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Granite Bay

Pathways Recovery is located nearby when you’re looking for drug rehab near Granite Bay. Our expert-led addiction treatment center is in Roseville, just a short drive for anyone seeking substance abuse treatment in Granite Bay. We offer comprehensive gender-specific addiction treatment and recovery programs that treat the mind, body and spirit.

We follow a holistic approach to treating addiction, improving long-term recovery outcomes by focusing on helping you heal at the deepest levels.

Holistic Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For many people, the use of alcohol or drugs is a form of self-medicating. This need to self-medicate is often driven by emotional distress or an underlying mental health disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment is an integrated method that works to address co-occurring substance use disorders and any physical or mental health conditions. We’re unique at Pathways Recovery because we have a model that takes into consideration the body-brain connection rather than just trying to treat the addiction.

The holistic element of our treatment programs focuses on whole-body treatment and natural medicine and therapies. Holistic programs that can be integrated into a treatment plan are based on individual needs. These include exercise and physical fitness, mindfulness and relaxation techniques and spirituality. The goal of our holistic approach isn’t to treat individual symptoms. Instead, it’s to improve the whole body of the person struggling with addiction, to break unhealthy cycles. The result can be the development of a wellness-driven lifestyle that can be carried through a person’s life.

The benefits of a holistic approach include improving a client’s sense of self-worth and personal value. It’s also a way to learn real-world coping skills that help clients maintain sobriety over the long term.

If you’re in the process of finding a Granite Bay drug and alcohol rehab center, consider the unique approach and programming available at Pathways Recovery.

Levels of Care at Pathways Recovery

Multiple levels of care are available to clients of our addiction treatment program. You may participate in more than one level, known as a continuum of care. If you’re looking for drug rehab near Granite Bay, the availability of a continuum of care can be a major deciding factor.

The first step for most people with an addiction disorder is a medication-assisted detox. Repeated substance use causes the development of dependency. As you stop using the substance, you might experience withdrawal symptoms. These can range from mildly uncomfortable to severe.

Detox services at Pathways Recovery ensure you’re safe and comfortable, with medical care a top priority. Our medical team monitors your vitals; medications can be prescribed as needed.

Detox is a critical first step of recovery, but it’s not in and of itself addiction treatment. Instead, it’s a period where you can stabilize mentally and physically so that you can begin working toward recovery free of harmful substances.

Our residential programs provide a personalized approach to help people get sober, particularly if they have a severe addiction or have relapsed in the past. While staying at our facility, you receive many of the same treatments as in our non-residential programs, but the environment is more controlled and structured. We work to create a tranquil residential environment so you don’t have outside stressors or triggers.

A residential treatment stay can last between 30 and 90 days for most people. During this time, you would undergo detox, an evaluation of your addiction, and a treatment program integrating counseling and therapies for your individual needs.

Our doctors and clinical staff work on developing personalized treatment plans to address specific addictions, past trauma, triggers and other things that are contributing to the addiction.

Intensive outpatient rehab is a way for clients to continue their treatment path with structured therapy. The focus of outpatient programs at Pathways Recovery is on teaching clients different skills and techniques to help maintain their sobriety in the future. The groups at our center are small so that our staff can provide personal care to each client, ensuring their needs are met.

An IOP at Pathways Recovery usually requires three therapy sessions a week. These include group and individual counseling sessions and educational opportunities like mood management, relapse prevention skills, and anger management.

We offer a day and evening track for our outpatient programs. The most significant advantage of receiving treatment on an outpatient basis is the flexibility to return home in the evenings and manage other responsibilities at home, work or elsewhere.

When families are dealing with the addiction of a loved one, they face many struggles and challenges along the way. It’s very true that addiction is a family disease because of the impacts it has on everyone involved. If you’re looking for drug rehab near Granite Bay to help a loved one, you might consider a program that also offers family therapy.

Family therapy at Pathways Recovery is a treatment available during rehab to help in coping with the struggles of a loved one who has a substance use disorder. These programs address the cycle of addiction from a unique perspective, addressing issues hiding below the surface.

We believe family work is critical for long-term success and breaking addictive cycles within the family. Relapses are less likely if the whole family works on recovery as a unit. We support family healing with ongoing education, family therapy sessions and couples therapy to change unhealthy relationship patterns.

Our drug rehab near Granite Bay offers comprehensive, in-depth treatment programs to address the multifaceted nature of addiction comprehensively.

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Women’s and Men’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Our programs are gender-specific, and we believe this is important because the underlying factors that lead to addiction are often different in women than men. For example, women are more likely to experience trauma and abuse than men, so they must have a safe treatment center where they feel comfortable and cared for.

At our women’s center, the staff is made up almost entirely of women who are in recovery from addiction, so they better relate to our clients. Programming is tailored toward the needs of women, including addressing common traumas and using healing modalities like EMDR.

Our men’s addiction treatment program is built around the concept that addiction is often related to feelings of shame, low self-esteem or isolation. While men are more likely to use drugs and alcohol than women, they’re less likely to seek treatment. This is likely due to the stigma that surrounds addiction and the societal misconception that when you admit you have a problem, you’re showing weakness. These are all things we tackle in our men’s treatment program.

We encourage you to contact our caring, experienced team to learn more about Pathways Recovery, a leading drug rehab near Granite Bay. We can help you take the first step towards a life free of drugs and alcohol.