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The first step to gaining control over addiction is seeking external help from an addiction treatment center. It’s the best way to begin your sobriety journey, especially for those looking to treat multiple addictions. 

Pathways Recovery, a Loomis drug rehab center, can help you overcome addiction and is always ready to support each person in their journey to recovery. 

Going on this journey alone can be difficult. At Pathways Recovery, you can rest assured that you can receive all the help you may need to take charge of your life in a safe environment run by supportive professionals. 

If you’re searching for a top Loomis drug rehab center, look no further than Pathways Recovery. Our mission is to heal the mind, body, and spirit of each client we work with through a holistic and evidence-based approach that truly makes a difference.

Pathways Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in Sacramento. Contact us today to learn more about how addiction treatment options in Northern California.

Why Choose Pathway Recovery Center for Addiction Treatment in Loomis?

Pathways Recovery is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a Loomis drug and alcohol rehab center that stands out from the rest. We know that it’s necessary to focus on the whole of a person rather than just their addiction, and we take the steps needed to do just that.

Our goal is to provide the safest and most secure addiction treatment in Loomis. Each client who walks through our doors can feel safe and welcomed by our professionals and knowledgeable addiction treatment staff.

At our Loomis drug rehab center, clients get the support they need during their sobriety journey. We treat addiction as the chronic health condition it is and find unique ways to help our clients feel empowered to overcome any obstacles that might come their way.

Benefits of Choosing a Loomis Drug Rehab Center for Recovery

At the Pathways Loomis drug rehab center, we understand what it takes for a person to heal from drug and alcohol addiction. We know every person is unique, and we tailor our treatments to each situation and every individual’s needs.

This belief has helped us design our programs and become a go-to choice for substance abuse treatment in Loomis. Benefits that Loomis residents can enjoy include:

Addiction treatment at Pathways Recovery is comprehensive and supervised by professionals. Our medical teams are always ready to attend to our clients and ensure all of their needs and worries are addressed. 

We understand that addiction treatment requires careful attention. That’s why at our Loomis drug rehab center, we provide services to only six individuals each at a time in our women’s and men’s programs. 

Clients can achieve long-term sobriety through options like our aftercare support, which allows those in recovery to continuously connect with peers and professionals as they work to transition back to their regular lives.

Aside from helping you release yourself from mental strongholds, we also use meditation and yoga to release your body and mind from addiction. At the Pathways addiction treatment in Loomis, you can take advantage of unique opportunities like yoga and meditation classes as part of your path toward recovery.

Addiction can be hard for families and individuals alike, both because of the toll it can take and the distance it can create in relationships. 

One way families can help their loved one get better is by learning about addiction and how best to provide support. We help educate families and facilitate healthy communication between our clients and their loved ones through our family support program.

Anyone who has experienced addiction before likely knows that it is not only about the physical being but also the mind and spirit. Aside from drug and alcohol treatment, we provide other forms of support to make sure that our clients are healed from the inside out.

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Overview of Pathways' Services for Substance Abuse Treatment in Loomis

At our Loomis drug rehab center, we believe in gaining freedom from addiction by transforming our clients’ lives for the better. 

We achieve this by teaching you all the necessary coping skills you need and providing multiple levels of care to help our clients slowly and successfully transition back to everyday life.

Our residential treatment program is for clients who need full-time support. We ask clients to live in our facility for a set time to receive medical and therapeutic care around the clock.


This program is an alternative to inpatient care. A client can attend treatment during the day or the evening and return home each night. The frequency of sessions may depend on the person, but in general, we ask clients to regularly participate in things like therapy, medical appointments, and more.  

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a continuous treatment that still takes a structured approach. Our program staff focuses on teaching clients various techniques and skills to help them retain sobriety in the future. 


Our substance abuse treatment in Loomis is designed to cater to men and women differently. 

Studies show that men are more likely to develop a substance abuse problem. This can happen for several reasons, including peer pressure, living in a high-stakes environment, genetic predisposition, and early exposure to harmful substances. 

In our men’s addiction treatment program in Loomis, our clients have access to: 

  • Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered program that helps you find freedom from struggling with addiction, pain, and more 
  • 12-Step Programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The Refuge Recovery program, aims to clear your mind to make better decisions and be more compassionate with yourself

In general, women don’t have to consume the same volume of drugs and alcohol as men before becoming dependent or addicted. They may also face unique challenges and have gender-specific experiences that may impact the way they live with addiction or the underlying causes behind it.

Our women-only addiction treatment program caters to these needs by helping our clients find a sense of community that’s safe, welcoming, and open.

Our women-only treatments can feature unique opportunities like:

  • Brainspotting
  • Yoga
  • Physical therapy
  • Tapping – EFT

Find Top Addiction Treatment in
Loomis at Pathways Recovery

The effectiveness of drug rehab skyrockets when individuals are in the program that best suits their needs, backgrounds, and preferences. 

At Pathways Recovery, a Loomis drug rehab center, we offer treatment tailored to your needs. Our treatment goes beyond the present, stretching to cover your long-term recovery through a variety of individualized approaches.

If you or your loved one is battling addiction and would like a comprehensive and compassionate solution, the Pathways Recovery Loomis drug rehab center is here for you. Contact us at Pathways to learn what programs we can offer and what arrangement suits you best.