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Pathways Recovery focuses on true whole-person healing from addiction, making us an ideal choice for those seeking a Carmichael drug rehab center for themselves or a loved one. While we aren’t in Carmichael, we are about 25 minutes away in Roseville, within the Sacramento metro area. You can get here easily from Carmichael via Auburn Blvd or I-80 E. Transportation is available for incoming medical detoxification or residential inpatient clients.

Carmichael Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center: Programs and Services

Pathways Recovery offers multiple types of addiction treatment so that you can get seamless and customized care every step of the way, whether you opt to move through just one of our programs or use a step-down approach to aid your transition back into daily life. It isn’t uncommon for treatment centers to have multiple care levels available. However, the approach to treatment and what your day-to-day looks like can vary tremendously depending on the rehab center you attend. 

We are trauma-informed and focus not just on eliminating addiction behaviors but on all aspects of your life and well-being. Here are the treatment options Pathways Recovery offers to clients seeking a Carmichael drug rehab center and a little bit about what they entail.

Our medical detoxification program is an ideal first step for most incoming clients. The goal of medical detoxification, also called detox, is to help you get off of drugs and alcohol safely and successfully. The process of getting off of substances can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous. If unsupervised, there is also a high potential for relapse at this time.

We provide inpatient care for clients going through detox so that you can get 24/7 monitoring and support from staff in a substance-free space. Clients in detox at Pathways get single rooms for optimal privacy, which is one of the many things that set us apart from other detox and addiction treatment centers.

Since detox programs are short-term, focused on medical stability, and do not address the underlying causes of addiction, they should be used as a precursor to another care level, such as our residential inpatient rehab program.

Our residential inpatient rehab program allows you to put all of your mental energy toward healing from drug addiction in a high-end treatment setting. As a residential inpatient client at Pathways, you will have an intensive treatment schedule consisting of regular groups, individual therapy sessions, meals, recreation, outings, physical activity, and other applicable services. 

Residential inpatient treatment could be right for you for a number of reasons. If you’re coming from Carmichael, attending residential inpatient treatment may be ideal because it means that you won’t have to commute to treatment like you would in an outpatient program. 

Another benefit of residential inpatient treatment is that it provides a 100% substance-free space away from external triggers. While many clients stay in residential inpatient for anywhere from around 30-90 days, we generally encourage a treatment stay of at least six weeks, with longer treatment stays available.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) meets three days per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Clients in IOP at Pathways Recovery benefit from regular groups, individual therapy sessions, and a variety of other activities. IOP can be used as a continuation of care for clients who have completed an inpatient rehab program, or it can be an initial form of treatment. 

IOP is ideal for clients with more manageable symptoms and those with external commitments, such as work or school. Unlike in residential treatment, outpatient clients of any kind live off-site. Day and evening IOP options are available.

Why is Pathways Recovery an Ideal Option for Addiction Treatment in Carmichael?

When looking for substance abuse treatment, you want to ensure that you’re in the best hands possible. We offer trauma-informed care and use a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatments for clients in our programs. For example, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), brain spotting, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). All clients get an individualized care plan. Here are some of the additional features that make Pathways Recovery a leader in California addiction treatment near Carmichael. 

  • Gender-Specific Programs: Substance abuse treatment can be a sensitive time, so it is critical that you feel comfortable. We have gender-specific programs available to both men and women, alongside small and intimate group sizes. 
  • Location and Amenities: Our location makes Pathways Recovery a perfect solution for those seeking a Carmichael drug rehab center. Pathways clients benefit from an array of luxury amenities. These include but aren’t limited to freshly prepared meals, high-end bedding, fitness opportunities, and an array of sober activities to enjoy.
  • Dual Diagnosis Help: Treating co-occurring mental health concerns alongside addiction is ideal for optimal treatment outcomes. As part of our whole-person approach to healing, Pathways Recovery addresses dual-diagnosis disorders in clients with one or more co-occurring mental health disorders, which are common among those facing substance use. 
  • Financing and Benefits: We work with any health insurance plan with out-of-network benefits and provide free insurance verification checks. Financing options are also available to help you cover the cost of treatment at Pathways Recovery.
  • Family Program: Addiction affects the entire family. The family program at Pathways Recovery supports and educates our client’s loved ones on addiction and recovery. 
  • Alumni Program: The Alumni Program at Pathways Recovery provides continued support for clients who have finished our programs. 

During the intake process at Pathways Recovery, we’ll help you determine a starting level of care, screen for dual diagnosis concerns, and walk you through questions like “What should I bring to addiction treatment?” Whether you’re just in the process of exploring recovery or are ready to secure an admissions date, Pathways Recovery is ready to help.

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Pathways Recovery offers a sincere and comprehensive treatment approach that changes lives in a serene nature setting in California. If you’re exploring Carmichael drug rehab center options for yourself or someone else in your life, contact Pathways Recovery today. To get in touch with Pathways Recovery, contact us through our website or call 1-916-251-0375. We’re here for you, 24/7.