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Counseling for Couples in Addiction Recovery

Nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend who’s struggled with addiction at some point in their lives. Addiction can be very damaging to relationships, including romantic relationships. If you or your partner is struggling with drug addiction, it’s critical you not only get professional help to break free of addiction, but you also consider counseling for couples during the addiction recovery process. In this article, you’ll learn more about why addiction can be so damaging to relationships and discover types of counseling options for couples in addiction recovery. 

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Why Addiction Can Be So Damaging To Couples

If your partner is currently struggling with addiction, you know how damaging it can be to your relationship. Not only is it difficult to watch your partner physically and mentally struggle at the hands of addiction, but you also lose a sense of trust within your relationship. This is especially true if your partner denies their addiction or makes empty promises that they’ll quit when they actually don’t.

While all you want to do is help your partner get sober, you may find yourself feeling guilty that you aren’t able to successfully help your partner achieve sobriety all on your own. However, you should never feel like you are solely responsible for helping your partner achieve sobriety. It’s important you support them as they seek professional addiction treatment. When it comes to repairing your relationship, it’s also important to seek counseling for couples in addiction recovery so you can rebuild a sense of trust and connection in your relationship. 

3 Types of Counseling for Couples in Addiction Recovery 

As your partner seeks professional addiction treatment to achieve sobriety, it’s also important that you take this time to start rebuilding your relationship. Below are three types of counseling for couples in addiction recovery you should consider. Your unique circumstances and whether you have children involved may determine which treatment type may be best suited for your needs.

  1. Couples Counseling 

First, consider going to couples counseling and meeting with a therapist to start rebuilding your relationship. As discussed above, addiction can be extremely damaging to any relationship, especially with a romantic partner. Couples counseling will give you a safe space to work through these challenges, and it may even bring up some issues you never knew were impacting your relationship before. 

  1. Family Therapy

Depending on if you have children involved and how old your children are, you may want to consider going to family therapy for addiction to rebuild your relationships not just with your partner, but also with your children. This is especially true if you have teens or young adult children who may have watched your partner struggle with addiction for years. 

  1. Support Groups

Last but not least, consider going to couples support groups to work toward repairing your relationship. Sometimes, it can feel like you are the only couple going through these challenges. However, couples support groups give you a chance to meet other couples who share similar experiences, so you can feel less alone in your challenges. Plus, couples support groups are a great place to seek advice from other couples who’ve been in your shoes before.

Start Your Road to Recovery Today 

Addiction can fracture relationships, including your relationship with your partner. If you are struggling with addiction, is it essential you seek professional treatment to overcome your addiction. But, it’s also important you seek counseling for couples in addiction recovery so you can effectively repair your relationship with your partner.At Pathways Recovery, our team of caring addiction and mental health professionals is here to help you every step of the way on your journey to sobriety. We offer gender-specific, comprehensive treatment options so you can receive the right care for your recovery needs. Ready to start your road to recovery? Contact us today!