We truly embrace the healing of the mind, the body and the spirit in our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. We embrace each person as a unique individual with a unique history. The foundation of our drug and alcohol rehab treatment approach is a belief that an individual struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction thrives in a structured environment with professionals who come full of empathy, compassion and knowledge on how to truly connect and support a person through the recovery process.

Inside our drug and alcohol rehab treatment center transformation, connection and healing becomes the focus of our team. A sense of safety, comfort and compassion combined with a smaller more intimate group of only 6 men at a time creates a setting where each man can feel safe to open up and begin the healing process.

Our inviting and comfortable home in Sacramento is meticulously cleaned and organized. The back patio is serene and private allowing each man a safe setting to begin emotional processing and healing that is oftentimes so desperately needed. We offer private bedrooms at a small additional cost if desired. Men in our addiction treatment center learn to support each other and form lasting bonds that continue long after their stay in our addiction treatment center.

Our addiction treatment center approach is a focus on Holistic Healing of The Mind...The Body... and The Spirit

Detoxification - Most people begin their journey with a medically supervised detoxification in order to safely and comfortably stop the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse. We have helped hundreds of people through this first step. For more detailed information about the detox process click here.

Evidence-Based Treatments with Masters Level Clinicians & experienced drug and alcohol counselors- Our staff is trauma-informed and recognizes that the roots of addiction can often be traced back to trauma in an individual's life that has remained unresolved for many years.

Our team of counselors truly understands the cycle of addiction. Our daily schedule includes 2-3 group sessions daily as well as individual sessions scheduled several times a week. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy combined with addiction recovery based curriculum in group and individual sessions each day. Our focus in treatment covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Identifying high-risk situations
  • Codependency
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Mood Management
  • Family Systems and understanding Family Dynamics
  • Developing a Sober Support System
  • Relapse Preventions Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Trauma and Childhood PTSD
  • Management of negative emotions and feelings
  • Anger Management

Nutrition in addiction

High-Quality Supplements for Brain and Body Healing

Medication-Assisted Treatment and High-Quality Supplements - We support the use of evidence-based medications to help improve outcomes and improve the likelihood of long term sobriety. Medication combined with a high-quality diet and proper supplementation within a therapeutic clinical treatment setting will allow each person to learn new tools to manage life, eliminating depression and anxiety while rebuilding a balanced, more centered, and grounded life.

Physical Fitness Yoga and Meditation - Exercise is not only great for the body but is very effective for managing depression, anxiety and overall mental wellbeing. Travis, our drug rehab personal fitness trainer guides our men through a personal fitness journey working out 3 days a week in an offsite fitness gym in Roseville. Yoga and meditation classes on Saturday and Sunday help reset the nervous system, calm the mind all while building connections with fitness and yoga teachers that can be continued after stepping out of the inpatient setting.

Nutritious and Comforting Menu - Addiction usually results in many nutritional deficits and years of nutritional neglect which further increases depression, anxiety, and other mental and physical conditions. Our menu strives to regain balance and nutrition in the body. Our drug rehab menu includes something for everyone including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while also including plenty of delicious chef-prepared dinners from locally famous Randy Peters Catering in Roseville is known for his amazing food with a southern flair. Learn more about how diet affects mood.

Alcohol addiction treatment center

Nutrient Dense Protein Smoothies

12 Step Recovery Group Programs - Introduction to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are provided several evenings a week both onsite and at local meeting locations in the community. Refuge Recovery and Celebrate Recovery are also community-based recovery programs that help provide the social support and connection that are critical cornerstones to long term recovery. Access to community meetings is provided in the evenings several nights per week.

The team of drug and alcohol addiction recovery experts in our addiction treatment center for men is second to none. We are one of the very few truly holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs that exist today.

Pathways Recovery in Sacramento recognizes that there are many tools in the toolbox of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We offer exposure to most all of these programs but do not base our program solely on a 12 step process.

Because of our holistic addiction treatment approach, we believe there is so much more to long term recovery and utilize as many recovery tools as needed to customize each person’s treatment plan. Each person's treatment plan at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center will be individualized to your history and needs.

Addiction is generally a symptom of deeply rooted pain and trauma. We believe each person is unique with a unique past. For some this includes grief, trauma, abuse, neglect, mental illness, and low self esteem. Most often there is also a family history of addictive behaviors that can span several generations. Our holistic addiction treatment approach will address all of these factors.

We are a Sacramento based drug and alcohol detox center, Drug and Alcohol treatment center , and Outpatient Rehab Center. We have program locations in Northern California serving areas in Sacramento, Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Loomis, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Grass Valley, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Davis. To find out more how we can help call our Drug and Alcohol Addiction center anytime 24/7 at 916-235-9253 for a confidential consultation. We can verify insurance coverage and benefit information in about an hour and can get the process of admission to our addiction treatment center started quickly. When you need an addiction treatment center who provides high quality care quickly give us a call. It would be our pleasure to assist you.