiction to alcohol or opioids, this can include medication-assisted treatment. 

Addiction can harm the mind as much as the body. Moreover, it can lead to secondary or tertiary mental health conditions. That is why our programs offer the following:

  • Individual psychiatry sessions for mental health treatment 
  • Trauma-informed sessions led by trained marriage and family therapists to help discover untreated trauma that may have contributed to addiction 
  • Group therapy sessions to provide group counseling on managing relationships
  • Family workshops that involve your loved ones, teaching them how to support you during recovery
  • Participation in NA or AA meetings on-site
  • Physical training sessions to rebuild the body
  • Yoga and meditation classes to learn how to better cope with stress
  • Highly nutritious meals and medical-grade supplements to heal the body and brain

To ensure the right level of attention is provided to each client, we allow a maximum of six men at a time to live together and work toward sobriety and a new take on life. 

Call now to see how our team uses the latest behavioral health and recovery research to improve your chances of success. 

Women's Programs

Many women struggle with untreated trauma and co-occurring substance abuse problems. Receiving women’s only dual diagnosis treatment can address both simultaneously. 

Our women-only programs provide a dual diagnosis, focused program that tackles any underlying pain contributing to the need to self-medicate or the risk of relapse.


You’ll come to our facility for an evaluation when you start one of our women-only programs. The nursing staff and admission team will work together with you over the phone to determine what type of program is best for you.


When you arrive, a nurse will make an assessment of your physical condition, and you’ll get to work with the medical director on a comfortable and safe detox plan. Each substance comes with its own set of unique detox problems and potential complications. Any underlying mental health disorders or your physical health can exacerbate certain aspects of your detox.

Some drugs have a highly psychological withdrawal process, while others are more physical. You will sit down with our team and discuss what to expect based on the substances you use and what type of medication might be used to keep you comfortable and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

You will be under constant supervision, and a medical team will provide any additional medications, over-the-counter drugs, or other items to keep you comfortable. We capitalize on a range of high-quality nutritional products and supplements to:

  • Help your body heal.
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Aid with nausea
  • Fix dehydration
  • Reduce muscle cramps
  • Combat insomnia


When you are done with detox, you get to transition into the next part of your program, which will look different for everyone but will include individual and group therapy sessions as well as trauma-centered approaches or treatment for underlying mental health conditions as necessary.

You can change your life today. Call our team at 1-916-735-8377 to see which level of care is right for you. 

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Why Choose Pathways Recovery for Substance Abuse Treatment in Lincoln

Each person who comes to us for help has a unique set of circumstances that, throughout their life history, has led to where they are and what needs they have. With our complete spectrum services, we can help each client better understand things like:

  • Why they tried to self-medicate
  • How they can manage their stress
  • Coping skills for long-term recovery
  • Improved communication, social skills, and relationships

Replacing Self-Medication

Through individual psychiatry sessions, group support sessions, educational services, and trauma-informed therapy at our Lincoln drug and alcohol rehab center, we help individuals get to the root cause of addiction. This is highly personalized and can include a combination of things like:

  • Untreated trauma
  • Undiagnosed or misdiagnosed mental health disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Poor stress management
  • Low self-esteem

With customized addiction treatment in Lincoln, you can learn coping mechanisms for when things get particularly stressful, better communication, which might involve setting boundaries with those around you or removing certain people from your life, and moving through trauma instead of trying to avoid it with drugs and alcohol.

Managing Stress

We also provide several educational courses throughout a given day, each of which is designed to provide clients with a better understanding of how addiction works, the ways in which stress can affect the body, and better options for stress management.

No matter the program you choose, you’ll participate in several recreational activities that are designed to improve stress management skills, like yoga and meditation. Both provide an opportunity to openly recognize your emotions without trying to hide them, change them, or control them. Understanding your whole self and not just part of who you are is freeing and opens you up to a life that is more fulfilling.

Coping Skills

At our Lincoln drug rehab center, you can participate in several therapies like EMDR, CBT, and DBT. With things like CBT and DBT, you can expose yourself to individualized coping skills to help you avoid self-medication, improve your communication, and deal with stress in a healthy fashion. 

Improved Communication

Addiction doesn’t affect individuals in a bubble; instead, it affects everyone around them, including friends and family. No matter where you are along your journey or what has happened in the past, you can find Improvement by learning how to communicate better.

Our Lincoln drug and alcohol rehab center helps provide social skills and build bonds with the people in recovery, with family members who participate in family therapy sessions, and with members of support groups like NA or AA. Individuals who have the support of others, especially their family, are more likely to complete a treatment program and maintain their sobriety long-term.

Find the proper treatment for you. Reach out to Pathways Recovery at 1-916-735-8377 to review our individualized holistic care programs.

Our Customized Substance Abuse Treatment in Lincoln

With Pathways Recovery, we help you find recovery for the mind, body, and spirit. The team at our Lincoln drug rehab center understands that addiction is often a horrible cycle of self-medicating to make undesirable feelings go away or to mask untreated trauma. But avoidance tactics don’t resolve the problems. 

That is why our substance abuse treatment in Lincoln is a holistic program that incorporates dual diagnosis components to help you break the cycle and tackle the underlying pain. 

We are here to support your recovery. Call our Lincoln drug rehab center today to learn more.