What Are the Benefits To Quitting Drinking

Benefits To Quitting Drinking

The Benefits of Quitting Drinking: Living Out a Healthier Life It starts out with just one drink at night to wind down from a stressful day at work. Then over time, a stash of alcohol is always available in the house. During busy days, drinking helps to get through the day and make everything more …

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Benzodiazepine Withdrawals Feature

Benzodiazepine Withdrawals: How to Get Through Withdrawal Safely

Benzodiazepines include brand-name anxiety/insomnia medications such as Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan. Over time, recreational and prescription benzodiazepine users can develop a dependency on the substance for its fast-acting, relaxing, and hypnotic qualities. In addition to short-term symptom management, medical providers also use the substance to calm patients before anesthesia or surgery or to lessen …

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Fear Of Withdrawals Causing Unnecessary Overdoses Feature

Fear Of Withdrawal Is Causing Unnecessary Overdoses From Opiate Abuse

Many people with a drug addiction are supremely afraid of withdrawal. The symptoms can be debilitating and even dangerous. More than 2.1 million Americans use prescription opioids, and another 500,000 abuse heroin. Unfortunately, this fear of side effects could be causing unnecessary overdoses across the nation. Why Withdrawals Have Become Dangerous Symptoms from withdrawal can …

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How Long Does Drug Detox Take Feature

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

Addictive substances change the body’s physical and psychological functioning. Over time, most individuals experience a level of dependence on the substance and suffer if they can’t access another dose. Even caffeine requires detox. Alcohol and harder drugs like prescription painkillers and cocaine may require detox before a person can begin the psychological healing process. What …

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Social Model Opiate Detox

A Therapeutic Approach To Opiate Detox For the 10% of the general population thought to regularly use opiates, many of them will become physically dependent on opiates-AKA addicted.  So, when they decide to get clean and rid their body of opiates they must go through what is commonly referred to as “opiate detox”.  For someone …

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what is the social detox model

What is the Social Detox Model?

When you hear words like rehab and detox, usually you want to imagine the same type of setting, processes, and treatment. This is inaccurate. Rehab and detox are actually very different and while detoxification for drugs or alcohol can be a part of rehab, it doesn’t have to be and not everyone goes through a …

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