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Pathways Recovery is your top choice for a Placerville drug rehab center that takes conscious, practical action to help people living with addictions get back to a state of sobriety and wellness. 

We are well known for our detailed and intentional treatment methods as well as our holistic approach to recovery. Our compassionate and highly experienced professionals are here to guide and support you and your loved ones through a steady and quick path to sobriety and change.

If you’re looking for addiction treatment in Placerville, you can count on us to provide programs that are designed to help you heal from the inside out. Pathways Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in Sacramento. Contact us today to learn more about how addiction treatment options in Northern California.

Why Choose Pathways for Addiction Treatment in Placerville?

At Pathways Recovery, we provide top-quality substance abuse treatment in Placerville to cater to the various needs our clients may have, no matter their background or goals.

We take a holistic approach to treatment by treating each client’s mind, body, and spirit. To do that, we adopt an individualized approach to care that takes every person’s history, experiences, and future into consideration.

Pathways' Options for Substance Abuse Treatment in Placerville

To fully meet the needs of our clients and offer all of the services they may need under one roof, we offer a variety of treatment options, including things like:

The first step toward sobriety is often the halting of substance or alcohol use, which can be both difficult and dangerous to achieve on your own. Our detoxification program helps clients stop using substances in a safe, controlled environment before they proceed to the rest of their treatment plan.

Upon admission, our nurses, with the help of our doctors, will conduct a thorough test to check for toxins in the body that needs to be eradicated. 

While being monitored carefully, clients will be transitioned to a state of sobriety so that they can approach their treatment with a clear mind.

The struggle against addiction can be a tough call and can, in some cases, warrant 24-hour monitoring from professionals. When that’s the case, inpatient treatment like that available through our Placerville drug rehab center can provide a healthy, serene, and comfortable environment to fully pursue recovery.

Staying at our facility can give our team a chance to learn more about the unique addiction patterns and needs of each client. This can help us provide the best long-term support that fits every person who walks through our doors.

Pathways offers our intensive outpatient program to clients who do not need a residential program where they have to be monitored day in and day out but still require a higher level of care. Clients under this program are allowed to return home after each session. 

Outpatient care is usually best for those whose level of addiction can still be controlled outside a heavily monitored environment. It may also be ideal for those who have already completed a higher level of care and are ready to transition back to regular life.

Though it may be less rigorous than inpatient care, our outpatient program still involves regular treatment and holds clients to a high level of accountability to keep them on track with their recovery goals.

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Options for Substance Abuse Treatment in Placerville with Pathways

At Pathways, we employ a range of therapeutic approaches to ensure that each client gets the right support for them. Examples of some types of therapy we make use of include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This approach aims to change the way a client thinks about and views life by addressing specific thought patterns and behaviors. CBT is an evidence-based method for treating both mental health and substance use disorders, which often overlap and feed each other.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): DBT helps clients understand and accept the challenging emotions and feelings they have repressed subconsciously.
  • Group Therapy: This therapy attends to and treats multiple clients simultaneously with professional healthcare personnel on board. Some clients might enjoy group therapy for the community, and the sense of belonging it brings. 
  • Individual Therapy: Pathways uses this therapy to connect with clients and help unlock their inner struggles. 
  • Alternative Therapies: Options like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and brain spotting can be used to help clients unlock stored trauma and learn from it, including how it may shape their current relationships with substances. 

Gender-Specific Programs at Pathways Addiction Treatment in Placerville

Addiction affects men and women differently. That’s why it’s important that our programs meet our clients at their specific point of need. Our gender-specific programs have been developed to support the steady and healthy recovery of all of our clients.

Women’s program

Our Placerville drug and alcohol rehab center offers one of the finest and most organized programs for women who may face unique challenges related to addiction and recovery from it.

This program focuses on holistic healing from trauma, PTSD, abuse, depression, anxiety, and other diagnoses while also providing specific support to women in particular. 

Clients under this program are treated by women alone to make it a more relatable, comforting experience. 

Men’s program

According to NIH, research shows that, although women respond to drugs and substances differently, men are more likely to use drugs and substances illicitly. That is why our addiction treatment in Placerville features a men’s program meant to offer unique support to those who may need it.

Our Placerville drug rehab center ensures that only six men are admitted at a time to contain and adequately access each of the client’s addiction patterns. 

Other programs at Pathways Recovery

Pathways also provide other efficient programs for our clients, and they include the following;

Alumni program 

This program is designed for former clients who may need long-term support on their path to recovery The alumni program brings together recovered clients one night weekly, either through virtual, onsite, or offsite meetings. 

Here, clients can discuss and share their progress as they work toward a sober life. These sessions often encourage clients in recovery to see the possibility of becoming addiction free and keep working towards it.

Family program 

At our Placerville drug and alcohol rehab center, we understand how vital it is to help families of clients learn how to support their loved ones as they pursue recovery and healing. We educate families on what it’s like to live with addiction and help facilitate healthy communication skills to support our clients and their loved ones.

Pathways Recovery is Here for You

Pathways Recovery is a Placerville drug rehab center primarily focused on the wellness and recovery of the mind and bodies of our clients. Our programs are designed to emphasize the steady process of healing a whole person, not just their addiction.

If you need to visit a Placerville drug and alcohol rehab center, reach out today, and we can begin the process of helping you heal and become addiction-free.

We're here to help.