alcohol withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawals

Table of Contents Alcohol Withdrawal: Here’s What You Need to KnowHow the Road to Recovery BeginsThe Truth About Alcohol WithdrawalWhat Is Detox?What Causes Alcohol Use Disorder?Different Drinking HabitsWhat Does an Alcohol Overdose Look Like?A Look at Co-Occurring DisordersTake the First Step TodayPathways Recovery Is Here to Help You Take Your Life BackFrequently Asked Questions Alcohol …

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What is Alcohol Poisoning

Table of Contents Rolling the Dice: Here’s Why Drinking Too Much Is a GambleAlcohol Poisoning: What You Should KnowDo I Have Alcohol Use Disorder?The Differences Between Binge Drinking and Heavy DrinkingA Country With a Drinking ProblemIs It Time to Seek Treatment?Your Path to Recovery Starts HereFrequently Asked Questions Rolling the Dice: Here’s Why Drinking Too …

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Alcohol Related Emergency Department Visits On the Rise

Alcohol-Related Emergency Department Visits on the Rise in California

Across the country, emergency departments (EDs) have experienced greater influxes of alcohol-related incidents, including incidents that result in patients being admitted to the hospital for further treatment.  Each year EDs find themselves dealing with critical and noncritical cases alike. One of the most common reasons to visit an ED, for example, is chest pain. Nevertheless, …

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What Are the Benefits To Quitting Drinking

Benefits To Quitting Drinking

Table of Contents The Benefits of Quitting Drinking: Living Out a Healthier LifeWhat Does an Alcohol Use Disorder Look Like?Understanding the Health Risks of Heavy Alcohol ConsumptionMaking a Change: Deciding To Quit DrinkingLearn About the Benefits of Quitting AlcoholBetter-Looking Skin (Look Younger!)Get Better Quality SleepAchieve a Healthier WeightReap Mental Health BenefitsSave MoneyImprove NutritionLower Risk of …

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drugs that dilate pupils

Drugs That Cause Dilated Pupils

Most people are usually familiar with what dilated pupils are, and chances are you are as well! When you were younger you might have shone a flashlight into one of your eyes and watched your pupil shrink before moving the light away and watching it dilate again. You might also recall your most recent visit to …

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