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Alcohol Detox And Nutrition

Alcohol Detox And Nutrition Feature

Alcohol is abused more than any other legal substance in the nation. In fact, almost a quarter of the population admitted to binge drinking sometime within the past month. There are significant fatalities and injuries every single day due to alcohol. Because of the negative short- and long-term side effects, many people are seeking treatment […]

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Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Comes West

Prescription Drug Abuse Finds Western States Unprepared The epidemic of prescription drug abuse that had struck many regions in the eastern and southern U.S. has now struck with a vengeance in several western states where law enforcement and drug treatment professionals have been unprepared.  In fact the rates of prescription drug abuse has exceeded the […]

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Drug Overdose Deaths Continue To Rise Due To Prescription Drug Abuse

The United States is experiencing an alarming increase in overdoses of prescription drugs – many of which are leading to death. Disturbingly, fatalities and sales related to prescription drugs have more than quadrupled since 1999. More than half of the overdose deaths in the nation are related to a prescription painkiller in the opiate family. […]

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SAMHSA Publishes Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program Completion Rates

Pathways -- SAMHSA Publishes Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program Completion Rates Feature -- 08-23-16

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Completion Rates SAMHSA Statistics The most recent data available for completion rates at drug and alcohol treatment facilities shows some interesting results.  Assembled from 1.5 million discharges from facilities across 42 states, the report details overall completion rates as well as breaking the data down into a wide variety of criteria that […]

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Addiction In The Elderly

Addiction in the Elderly Feature

Problems with addiction can affect people of all ages. Unfortunately, senior citizens face an increased risk of complications and mortality as the result of substance abuse. Learning more about elderly substance abuse can help those senior citizens affected find help, hope, and a better quality of life during the late stages of life. According to […]

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Are You An Enabler? | A Simple Questionnaire

To understand if you might possibly be enabling someone’s substance abuse and preventing them from seeking the addiction treatment they need, answer these questions with a “yes” or a “no”: Are You An Enabler? : A Simple Questionnaire Do you call in sick for your loved one because they were too hung over to go […]

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The New Face Of Heroin Addiction And Prescription Pain Killers

Studies have shown that prescription drugs are abused more commonly than any other class of substance in the nation. They’ve taken the country by storm, particularly among young and middle-aged Americans. The effects of their illicit use are dangerous, but what’s worse is the fact that they open the gateway for heroin addiction. The Connection […]

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How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

How Long Does Drug Detox Take Feature

Addictive substances change the body’s physical and psychological functioning. Over time, most individuals experience a level of dependence on the substance and suffer if they can’t access another dose. Even caffeine requires detox. Alcohol and harder drugs like prescription painkillers and cocaine may require detox before a person can begin the psychological healing process. What […]

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New Discoveries In The Science Of Addiction

Opioid addiction is a serious problem across the country. An estimated 2.1 million people in the United States are dealing with an addiction to prescription opioid pain relievers. Another 500,000 suffer from a dependency on heroin. The consequences of these numbers are devastating, and unfortunately, the number of cases is rising. Overdose deaths are soaring; […]

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Wasted Nation

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Sales of prescription drugs specifically pain medication continues to increase at unprecedented levels. As a result, prescription drug abuse and addiction and prescription drug abuse treatment is continuing to increase at levels previously unheard of.  The Centers for Disease Control has stated that prescription drug abuse and addiction has reached an […]

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