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No matter who you are, involvement in excessive drug or alcohol use is a serious concern. That’s true because a pattern of heavy drinking or drug use can easily trigger problems that require treatment in rehab. Why do such patterns develop? The details of their onset vary from person to person. However, for many men and women, gender-based influences play a meaningful role. The same is true for the potential effects of serious mental illness.

Your gender and mental health status not only influence the ways you drink or use drugs. They also impact the most effective treatments available to you in a rehab program. Awareness of these facts is fundamental to creating an effective recovery plan. It also greatly affects the best ways to carry out that plan.

Do you need a Davis drug rehab center that accounts for your gender and additional mental health issues? Turn to the professionals at Pathways Recovery. From our home base top-rated drug rehab in Sacramento, we provide residents of Davis with gender-specific treatment options. We also feature additional resources for mental health recovery and a range of other programs. Pathways is standing by when you require rehab customized just for you.

Treatment for Women at Pathways' Davis Drug Rehab Center

What’s the rationale for providing a gender-specific rehab program for women? The answer to this question lies in the impact of factors such as:

  • Women’s increased exposure to certain underlying issues that increase addiction risks
  • The ways that women often respond to these issues
  • How your status as a woman helps determine the specific symptoms affecting you
  • Women’s risks for certain kinds of mental health issues not triggered by addiction

Any of these issues can substantially influence your needs in substance rehab. What’s more, they can overlap in ways that magnify their effects. A coed treatment program may not satisfactorily address them. However, Pathways’ women’s program will. This program is designed in all respects to support your personal and gender-based needs. For more on how it promotes successful addiction treatment in Davis, talk to us today.

Men's Treatment at Our Davis Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Men can also reap the many benefits of gender-based substance abuse treatment in Davis. What are men’s typical concerns in rehab? Quite often, they center on the social codes of allowable masculine behavior. These codes include such things as:

  • Not talking openly about your problems
  • Suppressing emotions that make you feel vulnerable
  • Relying on aggression and anger in place of those emotions
  • Feeling ashamed to need rehab or help from other people

In substance treatment, they can hinder active involvement in your recovery. They can also make it harder for your rehab team to provide you with effective care. 

Facts such as these make a gender-specific program an important option for many men. At Pathways, our men’s program helps you regain your sobriety by focusing on the issues most relevant to you. In this way, we make it easier for you to engage in treatment and fully commit to your recovery. Consult us today for further details on the men’s program at our Davis drug rehab center.

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Combining Mental Health Treatment With Addiction Treatment in Davis

Depression and other mental health issues can seriously alter your needs in drug or alcohol rehab. That’s true, in large part, because of the interlocking and intensifying effects of addiction and mental illness. These effects typically:

  • Make you feel worse than you otherwise would
  • Help keep you locked into a pattern of problematic substance use
  • Have a similar impact on the symptoms of the mental health condition affecting you

They help explain why a dual diagnosis of substance and mental health issues is so hard to overcome.

But the situation is far from hopeless. At Pathways Recovery, we feature resources for combined dual diagnosis treatment. In all circumstances, we:

  • Match those resources to the details of your situation
  • Ensure that all the help you receive serves the common goal of your overall recovery

You can undergo this coordinated treatment while enrolled in our women’s or men’s program. Talk to us today for more information.

As a comprehensive treatment provider, Pathways features both inpatient and outpatient recovery options. Most people enrolled at our center on an inpatient basis are affected by either:

  • Severe substance problems
  • A dual diagnosis of substance and mental health issues

However, inpatient recommendations are sometimes made for other reasons.

The typical person enrolled at Pathways as an outpatient needs more help than a standard outpatient program can provide. We provide that help with an intensive program that provides nine to 19 hours of weekly treatment. In both our inpatient and outpatient programs, Pathways offers supervised detox for anyone affected by clinical addiction. We also provide appropriate medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Have questions about inpatient versus outpatient rehab at our Davis drug and alcohol rehab center? Contact our knowledgeable staff for more details today.

You can also take advantage of other recovery options available at Pathways. If you’ve completed active substance abuse treatment in Davis, you may want to enroll in our alumni program. This program helps you stay in touch with resources that promote your long-term rehab success.

While still enrolled in active treatment, many people benefit from our family program. This program helps you identify and deal with serious family conflict. In this way, it helps promote improved family interactions and greater support for your recovery. 

To learn more about these and other options, talk to us today.

How to Reach Pathways Recovery
From Davis, CA

Pathways Recovery is located northeast of Davis at 775 Sunrise Ave. Suite 210 in Roseville. From Davis, you can reach us via I-80 E. You can also take a couple of similar routes that vary somewhat on their way to Roseville. The travel distance along the available routes varies between roughly 33 and 35 miles. Actual travel times may different at various points during the day. Consult us today for any needed assistance.

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No matter where you live, you or your loved one may need drug or alcohol treatment. You may also need the added benefits of treatment for mental illness. Both forms of recovery support are typically more effective when they take your gender-based needs into consideration. The same is also true for your needs as a unique person within your gender. 

Looking for a Davis drug rehab center or alcohol rehab center that features gender-based options? Make the short drive to Pathways Recovery in nearby Roseville. Not only do we offer separate programs for men and women. We also offer full customization within each of these programs. What’s more, you have additional resources available to you both during and after treatment. Ready to take advantage of recovery at Pathways? Just contact us today.