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There is no aspect of your life that is safe from the negative impact of addiction. Addiction can impact your health, your mental health, your career, your finances, your relationships, and contribute to legal or financial concerns. Addiction is characterized as a progressive disease, meaning that it will continue to worsen unless you stop using. 

For many, it can be almost impossible to stop using without formal addiction treatment. Formal addiction treatment can begin with an inpatient program, such as detoxification. There are benefits to engaging in various forms of addiction treatment, including a continuous source of support. 

Pathways Recovery is a Santa Rosa drug and alcohol rehab center that can provide you with inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. Our luxury treatment center can provide you with amenities that you would not have access to in other treatment programs, including a smaller client-to-counselor ratio. 

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Addiction Statistics in Santa Rosa

Sonoma County, like other areas of California, has found itself impacted by the opioid epidemic. The Health Department estimates that approximately 44 lives are lost each year to an accidental overdose in our county alone. Additionally, it is estimated that a quarter of individuals who are prescribed opioids for a medical condition are struggling with physical or psychological dependence. 

Santa Rosa has been known to have the highest rates of DWI arrests in all of Sonoma County. The California Health Care Foundation estimates that approximately 16.1% of Californians struggle with a substance use disorder, 10.5% of whom are living with an alcohol use disorder. 

If you or a loved one have been looking at drug rehab centers in Santa Rosa, we encourage you to contact Pathways Recovery. With inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment options, we can provide you with a holistic program that addresses all of your treatment needs. This can include mental health treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and family therapy.

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What to Look for in a Santa Rosa Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center?

If you or a loved one has been struggling with drugs or alcohol, it is likely that you have thought about treatment options. Before we get into this, it is important to recognize that there are various treatment options, so if you feel overwhelmed or confused, you are not alone! This can be a tricky process to navigate on your own, so we encourage you to ask for help. 

If you are planning on using your health insurance, a wise step would be to contact your healthcare provider directly and ask them for a list of providers who are in-network. You should be able to get a better understanding of your financial responsibility by speaking with a representative.

You will want to ensure that you are looking at appropriate treatment programs for your concerns. Different levels of care have different benefits, which means that you may not be in a place for some treatment options. You can learn more about which programs would be appropriate for you by speaking with your primary care physician, a mental health provider, or an intake coordinator at a treatment program. 

When you narrow down the level of care you need, you can then tease out the specific aspects of their treatment program. You may have access to treatment programs that are considered luxury programs that often provide access to unique amenities. If you are living with a mental health concern such as anxiety, depression, or trauma, you will want to look for a program that offers dual-diagnosis treatment. Some treatment programs offer specialized treatment options for certain groups of people, such as men, women, veterans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, some treatment programs offer family therapy and family education sessions that could be beneficial for your loved ones. 

Pathways Recovery is a Santa Rosa addiction treatment center that provides both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. This includes detoxification, inpatient rehab treatment, intensive outpatient programming, medication-assisted treatment, and family therapy. Our staff will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that utilizes our unique treatment options. To learn more about how Pathways Recovery, call (916) 735-8377 to speak with a representative today!

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What Levels of Care Are Available at a Santa Rosa Drug Rehab?

California is fortunate to have a variety of addiction treatment programs for its residents. In Santa Rosa, you have access to inpatient and outpatient treatment options from quality treatment providers. 

Inpatient treatment options available include detoxification and inpatient rehab services. 

Outpatient treatment options available include:

  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment 

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from a Santa Rosa substance abuse treatment program. If you feel as though you are unable to control your substance use, or have recognized that your use is harming you, we encourage you to call (916) 735-8377 today to speak with a Pathways Recovery representative. 

What Are the Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Treatment?

If you are searching for inpatient treatment options, a unique opportunity that you have is to attend a rehab program that puts some distance between you and your home environment. Having distance can provide you with a sense of relief, knowing that the triggers and stressors that you face at home are further away from you. Inpatient rehab programs will work with you to develop a plan to manage these concerns when you return home. 

Inpatient treatment programs require that you remain at the treatment facility in the evenings, which cuts out any concerns about a commute that you may have. While this is a viable option for inpatient treatment, it is not ideal for outpatient treatment programs. 

If you are concerned about your substance use, you may benefit from traveling for addiction treatment. If you feel that getting distance from your home environment could be helpful for you, we encourage you to speak with a Pathways Recovery representative about our luxury treatment center. Our holistic treatment programs will provide you with an individualized approach that will lay the foundation for a healthy recovery. Call (916) 735-8377 today to learn more. 

Pathways Recovery Offers Addiction Treatment near Santa Rosa

If you have been struggling with your use of drugs or alcohol, you may find yourself looking at your addiction treatment options. For individuals who need detoxification services and would benefit from an inpatient treatment program, there are a variety of benefits that you can get from traveling to an addiction treatment program. 

Pathways Recovery is a luxury treatment program located in Sacramento, California. Our addiction treatment program will provide you with amenities that you will not find at other addiction treatment programs. Additionally, we have a smaller client-to-counselor ratio to ensure that you receive an ample amount of 1:1 time with our counselors to address your personal needs. 

Our inpatient rehab program in Roseville is generally 30 days, with an additional week or so if you are in need of detoxification services. You will have access to mental health treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and family therapy while in our care. Additionally, your loved ones will have access to our weekly free educational sessions covering recovery-related topics. 

We are fortunate to live in an area with a variety of addiction treatment providers willing to support individuals ready to begin their recovery. Our luxury treatment center takes it a step further with our holistic care and comfortable setting designed with comfort in mind. If you are ready to take the next step in your recovery, we encourage you to call (916) 735-8377 today to speak with a Pathways Recovery representative!