If you or you’re a loved one are in the Sacramento area searching for men’s “rehabs near me”, our Scotty’s House men’s drug and alcohol rehab program may be the choice for you. Scotty’s House is located off I-80 in the quiet suburb of Roseville, and if you’re coming from outside of the Sacramento area it can be easily reached within 2 to 4 hours for anyone looking for a Northern California men’s rehab program.

Pathways Recovery offers men's Sacramento rehab for drug and alcohol addiction at Scotty's House in Roseville.

Scotty’s House drug and alcohol rehab program offers private and semi-private rooms for adult males who are seeking to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. All the comforts of home are provided in our Sacramento rehab program including nutritious meals prepared daily by our chef, group fitness training with Travis, yoga and other wellness activities, and a large common room for group meetings. Scotty’s House rehab program also has a spacious private backyard for relaxation, and we provide a safe and secure space to  promote health and wellness during your stay in our addiction treatment facility.

In addition to the relaxing surroundings Scotty’s House Sacramento rehab program provides our clients with a medical evaluation prior to admission, individual and group counseling, case management, and recovery planning. Upon request or at the recommendation of the clinical director we can also provide trauma therapy at our Sacramento rehab provided by a licensed clinician. Our Sacramento rehab program can last 30, 60, or even 90 days depending on your needs. Most private insurances are accepted for your addiction treatment at the out-of-network level of coverage. Call us at the number below, and we will run a benefit check free of charge to determine the out of pocket costs for your stay in our Sacramento rehab program. We do not accept Medi-Cal or Medicaid insurance.

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Pathways Recovery’s addiction treatment programs have helped thousands of individuals in the Sacramento area overcome their substance use disorders and our Sacramento rehab program has been a successful addition in this process of recovery. In addition to treating your addiction, the counselors and medical staff at our Sacramento rehab program can address any co-occurring disorders you have that may be contributing to your addiction disorder. As mentioned previously we promote a healthy lifestyle for not only your body, but we also encourage our clients to seek wellness for their mind and spirit. Without treating a mental health condition (co-occurring disorder) that often we would be doing our clients a disservice.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

The clinical staff at Scotty’s House Sacramento Rehab includes a Physician who is trained in addiction medicine and certified addiction counselors who are all experienced at treating not only your addiction but all of the underlying causes including co-occurring disorders that are the basis of dual diagnosis addiction treatment. According to SAMSHA, substance abuse is the most common and clinically significant disorder among adults suffering from mental illness. So it makes sense that almost two-thirds of individuals needing addiction treatment are also suffering from mental health illness. It is our goal at Scotty’s House Sacramento rehab program to address both of these during your stay with us.

A Comprehensive and Affordable Sacramento Rehab Program

Our Scotty’s House Sacramento Rehab program provides comprehensive addiction treatment that takes into account our client’s mind, body, and spirit to improve their chances at a lasting recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. We also offer an affordable drug and alcohol rehab without skimping on your level of care or your level of comfort. We provide nutritionally balanced as well as tasty meals, one-on-one and group counseling with experienced addiction treatment professionals, and yoga and other wellness activities several times per week. You’ll also have the chance to experience various recovery groups while at Scotty’s House Sacramento rehab program including 12 Step, Refuge Recovery, and physical activity-based recovery groups. We believe there is no one way to help an individual overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, and while at Scotty’s House rehab program we will help you develop the type of recovery plan that suits your needs best and maximizes your ability to lead a happy and healthy life after you leave our doors.

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