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Drug addiction is a complex and devastating disease that affects all people. Substance abuse affects people from all walks of life regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, orientation, or nationality. In big cities, small towns, and everywhere in between, the effects of drug addiction are apparent—and that includes Northern California. For those addicted to drugs and alcohol, the professional help found at a Northern California drug rehab provides the tools and support needed to address and overcome the ravages of substance abuse.

This article will take a closer look into the addiction problem in Northern California. You will also learn what to look for in drug rehab in Northern California and how to find the program that best fits your needs. Pathways Recovery is one of the top drug and alcohol rehab centers in Northern California. We offer comprehensive drug treatment programs personalized to fit your unique needs. Call us today and learn more about our inpatient drug rehab in Sacramento.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Northern California

Northern California, as well as the rest of the state, is experiencing a growing level of drug dependence and abuse. According to statistics provided in the California Health Care Almanac:

  • 8.8% of all Californians are abusing substances of any kind
  • 16.1% of those aged 18-25 are struggling with substance abuse
  • 7.6% of people aged 18-25 and 5.2% of people aged 26-49 deal with a co-occurring mental health issue along with a substance abuse problem
  • Of those seeking help for substance abuse, 86.2 of adults aged 18 and older sought outpatient services, while 13.2 percent chose residential treatment services

Getting professional help from reputable substance abuse centers in Northern California is crucial for those suffering from drug dependence and abuse. Fortunately, many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Northern California feature a staff with proven experience in helping people from all walks of life address and overcome drug addiction. Pathways Recovery is well renowned for our gender-specific dual diagnosis treatment programs. Call us right now and start your journey toward lifelong recovery.

What to Look For in a Northern California Rehab Center

If you are starting your search for an addiction treatment center in Northern California, you may feel overwhelmed and even unsure. With all the options and choices in treatment, finding the right drug rehab in Northern California is challenging. While finding treatment as soon as possible is a top priority, you must take time to be diligent in your research. Taking the time to find the right rehab will ensure that you get the right programs and support to help you stay sober for the long term. Importantly, finding the right drug rehab in Northern California will potentially save you multiple trips to treatment and thousands of dollars.

So, what do you need to look for in a North California rehab center? The following tips will get you going in the right direction:


The obvious goal of drug and alcohol rehab centers in Northern California is to help people overcome substance abuse. Treatment staff in these facilities want to help as many people as possible. To do so, they need to be prompt and courteous when prospective clients call or email to inquire about treatment programs. When looking at an inpatient drug rehab in Northern California, treatment staff should answer your inquiries about treatment services within 48 hours of your phone call or email communication.

Treatment staff should be engaging, focused on your concerns, and able to answer your questions. If staff does not contact you within 48 hours or if they seem “by the book” and disinterested, you need to search elsewhere for treatment. 

Length of Stay

Many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Northern California feature treatment programs that last for 30 days. However, this timeframe was not long enough for you to address the underlying causes of your addiction. Fortunately, many North California drug rehabs offer treatment programs for durations such as 60 days, 90 days, or even longer.


The drug rehabs you look at MUST have the proper accreditation and certifications to operate in the state of California. The two major forms of accreditation are from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). These certifications must be up-to-date and visible to you when visiting the facility. If you do not see these certifications, you must ask the facility to show you.

Components of Care

The best drug rehab in Northern California offers a wide array of evidence-based programs and services personalized to fit your unique needs. In general, drug and alcohol rehabs should offer most or all of the following services:

  • Medical detoxification
  • Individual and group counseling (e.g., CBT, Psychotherapy, DBT)
  • Family Counseling 
  • Exercise and recreation options
  • Medication management
  • 12-step therapy or similar self-help support groups
  • Holistic therapies (e.g., yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy, etc.)
  • Aftercare programs
  • Alumni programs

These programs and services are part of a structured daily schedule, so you are solely focused on your recovery. Being able to follow a recovery-oriented daily routine is crucial for long-term sobriety.

Financing Treatment

Of all the things to look for in a treatment center is the overall cost of treatment. Additionally, you need to consider the ways you can pay for treatment. Drug treatment in Northern California can be very expensive, with many treatment programs running in the tens of thousands of dollars. The price tag of treatment often is a huge barrier for many people. Fortunately, most drug rehabs in Northern California work with various insurance carriers. If you find yourself underinsured or uninsured, you need to see if the rehab you are considering has financial aid, scholarships, or sliding fee scales.

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How to Find the Best Treatment for Your Needs

With these tips in mind, the question becomes, “how can I find the best treatment program that fits my needs?” You need to assess your specific needs and reach out to addiction professionals to get a sense of what type of program will best address those needs. If you have attempted treatment in the past and failed, need detox, and do not have a supportive home environment, then an inpatient drug rehab in Northern California is your first choice. In a residential program, you reside in the facility itself and away from the triggers and temptations of your home environment. 

If you do not require detox, have a supportive network of family and friends, and cannot commit to a residential program because of work and family, then some form of outpatient treatment will be best for you. If you need intensive care or are in danger of relapse, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP) are solid options. If your substance abuse issues are mild and you do not need detox, and traditional outpatient program will be best. 

However, you will need to complete a comprehensive assessment at the treatment facility to determine the best treatment option. During the intake process, treatment professionals will conduct a comprehensive medical and mental health evaluation. From this evaluation, they will design a treatment program tailored to fit your specific needs.

Are you unsure about what treatment program will best address your needs? Call Pathways Recovery and talk to one of our experienced staff members today.

Pathways Recovery is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Northern California

If you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, you need a treatment center that fully understands your needs and goals. This facility needs to have the programs, care, and compassion to empower you and give you the ability to transform your life. Nestled in the foothills of Northern California near Sacramento, Pathways Recovery is one of the premier drug and alcohol rehab centers in Northern California. We are unique in offering evidence-based and gender-specific treatment created for both men and women.

Our holistic approach to treatment addresses your whole being in mind, body, and spirit. Our addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs are administered by staff with years of proven experience in helping people from all walks of life find lasting recovery. Do not wait another day; call Pathways Recovery and become the healthy and happy person you are meant to be!