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Pathways-- Opana Taking Over For Oxycontin Feature -- 08-23-16

Opana Taking Over For Oxycontin

A New Pill That Drug Treatment Providers Need To Be Aware Of Oxycontin abuse in the Sacramento area and all of California continues to devastate families of all walks of life.  Education of the general

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Social Model Opiate Detox

A Therapeutic Approach To Opiate Detox For the 10% of the general population thought to regularly use opiates, many of them will become physically dependent on opiates-AKA addicted.  So, when they decide to get clean

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Recognizing Prescription Drug Abuse

Patients abuse prescription medications when they take them in unintended ways. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 52 million adolescents and adults have taken prescription drugs in unintended ways at least once. Prescription

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